Can I cauterize herpes with iodine?

When a person has an exacerbation of herpes, he can observe small rashes of the blisters on the skin. The formed rashes can not be opened independently, so it is worth to consult a doctor for specialized care so that he can appoint the right and effective treatment. Very often patients are concerned about the questions, and whether it is possible to treat, smear with iodine or other means, and how to protect the inflamed areas from healthy ones. How effective is the method of cauterizing herpes iodine, try to understand.



  • 1Treatment of herpes by moxibustion
  • 2Medications in conjunction with iodine

Treatment of herpes by moxibustion


All herpetic infections that intensively start to multiply in the human body, causing with enormous harm and discomfort to the owner, it is necessary to suppress in various ways and means. The activity of the virus can be suppressed by special anti-herpes drugstores, or you can use other methods of traditional medicine. The most effective treatment is rash with iodine. As to whether it is possible to smear herpes with this substance, there are different opinions. Someone believes that this is even necessary, and someone claims that such a thing is strictly forbidden, since iodine can provoke a burn of the oral mucosa.

For this treatment to be effective and safe, it is necessary to cure herpes correctly, after consulting with a specialist.

Self-medication of this disease can lead to negative consequences and to a worsening of the situation. To cauterize rashes with iodine it is possible on an initial stage, as to smear already appeared blisters.

Recommendations for the application of iodine:

  • Iodine is recommended for this procedure to use not in its pure form, in combination with zinc or zinc ointment.
  • In occasion of ointments it is better to ask advice or council from the doctor as many preparations are capable to cause accustoming and then it is necessary to spend constantly treatment of the given disease.
  • Before applying iodine and other medicinal product to the surface, it is worth making sure that it is clean and dry!

Medications in conjunction with iodine

Preparations that can be used in combination with iodine:

  • Acyclovir. An effective tool, but has one minus - is addictive, if it is used too often. Has a large number of medicinal properties: antimicrobial, antiviral, antifungal. Solutions of this product do not cause poisoning during outdoor use. Also, you can not only buy it in a pharmacy, but also make it yourself, for this you need 50 ml of warm water, 10 g of starch, citric acid, literally 2 grams, and 10 g of sugar. When all the ingredients are mixed, you need to add iodine, about 5 g of alcohol solution. After the solution is ready, you need to smear them with affected areas.
  • Iodinol. A safe remedy for herpes that is unable to cause addiction and leave after the application of burns. It also includes iodine. This drug is even recommended for minor burns, as it can not irritate the skin. You can use it several times a day. Iodinol disinfects the surface and does not spread the virus through healthy areas.

It must be remembered that if the herpes are lubricated solely with iodine, besides not yet dissolved, you can provoke chemical burns on the skin.

Therefore, it is better to use special drugs and preparations that basically contain iodine in order to cauterize the rash. Also it is necessary to say that iodine can not be used as a preventive agent for this disease. If you ignore the recommendations and use iodine in its pure form, it will lead to serious burns, which will be accompanied by additional infection and suppuration of the wound.


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