Herpes during pregnancy 3 trimester

Most women who carry a child are very sensitive to their own health, but herpes during pregnancy, many do not pay due attention, considering this disease is harmless. Colds during pregnancy are manifested due to the weakened body of a woman, which provokes the activation of the virus. This opinion can not be called correct: frivolous attitude towards cold on the lips can lead to very unpleasant consequences. Fortunately, this happens infrequently and it is possible to prevent the virus from affecting the fetus.



  • 1Herpes during pregnancy: the causes and features of leakage
  • 2Herpes during pregnancy: effects
  • 3Herpes during pregnancy at different times
  • 4Herpes in pregnancy on the lips and the body in pregnant women: treatment and preventive measures
  • 5Treatment of herpes in pregnant women with folk remedies and prevention

Herpes during pregnancy: the causes and features of leakage


Herpes in pregnant women is often enough. This is a sign that the immune system of expectant mothers does not function normally. And it's not even that all the vital resources of the body are spent for two. Simply, the fetus is, in fact, a foreign body, from which immunity would be easily got rid of, working at full strength.

That is why during the period of gestation the woman is vulnerable and various infections and pathological processes that previously did not become active, make themselves felt.

The virus "gerpes simplex" is no exception. Primary infection usually occurs in childhood. Subsequently, the sign of activation of the virus - bubbles of the rash, can occur against a background of any disease (eg, influenza) or with weakening of immunity in the autumn and winter.

Most often, herpes in pregnant women is manifested in the early stages (in the first trimester), when the body is in the state of greatest stress. How this torch infection will proceed depends on what measures have been taken and how quickly the therapy was started.

It is important to seek medical help as soon as the first sign of an ailment (itching) has appeared. The doctor not only prescribes the right treatment, but also helps to find out whether this infection is primary. You can determine this by passing a blood test. Such a sign as the presence in it of antibodies to herpes bacteria, suggests that this is a relapse, and the body was infected earlier.

Herpes during pregnancy: effects

How dangerous herpes in pregnancy, definitely can not be said. All of this torch infection manifests itself in different ways, the consequences can be both serious and minor. The sign of infection may not be at all.

The doctors do not give an accurate prognosis in each case, but they can talk about the alleged risks. The probability of occurrence of any consequences depends on two factors: from the time of the primary infection and from the period of pregnancy.

If a pregnant woman has a herpetic torch infection, doctors first find out when the virus has become infected.

There can be two options:

  1. Before pregnancy. If the symptoms of herpes have arisen before, then the body has already developed antibodies to this type of pathogen. They are in the blood and together with it will get into the placenta and protect from unpleasant consequences not only mother, but also her as yet unborn baby (the likelihood that infection of the fetus does not happen - 93-95%). Moreover, the immunity to the virus in a child persists up to 6 months after birth. However, this sign does not mean that there is no need to treat relapse, because even a mild cold during pregnancy can provoke various kinds of complications.
  2. During pregnancy (in any trimester). The probability of transmission of infection to the fetus in the case of primary infection of the mother is quite high (up to 60%). This can happen if the herpes pathogen in the blood overcomes the placental barrier.
In cases where there is intrauterine infection of the child, the outcome of pregnancy may not be the most favorable.

Herpes during pregnancy at different times


At different times, herpes in the body of pregnant women manifests itself in different ways:

  • Medicine claims that the most serious consequences can occur if the herpes on the lip or body "Jumped out" in the first trimester (in the first weeks), since in this period the main systems are being formed the baby's body. But for those who have had symptoms of the disease before, there is no significant danger: antibodies in the blood protect the mother and child from various complications.
  • In the second trimester, the impact on intrauterine fetal development is less than in the early weeks. There is no huge risk of an unfavorable outcome, but in spite of this, it is necessary to treat the primary infection and exacerbation (relapse) under the supervision of a specialist, as well as to observe the rules of hygiene.
  • Colds in late pregnancy can also affect the fetus. In the third trimester, the proportion of risk remains, but the greatest danger is not the "cold" in lips or body, and genital herpes (including relapse), while not for pregnant women, but for children. After all, when passing through the birth canal the infection will pass to the baby. If the herpes before the birth or in the last trimester is aggravated, the future mother is cesarean section or (in rare cases) apply emergency treatment of the disease with potent drugs.

If you do not take any measures, a cold during pregnancy can lead to different consequences.

  • Colds at the beginning of pregnancy (in the early weeks or in the first trimester) is considered an indication for its artificial interruption, but in cases of preservation such a torch infection can provoke cases:
  1. miscarriage;
  2. frozen pregnancy;
  3. premature delivery;
  4. brain damage;
  5. congenital developmental anomalies;
  6. heart disease;
  7. congenital viral pneumonia.
  • Colds in late pregnancy (in the second trimester and in the third trimester) can cause:
  1. sudden death of a newborn;
  2. hearing loss;
  3. blindness;
  4. infantile cerebral palsy;
  5. epilepsy.

Such situations, fortunately, are extremely rare, as physicians take all possible measures to prevent infection. From the future mother, too much depends. If all the prescriptions of the attending physician are fulfilled, the risk of an unfavorable outcome of pregnancy decreases many times.

Herpes in pregnancy on the lips and the body in pregnant women: treatment and preventive measures

Itching, burning, aesthetic discomfort and other manifestations of herpetic infection can upset any person and future mother including. But this is not the only reason women want to get rid of the symptoms of a "cold" faster. The fact that this torch infection can negatively affect the course of pregnancy and the fetus state, excites them most.

To choose the right treatment it is important to consult a doctor as soon as the first sign of ailment has appeared.

After all, only an expert can recommend effective and, at the same time, safe for the child means. The sooner this is done, the more likely it is that a healthy baby will be born.

If frequent symptoms of herpes occur before pregnancy, you should always tell the doctor that such a torch infection was, because it is a sign that the virus is in the blood, and perhaps an exacerbation (relapse). Avoiding it is very difficult because of the weakening of immunity, but it is important to remember that self-medication for future mothers is not the best and unsafe way out.

It is impossible to get rid of the herpes virus, even with the help of medicines. Therefore, medical treatment will be prescribed to alleviate symptoms, accelerate recovery, improve immunity and prevent complications.

Recommend the following drugs for herpes in pregnant women:

  1. Antiherpetic ointments. Not absorbed into the blood and allowed to be taken during pregnancy (they are allowed to lubricate the affected area of ​​the skin up to 5 times a day, they heal and remove the main symptom - itching).
    • "Zovirax
    • "Acyclovir" (Russian, cheaper analog).
  2. "Interferon" or vitamin E for the treatment of ulcers with a view to their speedy healing.
  3. Immunoglobulins not contraindicated in pregnant women (prescribed only in cases of diagnostic confirmation of a weakened immune status).

It should be noted that some agents in the form of ointments can be used without prescribing a doctor (their main feature is the presence of "aciclovir" in the active ingredient). If there is an infection or an exacerbation (relapse), and there is no opportunity to immediately seek medical help, they can immediately treat the inflamed area with them.

Treatment of herpes in pregnant women with folk remedies and prevention

Attitude to the use of folk recipes for the treatment of herpes in pregnant women is ambiguous: to someone they really do good, others do not help at all. Their use in combination with pharmaceuticals gives positive results.

Ointments are best used in the early stages of herpes development, when this torch infection only begins to manifest (regardless of whether it is primary infection or relapse).

When the bubbles burst (after about 3 days), it is better to start treating them with healing folk remedies:

  • sea ​​buckthorn oil;
  • juice of aloe;
  • the Kalanchoe juice;
  • solution of "Corvalol
  • fir oil;
  • rosehip oil;
  • sulfuric ointment;
  • lipsticks on the basis of medicinal plants or tea tree extract;
  • toothpaste "Forest Balm
  • cream of chamomile.
When choosing even a natural remedy, it is better to consult with your doctor. It is not worth waiting for the rapid effect of the use of folk recipes alone, but they are really capable of alleviating the pain, eliminating the itching and accelerating the regeneration of tissues.

In order not to become infected with the herpes virus, it is necessary:

  • avoid contact with sick people (in the active stage of the disease);
  • follow the rules of personal hygiene;
  • increase immunity.

That there was no recurrence of herpes, it is important to take care of the state of the immune system. It also helps to fight the disease, if its symptoms still appeared.

To adjust the normal work of immunity help the following measures:

  • correct balanced nutrition;
  • use of a sufficient amount of liquids and vitamins (E, C, B and zinc), as well as products containing lysine (not in the form of a drug);
  • reception of funds on a plant basis (ginseng, echinacea, eleutherococcus, mummies, etc.);
  • walks in the fresh air (at the same time it is necessary to dress in accordance with weather conditions, drafts and dampness should be avoided);
  • moderate physical activity;
  • rejection of bad habits.

Herpetic torch infection in a future mother can manifest, even if she takes very good care of her health. If the infection has occurred, the main thing is not to panic and not try to cope with the disease yourself by all possible means.

An early address to a doctor and adherence to his recommendations are more likely to help to give birth to a healthy baby in a timely manner.

It must be remembered that after the appearance of the crumbs, this torch infection can also bother the mother. In this period it is important not only to properly treat relapse, but also to treat the baby as carefully as possible so that it does not become infected.


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