How to get rid of a wart?

  • September 26, 2018
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Patients suffering from formations on the body and skin have often wondered, but how to get rid of warts quickly and forever? This skin pathology can be cured, but this will take time. The methods that help to effectively conduct therapy - there are. But before you start to get rid of tumors on the skin, it is recommended to consult with a specialist so as not to harm yourself.



  • 1Causes of warts on the body
  • 2Traditional ways to remove formations on the body
  • 3How to remove warts folk methods

Causes of warts on the body


To understand how to remove a wart on the skin quickly and effectively, and even more so forever, you need to know what it is and why it arises on the body. This phenomenon is considered the most common cutaneous pathology, which is represented by a benign neoplasm. It can occur at any age. What is characteristic - pathology does not cause any pain. With warts, you can coexist, but this will have a completely unaesthetic appearance. Therefore, patients with the first appearance of pathology on the skin and body are wondering and aiming to get rid of the wart.

The size of the lesions on the skin may be different and not always noticeable. They do not arise because of frogs or evil eye, as people usually think. The causative agent of this unpleasant pathology is the papilloma virus.

The incubation period of this pathology is several months. Therefore, it is impossible to determine exactly where the infection was. It often turns out that the carrier of the virus does not even suspect this. In parallel, viral infections of this pathology can provoke other neoplasms on the skin and body. The most vulnerable age group are children and adolescents.

To get rid of the wart effectively and quickly, you need to know what kind of wart it refers to, since this will correct the treatment.

Types of formations on the skin:

  • A vulgar wart. Presented as a rounded papule of small size. It has an uneven rough surface, does not cause painful sensations. Color - solid, gray or yellow. Viral formations affect the hands, face and hair of the head. Treatment of warts of this type does not take much time and effort.
  • Juvenile warts are viral formations that occur only in children and adolescents. Presented in the form of rounded or polygonal nodules with a smooth surface, which almost do not protrude on the skin. Color - yellow or flesh. Viral formations of this type affect palms, hands, face and mucous surface of the oral cavity.
  • Plantar warts are viral formations on the skin of the feet. A characteristic feature is pain in walking. Diagnosis and excretion of warts of this type is complicated, as it is difficult to distinguish from syphilitic papules. Remove the wart of this type is real, but it will take a lot of time.
  • Filiform wart in the form of a papule with a foot. The color of education is bodily or dark brown. In most cases, affects the neck, eyelid skin, groin, armpits. Treatment of warts of this type requires careful preliminary diagnosis.

Treatment of warts is quite a difficult procedure, which requires compulsory specialist consultation and properly selected therapy.

In such a situation, one should not engage in independent treatment, since it will be difficult to determine by "eye" the type of education and choose the right treatment.

Traditional ways to remove formations on the body

To quickly achieve a positive result, the treatment of warts on the body should be carried out in a complex manner.

The main method in this therapy is the removal of tumors with the help of drugs or physical effects:

  • conservative way. It consists of procedures that help to remove the wart by exterminating the infection and strengthening the immune system;
  • medicines. Intended for oral administration, help get rid of warts on the body and skin quite quickly. All medicines are selected exclusively by a specialist, taking into account all the individual characteristics.

Treatment of warts has the main method - removal.

Depending on the type of education and its localization, it is possible to use such methods of struggle:

  1. Electrocoagulation - affects the formation of a high-frequency current pulse. To get rid of a wart on the body in this way is possible only with the help of a surgical coagulator and anesthesia.
  2. Cryodestruction with liquid nitrogen. Helps to remove warts for one or two uses. In some cases, you can use this method at home.
  3. Laser treatment of warts. It is considered the most common and effective method. You can cure education on the body for one visit to a specialist. The procedure takes a little time and is absolutely painless.
  4. Surgical intervention. With its help you can get rid of large formations on the body. How to remove the wart using this method? The procedure is performed under local anesthesia.
  5. Chemical "removal". Education cauterized with special drugs that have in the acid and alkali. You can buy such funds in any pharmacy. Preliminary consultation with a specialist is required.

How to remove warts folk methods

Traditional medicine helps get rid of many diseases and can suggest a couple of effective recipes that have been tested repeatedly. If the patient decided to get rid of education on the body with the help of folk wisdom, it is necessary to clarify with the specialist how to get rid of warts correctly.

The most common and effective recipes and tools:

  1. Kashitsa based on rowan fruits. For preparation, you will need well ripe rowan fruit. They are pushed to the formation of gruel, then put on a problem site and fixed with a plaster. To get a positive result, you can hold at least 14 procedures.
  2. Onion juice helps not only to remove neoplasms on the skin, but also to heal the fungus of the feet. How to treat warts with onion juice? To do this, the affected area must be treated onions daily. Then let the skin dry naturally. This method is considered effective, but it will take a long time to achieve a positive result. It should be noted that you can not miss a single day.
  3. The juice of a dandelion helps to get rid of only fresh formations, which have not yet had much of their roots. How to treat warts with dandelion juice? It is recommended every day to rub the affected skin with fresh dandelion juice, no more than three times a day.
  4. Juice celandine - a common effective method of getting rid of the formations on the skin. Helps in this therapy the juice of the newly ripped plant. Use areas of Celandine need those that are as close as possible to the root system. The newly treated wart juice begins to turn black and gradually, with each application die off. Treatment is carried out daily until the discomfort of the body completely disappears.
  5. Acetic acid for the removal of warts. How to reduce the wart in this way? Every night before bedtime, one drop of acid should be performed on the affected area. After a couple of days, the wart will dry and fall off. The procedure can provoke pain. This method is considered the most effective and fastest.
Removal of unpleasant formations on the body should always be done under the supervision of a specialist, in order not to complicate the situation.

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