Plantar Warts in Children: Causes and Treatment

  • September 26, 2018
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Immunity of children in most cases is weakened, which leads to the emergence of various diseases.To such ailments that are manifested when the defenses of the organism decrease, include plantar warts that appear as a result of activation of the human papilloma virus.Such benign forms spread by direct contact with the carrier. To get infected, just a couple of seconds, but the treatment takes a lot of effort and time.



  • 1Features of this type of formation and the reasons for their appearance
  • 2How to start a fight?
  • 3Features of removal of skin growths in the childhood period

Features of this type of formation and the reasons for their appearance


Skin accretions on the foot have the property to be located at the bottom of the foot, which leads to constant pressure and damage. It is characterized by a flat and round shape, although it is not unusual for cases when they have a different configuration, which at times increases discomfort in walking. In the central part, small black dots can be seen, which are clogged blood vessels.

Such benign formations appear very quickly after infection with the human papillomavirus and tend to rapidly proliferate and the appearance of new rashes.

Folk healers call them also plantar mushrooms, since the speed of their spread is indeed surprising in some cases.

They deliver the baby a lot of trouble and pain when walking, which can lead to disruption of the child's gait.

It has already been said that papillomavirus is the main cause of the appearance of warts on the foot. It should be noted that the virus is widespread among people. Such neoplasms on the legs appear as a contact route after infection of the skin cells. The usual place where the virus is common is the floors of swimming pools, baths, saunas. But not everyone will be infected.

The number of those who get sick passes people with strong immunity. Unfortunately, children can not always boast of strong protective functions of their body, therefore the main contingent of such viral skin formations is the kids from 5 years old. Plantar warts are not found in newborn babies.

Not the least role in the emergence of viral education is played by such causal factors:

  • presence of other skin diseases on the child's foot;
  • game with objects that can be infected with papillomavirus;
  • sweaty feet in children;
  • poor hygiene of the feet;
  • congenital or acquired deformities of the feet (flat feet, club foot, articular diseases);
  • incorrectly selected shoes, which squeezes the leg and prevents to develop;
  • excessive dryness, which can lead to the formation of cracks on the heel, which, in turn, becomes an open gate for infection with the virus.

Such viral formations that affect the feet and are localized in most cases on the heel of a child can also self-destruct.

Their complete disappearance can occur even without taking certain therapy in two years, but for this it is necessary to create favorable conditions (to strengthen immunity).

Doctors do not recommend waiting that the disease itself will go away. Since children, from an early age, develop gait and basic skills, the presence of wart formation can lead to a change in walking, leading to clubfoot.

Therefore, if an illness is found on the heel or any other part of the baby's foot, take care of its timely treatment, especially since modern pharmacy and medicine offer effective methods of combating viral formations.

How to start a fight?

Before you start fighting with education, you should confirm your guesses and correctly diagnose the disease. Externally, wart manifestations on the foot may be similar to calluses and other more serious ailments, for example, cancers. The appearance of carcinoma, unfortunately, can not be ruled out even in children.

Warts are characterized by a clearer pattern, while corns have more vague outlines. In any case, do not do self-diagnosis. Show education to the pediatrician who, for diagnosis, will refer you to a dermatologist. Together they will select a treatment that will be directed not only at the external destruction of the manifestations of plantar formation, but also at strengthening the protective functions of the body.

In the appointment of effective therapy it is very important to correctly determine the type of papillomavirus.

One of the first actions of parents with the appearance of such skin growths is a change in the nutrition of the baby. This can be started before the doctor's visit. The diet of children should contain a sufficient amount of plant foods, sour-milk products and vitamins. This will greatly strengthen the children's body. Also, analyze the skin condition on the heel, and the entire foot as a whole. Look at the baby's shoes, maybe it does not suit him or he grew out of it. Also pay special attention to foot hygiene. If the kid does this on his own, then check the correctness of the process of hygiene procedures and, if necessary, direct his actions in the right direction.

Also, make sure that the baby does not tear and comb the lesions on the feet, as this will lead to the spread of the virus and increase the number of new growths.

Features of removal of skin growths in the childhood period


After the doctor confirmed your assumptions about the plantar wart on the heel or other site of the foot in the child, it is necessary to move on to effective therapy, which is aimed at complete removal outgrowths. The market today offers many methods and medicines for the treatment of this skin disease. At the same time, removal is as quick as possible, efficiently and painlessly. But it should be remembered that for children the treatment is less radical than the solution of a similar problem in an adult.

There are many traditional and traditional medicine that can be used to treat warts in children. Let's consider some of them.

  1. Surgery.This kind of therapy does not always lead to a positive result. Unsuccessful cases of removal of plantar growths are associated, first of all, with the deep roots of education, which can not always be completely removed.
  2. Use of electrocoagulationIt is considered a more effective method to remove such viral outgrowths on the heel or any other part of the foot in the child. Depending on the size of the formation, this method of removal can leave behind scars.
  3. The similarity with electrocoagulation has the use of a laser.This treatment allows you to adjust the depth of removal. The advantage of this procedure is the minimal pain in the process and the speed of the entire process. Using a laser to remove the plantar wart in children almost always gives a positive result, and the repeated appearance of the build-up is minimized. The resulting wound heals very quickly for several days and does not cause the baby much discomfort.
  4. Cryotherapy(freezing of growths on the heel with liquid nitrogen) is also actively used if it is required to solve the problem in the child. The number of sessions depends on the prevalence of the disease. In some cases, several courses of treatment will be needed. For the baby they pass painlessly, and the growths themselves can be removed without the formation of wounds or scars.

Parents should not forget that any kid is very afraid of doctors, so for many children, even absolutely painless removal of the wart can turn into a psychological trauma. Therefore, if your child panically fears doctors, you can try other ways of treating these viral neoplasms on the heel or other part of the baby's foot.

Treatment with ointments will take significantly longer than the above methods, but the crumb will not be afraid, and the therapy will be more sparing for him.

Having chosen this path, the doctor usually prescribes salicylic ointment. But there are other drugs, which also proved to be quite good. One of them is the ointment "Imiquinod which is aimed at restoring local immunity and producing in the skin cells a special protein that actively fights against papillomavirus. Ointments are applied directly to the growths themselves, and the first improvements will be visible after two weeks.

Widely used in the treatment of viral skin growths on the soles of the child are folk remedies. But here you need to carefully approach the choice of method. Consider when selecting that the skin of the baby is more tender, and most of the funds can be very active and unsafe. Do not use methods that involve thermal effects on growths, this can complicate the development of the disease.

For the treatment of plantar warts, a leaf of the Kalanchoe is often used. It is applied to a sore spot, thoroughly washing before it. Fix, rewinding the leg with a bandage.

Also recommend to use a compress made from garlic juice, which is mixed with lard. Bring to the consistency of the ointment, which lubricate the affected areas.

The simplest and most common way to treat skin viral outgrowths is celandine juice. This unpretentious plant can be found almost everywhere, and it will not be difficult to find its bush. In winter, use its pharmacy option or make preforms in advance. This is really one of the most effective ways to remove skin growths on the heel, but it is necessary to apply it to the baby only after consulting a doctor who will diagnose.

Do not forget that not the last place in the course of therapy is the need to restore the immune forces in the body. If the baby suffers from the formation of frequent skin growths, it may be necessary to consult with an immunologist who will correct the treatment and prescribe his group of drugs to suppress the papilloma virus rights.


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