What should be the caring cosmetics for the face after 50 years: tips for choosing the perfect means



  • Action on the skin
  • Contraindications
  • Useful composition
  • Rating of the best means
  • Product Lines

Mature skin requires special care. When the lady has already lived half a century, she tries to look dignified and appropriate to her age. Sometimes it is very difficult to achieve this, because the traitor-time constantly reminds you of the approaching old age.

However, it can be outwitted with modern means under the sign "Anti-Age" - anti-aging. In order that the appearance does not give out years, you need special cosmetics for the face after 50 years, which is able to solve the most difficult skin problems.

Action on the skin

At this age, caring cosmetics for the face after 50 includes all the same remedies: milk, whey, scrub (preferably even gommage), mask, rejuvenating or lifting cream, emulsions.

With the regular application of these products, time will not be so ruthless - even after the fiftieth anniversary, you can look much younger than your years. So, what miracles should be expected:

  • strengthening the skin and muscle skeleton of the face;
  • intensive moisturizing;
  • maintenance of the remaining fatty ballast under the skin;
  • improvement of blood circulation;
  • acceleration of regeneration processes;
  • bleaching age-related pigment spots that appear due to lack of estrogen as a result of menopause;
  • restoration of elasticity;
  • elimination of blue circles and bags under the eyes;
  • Reduction of the depth of wrinkles and nasolabial folds;
  • lifting of the eyelids that have fallen as a result of ptosis;
  • correction of the double chin, flews, oval face.

Of course, a single tool can not quickly solve all the accumulated problems. However, the more regular the care, the better the face cosmetics designed for women in 50 years, the faster and more noticeable the result will be.

In addition, do not forget that these funds have their own contraindications, which should beware of, so as not to harm your own skin.

Terminology.In 50 years it's time to select cosmetics for the face with the mark "anti-age which translates from English as "against age." However, you need to understand that the miracle cream will not make you younger by 10 years. Its main purpose is to prevent further aging.


If facial cosmetics after 50 years is not applied correctly, it can worsen the condition of the epidermis. There are several contraindications for its use:

  • age to 50 years: do not spoil the skin, not yet burdened by the second chin and pigment age spots, powerful anti-age cosmetics;
  • serious problems with skin on the face: folliculitis, furunculosis, hydradenitis, lichen, erythrasma, dermatitis, actinomycosis, herpes, dermatomycosis, seborrhea, basioma, couperose, demodecosis, hyperkeratosis, mycosis, contagious mollusk, etc.;
  • allergy to makeup;
  • surgery or plastic on the face.

Keep in mind these important nuances in order not to harm your own skin. With face cosmetics recommended for women after 50 years, you need to be able to handle in order to avoid side adverse effects.

It is very important to select it competently, because in the modern market there are a lot of fakes and poor-quality products. In this case, you must always pay attention to the composition of the acquired funds.


On a note.If you are only 50 years old remembered that you need anti-aging cosmetics for face care, it is unlikely that you will be able to achieve some significant results. All the lines of such funds are aimed at the prevention of aging, so they had to be applied, starting from the age of 30.


Useful composition

You need to pay special attention to the composition of cosmetics 50 +, it must be rejuvenating components

As part of cosmetics for facial care after 50 years should be a lot of rejuvenating ingredients, among which not superfluous are:

  • ANA-acids (glycolic, lactic);
  • vitamins (better than others, tocopherol and retinol);
  • BHA-acid (salicylic);
  • coenzyme Q10;
  • dimethicone;
  • lanolin;
  • glycerol;
  • peptides;
  • ceramide;
  • adenosine;
  • elastin;
  • collagen;
  • hyaluronic acid.

If you are frightened by the abundance of chemistry in industrial products, folk cosmetics for the face after 50 years can always come to the rescue, which you can prepare with your own hands at home. Here all the ingredients will be familiar and understandable:

  • honey and vitamins for nutrition;
  • Vaseline and cream for softening;
  • protein for lifting;
  • cosmetic oils moisturize;
  • parsley and cucumber quickly and effectively bleach age pigmentation.

Regardless of what makeup you prefer to use after 50 years - folk or industrial, pay special attention to the composition. After all, it is the components that will determine the beauty and well-being of the skin even at such a venerable age. And in order not to make a mistake when buying, you can focus on the ratings, which indicate the most popular and high-quality tools.

Interesting information.Modern manufacturers increasingly include in the rejuvenating cosmetics adenosine - a substance with calming properties. It allows you to relax and rest your tired, mature skin.

Rating of the best means

A set of Multi-Intensive and Serum Double Serum from the French manufacturer of cosmetics "Clarins" (after 50 years)

The ratings usually include the best face make-up after 50, which has proven itself in salons and when used at home. These funds can be guided, going for a cherished purchase. So you will know the approximate value of the product and which brands are most successful in this direction.

  1. Double Serum, Multi-Intensive - a set for intensive skin regeneration. Clarins. France. $8, 6.
  2. Regeneration Serum - serum for the regeneration of mature skin. Klapp. Germany. $4, 9.
  3. Anti-aging face cream with rejuvenating formulas Matrixyl and Renovage. Absolute Care. Israel. $2, 9.
  4. A regenerating biocomplex for the rejuvenation of mature skin. Tete Cosmeceutical. Switzerland. $2, 7.
  5. Velvety cream with an active element Mexo and anti-aging action. Vichy. France. $1, 5.
  6. A cream with a complex of Omega-3 50+. Gloris Beauty. Russia. $1, .
  7. Perfect Beauty 50+ - regenerating cream. Farmona. Poland. $, 2.
  8. Lifting serum with stem cells. Delia. Poland. $, 5.
  9. Modeling, intensively moisturizing cream. Eveline. Poland. $, .
  10. Cream for smoothing deep wrinkles. Belkosmex. Belarus. $, 2.

This rating reflects the main trend in the use of cosmetics for the face after 50 - the advantage remains for creams. Indeed, at this age, few people decide to experiment with novelties of modern beauty industry. Although fillers perfectly fill and smooth even the deepest wrinkles. And in order to strengthen the effectiveness of the chosen product, it is best to buy it in the complete set with the whole line from this brand.

History of the brand.Polish cosmetics Farmona is a painstaking and long-term work of dermatologists and biotechnologists. Their unique tandem produces absolutely natural cosmetic products, perfectly interacting with the skin and having balanced compositions.

Product Lines

Do you need high-quality facial cosmetics after 50, represented by several products at once? Many brands develop entire lines of this kind of tools. Within the same series, you can find creams (day and night), fluids, emulsions, serums, wrinkle correctors, mask-films, gommage, fillers and much more.

They complement each other, strengthening their lifting and rejuvenating properties. You can choose one of such professional lines from world famous companies.

Choosing cosmetics for mature skin after 50, focus on its functionality (what specific age problems it solves), the composition (enough whether there are rejuvenating components), the cost (the French Lancome can cost from $ 200, and the Belarusian Belita - only $ 3), reviews about this or that product. Take care of the choice of facial care products responsibly to look decent at such a respectable age.