The best anti-pigmentation cosmetics on the face: a review of brands and products



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Freckles and lentigo, melasma and chloasma, nevi and photodermatosis - all this refers to the manifestations of hyperpigmentation. This is the name for the change (most often - darkening) of the color of the individual areas on the face. The cause of such a disorder is irregularities in the functioning of melanocytes. These are skin cells responsible for the production of melanin, a colorant. This can happen due to illness, hereditary factor or to be an innate feature of a person.

And if the small freckles, manifested only in the spring and summer, make the girl pretty, then the huge chloasma and senile lentigo can not be called decorations, and you want to get rid of them as quickly as possible.

Mechanism of action

Modern manufacturers offer a wide range of cosmetics from pigmentation spots on the face, which allow you to quickly correct the situation and whiten the skin.

If the cosmetics from the pigmented spots on the face is matched correctly (according to age and type of skin) and applied regularly, after a week the darkened skin areas will begin to lighten. The main thing is to wait for this moment and not to abandon the begun halfway.

Thanks to active components in its composition, such tools are capable of much. The mechanism of their action on the epidermis is a sequence that can not be broken:

  • the coloring pigment is destroyed;
  • decreased activity of melanocytes;
  • the action of melanin slows down;
  • the pigment in the cells no longer accumulates;
  • clarify and even completely remove problem spots.

This is how the cosmetics work against the pigment spots on the face - slowly but surely. Since the best laboratories of aesthetic medicine, dermatology and cosmeceuticals work on its formulas and production, an excellent result is almost always guaranteed. In the effectiveness of this kind of tools can be convinced by own experience.

It is interesting.Freckles are one of the most common pigmented spots, found in 75% of women. Despite the fact that they are often inherited, the genes responsible for their education have not yet been identified.


In order not to be disappointed in the results of whitening, it is advisable to know in advance what promises one or other cosmetics to remove pigment spots on the face from different brands and producing countries.

With the help of some means (expensive, pharmacy, natural) it turns out to get rid of even the senile lentigo. And other products (cheap, uncertified, not known to anyone) only slightly lighten the pigmented areas, but no more.

High-quality cosmetics can achieve the following effect:

  • the tone of the face becomes more equal;
  • his color is noticeably improved: there is no more painful redness, pallor, gray or yellow;
  • a natural, fresh blush appears;
  • even the darkest pigment spots either completely disappear, or simply turn pale;
  • if there is a strong tan, it also lightens in passing.

So in the effectiveness of cosmetics for lightening the face from age spots you can not doubt, if you are ready to spend time searching for a worthy product. And to start better with the study of miraculous composition. If it contains bleaching ingredients that destroy melanin, there's nothing to worry about: you've got a really good remedy.

Helpful information.Sometimes you can not buy expensive cosmetics to get rid of age spots. As practice shows, if daily moisten them with lemon juice or make cucumber masks, they will become almost invisible in a week.


Look for the following ingredients in cosmetics designed to fight pigmented spots:

  • any acids: glycolic, gluconic, hyaluronic, azelaic, kolevic;
  • minerals: for example, titanium dioxide;
  • extracts of plants: mulberries, grapes, skullcap, cucumber, saxifrage, lemon, parsley;
  • Extracts of animal origin: slime snails;
  • vitamins: beta-carotene or ascorbic acid;
  • Arbutin - glycoside from leaves of bearberry;
  • hydroquinone is an effective antioxidant;
  • oils: jojoba, shea, karite, grape seeds.

The composition of cosmetics, which is designed to fight with age spots on the face, must include any of these substances. They are the ones that can destroy melanocytes and brighten the skin literally for several days.


You need to look closely at what you get to not accidentally buy a fake or a substandard A remedy that not only can not cope with its task, but can also cause allergic reaction.

To prevent this from happening, each product must be tested on the wrist before applying to the face. And in order not to make a mistake with a choice, it is better to look after yourself a cream or serum, after studying the appropriate ratings and reviews.

Did you know that ...Vitamin C - one of the best bleaches for the face, which copes with all kinds of pigmented spots? That is why it is often part of such cosmetics.


Serum "Vinoperfect" - product number 1 against pigmented spots. Caudalie France

Looking for the best cosmetic from pigment spots on the face that would be highly effective? They are collected in one rating.

Here you can find not only a wide price range (from $ 51 to $ 5) and geographical coverage (from France to Japan), but also a large assortment of the means: whey, concentrates, masks, creams, gels. So there is something to choose from.

  1. Vinoperfect - serum-radiance from pigmented spots. Caudalie. France. $51.
  2. Splendieuse Serum - serum with hyaluronic acid and "porcelain rose". Nuxe. France. $48.
  3. Concentre Anti-Taches - concentrate for the face with natural agricultural crops. Phyts. France. $47.
  4. Idealia Pro is a corrector serum. Pharmacy cosmetics. Vichy. France. $40.
  5. Anti-Brown Spot Photoprotective Cаре - sunscreen care for pigmented skin of the face. Noreva. France. $30.
  6. A course of 30 facial masks from age spots. Japan Gals. Japan. $28.
  7. Skin Cream for Dark Spots Removal is a whitening face cream with kojic acid. Guam. Italy. $26.
  8. Vita-Shuttle - gel for the face from age spots. R-Studio. France-Russia. $11.
  9. Clarifying cream for freckles. Pharmacy cosmetics. Bark. Russia. $7.
  10. Cream with placental extract to remove pigment spots. Evinal. Russia. $5.

This rating of cosmetics from pigmented spots will allow you to orient in the prices and brands. Select 3-4 names that you liked most, see the rulers they enter to determine what else you will get.

Brightening cream against pigment spots and freckles from the domestic manufacturer "Cora"

Works well in this direction simultaneously the simultaneous use of three products: masks (a couple of times a week), whey (daily for a month) and cream (daily). If there is a financial opportunity, it is better to use professional series of one of the world's brands in the world of cosmetology.

Exotics on our shelf.In the composition of whitening cosmetics you can find etlinger, which is also called a porcelain rose. This plant is a family of ginger, which perfectly affects the skin of the face.

Professional rulers

Professional lines of cosmetics to eliminate pigmentation spots are created specifically for beauty salons. This multi-stage lightening of the skin of the face, which under the control of a professional creates real miracles.

People with their help are cured of the most severe forms of hyperpigmentation, which have suffered for years. These drugs have a pronounced therapeutic effect. They can be purchased for home use.

Do you dream of getting rid of pigment spots on your face? In this case, you need high-quality whitening cosmetics, which is able to regulate the amount of melanin in the epidermis and tame the activity of melanocytes.

Do not feel sorry for her money, because not all manufacturers are equally conscientious. Sometimes a low price hides a composition in which there are no clarifying components. Try to avoid the names of companies that are not known in any rating. Be competent in this matter, because the condition of your skin depends on it - its beauty and health.