Treatment of warts on the legs in children

  • September 27, 2018
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Baby warts are a common infection. Children have poorly formed immunity, so they are at a particular risk group. Viral diseases are more common in them than in adults. The cutaneous neoplasm in the form of a wart is caused by the papilloma virus. It is often localized on the legs, hands and face. Warts grow rapidly, they can mutate, bleed and hurt during trauma. To clarify the diagnosis, it is better to consult a dermatologist. This is done in order not to confuse the wart with other skin infections.



  • 1Destruction of myths about outgrowths
  • 2When should therapy be administered
  • 3Methods of therapy
  • 4Clinical methods of struggle
  • 5Prevention

Destruction of myths about outgrowths


A wart on the toe, and in any other place in children causes a feeling of disgust and fear. It is worth explaining to the child that she is absolutely safe. The causative agent is the human papillomavirus. And he, in turn, is of several kinds. And in no case the growths do not appear from frogs. But a wart and a papilloma are not the same thing. The virus is one - the disease is different.

  • Wart round or flat. Has a hue from light-flesh-colored to brown. If you remove the top layer of the built-up edge, you can see black dots. These are not roots, as many believe. This is the capillary blood that is baked. Sometimes the growths disappear on their own.
  • Papilloma grows on the stem. It can have a shade from corporal to dark brown. Habitat papilloma is the neck, face, armpits, skin folds. Papilloma itself does not go away, it must be removed.

Warts are not transmitted by shaking hands or touching an infected person.

The situation of contact of a healthy child with damaged skin, directly with the virus carrier, is dangerous. A lot of people are carriers of this disease.

While the immune system is in order, the virus is asleep. If the immunity decreases to a critical level, then the virus becomes active and enters the breeding phase.

Warts can be infected through general bedding and hygiene products.

When should therapy be administered

Warts, even after their appearance may disappear on their own. Immunity fell - a growth appeared. Immunity increased - disappeared. In children, this situation is very common. If you see a build-up, do not immediately begin treatment. First you need to visit a doctor who confirms or refutes the diagnosis.

Intervention in the course of the disease is recommended if the wart in a child causes inconvenience. For example, on the toe. She can cling and squeeze the shoes. In this case, treatment is necessary. Again, how to treat a neoplasm correctly, should tell the doctor.

The appearance of skin growths in infants is a rare phenomenon. Usually they emerge by the age of 5 and can disappear on their own. If the build-up does not interfere with the child, just wait a little. The likelihood that it will have to be treated is very low.

If the growths are located in a heap, here you can not do without medication. It is necessary to diagnose the wart before starting to heal.

Its difference is carried out with the following skin lesions:

  • molluscum contagiosum;
  • infection with verrucous tuberculosis;
  • condyloma;
  • flat red lichen;
  • other neoplasms.

In addition to visual inspection, sometimes laboratory tests are required:

  • histology of the affected skin;
  • PCR diagnostics (polymerase chain reaction), helps to determine the type of papillomavirus.

Methods of therapy


Pharmacology took a step forward.

In our time there are effective medications for fighting the virus. There are a number of procedures that are performed by specialists in the clinic. And of course, folk remedies.

For the treatment of warts in children use medicines.

They are conventionally divided into groups:

  1. Keratoliki - solutions containing substances that dissolve skin tissues, and removing dead cells, by exfoliation. They can treat even the youngest children.
  2. Necrotizing drugs are available in liquid form. If you get on a neoplasm, a wart is cauterized. They contain acids: nitric, oxalic, acetic. Substances of chemical content: phenol, copper nitrate, meta-cresol. These drugs have a significant disadvantage. They can not be treated by young children.
  3. Freezing agents. Cryotherapy can be successfully performed at home. Treatment is carried out by a special drug purchased in the pharmacy network. The liquid is applied pointwise. Warts on the legs from the effects of drugs dry up and fall off. Contraindicated for children under 4 years.

Clinical methods of struggle

In a special clinic you can remove warts on your legs. Treatment is carried out by modern methods. The doctor will choose the most optimal option for the child.

You can remove the build-up by the following methods:

  • Cryotherapy.Treatment is by liquid nitrogen. Delete, or rather, dissolve the wart completely possible for 1-2 times. This procedure is painful, but effective. At the site of cauterization, a small scar may remain.
  • Laser therapy.Very effective and painless procedure. The growth is eliminated by means of a laser. At the child such treatment will not cause painful sensations. The main thing is to prepare the baby correctly. Tell in detail about laser therapy. There will be no traces on the legs from the laser exposure. And the risk of a wart in this place is completely reduced to zero. Remove the build-up will be for 1 - 2 sessions. Depending on the size of the viral spot.
  • Surgical method.Such an effect is used if pharmacology did not help in the treatment. The procedure helps to immediately remove the build-up. Carried out under local anesthesia. For children, it is unpleasant. There may be pain during the removal and after the intervention. Most likely, there will be a scar.

If the rash is single, you can try to use folk methods of treatment of warts:

  • From the grated raw potatoes prepare the gruel. It must be applied to the place where the build-up was located. Top with a bandage and fix it with a band-aid. We keep the compress all night long.
  • Aloe leaves are ground. Juice is wiped off the affected area several times a day. After a while, the wart should fall off.
  • From garlic, flour and vinegar is made cake. It is also applied to the wart and fixed with a bandage. If the wart is on the leg, wear a sock. It is better to spend the procedure at night.
  • 3 times a day, lubricate the wart with celandine juice. Make sure that it gets exactly to the destination. Juice celandine is quite corrosive, so you can burn the skin near the built-up edge.


Warts are better to warn than cure. This virus disease in children settles in the body forever.

It is necessary to observe the elementary rules in everyday life:

  • In public pools, showers, on the beach you need to walk in your personal shoes.
  • Try to prevent the child from contacting the objects that the infected person used.
  • Often wash your hands and feet, take a shower.
  • At the slightest scratches and skin lesions, disinfect the damaged area.
  • Take care that the child does not pull dirty hands in his mouth and do not touch their face. Bacteria from the surface of the hands will easily pass to the mucous membrane of the mouth.
  • Strengthen immunity. The adolescence appears when the body weakens.
  • Lead a healthy lifestyle, eat well, avoid stressful situations.

If these rules are followed, your child will not only be saved from warts. You prevent a number of other diseases that are easy to get infected in the home.


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