Cosmetics for sensitive skin: what to buy in a pharmacy and what to cook at home



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Sensitive - it is usually with such a note on the package that cosmetics for sensitive skin are made, which removes irritations and has soothing properties.

For such a special type of epidermis, many drugs are not suitable, since they contain too much aggressive substances. Therefore, world-famous brands, well-established in the market, develop whole series of products specifically for thin, sensitive, couperose-prone skin.


Due to its composition, cosmetics for sensitive facial skin with couperose does not have any irritating effect. It removes inflammation, soothes, eliminates redness. Manufacturers include components of predominantly natural origin in such products. Chemistry in them is a rarity. But even if it is, it is for the good, not for harm.

The following ingredients are considered to be the most effective in the care of sensitive skin:

  • allantoin restores damaged cells, removes irritations;
  • hyaluronic acid moisturizes, rejuvenates, accelerates healing;
  • natural oils soften;
  • retinol restores, moisturizes;
  • ascorbic acid protects, heals, strengthens;
  • tocopherol gives elasticity, rejuvenates;
  • extracts of plants nourish.

So when buying cosmetics for sensitive skin, look for these components in its composition. They certainly will not harm her, unless, of course, they have no allergic reaction. In order not to face rashes and swelling, you first need to check the safety of the purchased product on your wrist and then use it for your face.

In order not to be disappointed with the result, stick to a number of tips. They will enhance the effectiveness of "Sensitive" cosmetics.

Helpful Tips

How to help the sensitive skin of a person prone to couperose? This can only be done with the help of correct and regular care. Therefore, it is so important to be able to competently select and use cosmetics for it.

  1. Any skin (dry and oily, normal and combined) can be sensitive. Therefore, look for a cream, mask, emulsion or any other means, not only with the label "sensitive but also with the indication of the skin type.
  2. There are no age restrictions for the use of such cosmetics.
  3. In winter, there should be more vitamin A to protect the thin skin from low temperatures and winds. In summer, vitamin C must be present, which reflects ultraviolet and prevents photoaging.
  4. Day cream for sensitive skin protects it, and at night - soothes. It is better to use both.
  5. For such a gentle epidermis, it is not superfluous to make sure that cosmetics are hypoallergenic. Otherwise, rashes and edemas can not be avoided.
  6. The funds are deposited no less than 30 minutes before going out to the street, regardless of the season. As for evening care - an hour before bedtime. This will allow the active components to be absorbed better.
  7. During the day, do not need to load the skin with all kinds of cosmetic products. Milk, tonic and cream twice a day will be enough. Once a week you can make a mask for sensitive skin. Once every 10 days - gommage (but not scrub).
  8. Regularly change brands, lines, the very means to avoid getting used to it for your delicate skin.

Owners of sensitive skin should understand that it requires special treatment. One wrong step - and the next morning you can wake up with a strong irritation. Chose the wrong remedy - reacted with allergy. Not protected from frost - covered with scaly spots. Time did not take care of couperose - and you are again entangled in the capillary grid.


Be able to give such a skin everything you need. Cosmetics of stunning quality can be found in the rating below.

Rating of the best

Picking up cosmetics for sensitive skin, look not only in the usual store (preferably branded). It can be sold in a pharmacy and differ even better quality and higher efficiency. And in order not to get confused in the variety of assortment, review the rating of the best products.

  1. 24-hour Care for sensitive - cream protection for 24 hours. Biodroga. Germany. $6, 1.
  2. Aloe Vera Basic - a classic for the care of a thin epidermis. Santaverde. Spain. $5, 8.
  3. Idrasensitive 24-hour Cream - moisturizing for the whole day. Eldan. Switzerland. $4, 6.
  4. Oxygen Prime Extract is an oxygen saturable lotion extract. GIGI. Israel. $38.
  5. Bio Phyto Skin Balance is a cream for oily and sensitive skin. Christina. Israel. $3, 3.
  6. Hydrabio Legere - cream for dehydrated, sensitive skin. Bioderma. France. $3, 7.
  7. Pure Beau Essence - serum. Japan Gals. Japan. $2, 7.
  8. Rosaliac AR Intense - intensive serum. La Roche-Posay. France. $2, 9.
  9. Toleriane Ultra is a fluid from the line of the pharmacy series. La Roche-Posay. France. $2, 3.
  10. Sebium AKN is an emulsion. Bioderma. France. $1, 1.

This rating of the best cosmetics for the care of sensitive skin will guide you in prices and presented in the market assortment. All these funds have received excellent reviews of cosmetologists and those who use them regularly. Some of them are part of professional lines, actively used in beauty salons around the world.

Professional lines

The professional cosmetics used for beauty salons for sensitive skin are of high quality and quite expensive. Some of the funds from these lines can be found on a free sale through an intermediary or online store.

Professional cosmetics for sensitive epidermis can significantly and permanently improve its condition. These are world-class brands whose product quality can not be doubted.

Beauty salons, cosmetologists, dermatologists - that's their client base. If you want, you can go in there. If you prefer more natural remedies, you can always prepare a mask or cream for sensitive skin at home.

Home recipes

While doing cosmetics at home, remember that every tool should be checked on the wrist. Despite the fact that you will use the most common products, they are often the strongest allergens. For sensitive skin, some of them are dangerous: in house masks and creams should not be garlic, cognac, coffee and other irritants.

  • Herbal Cream

Lanolin (Art. spoon) mixed with olive unrefined oil (st. spoon), warm for a couple of minutes 10. After an hour, add the infusion from the mother-and-stepmother (chayn. spoon) and juice of plantain (chayn. a spoon).

  • Pink mask

Margarine is mixed (2 tbsp. spoons), vegetable oil (cinnamon. spoon), crushed fresh leaves of rose (chayn. spoon), ampoule retinol (chayn. a spoon).

  • Cream with oils

10 minutes warm on a water bath beeswax (ceyn. spoon), almond oil (5 c. spoon), jojoba oil (2 teas. spoons), rose water (st. spoon). After cooling, add a couple drops of rosemary ether.

Want to improve the condition of sensitive skin? In this case, you know how to choose the right make-up for her and use it competently. Only this way it is possible to eliminate couperose, to prevent rashes, to make the skin not so thin. The most optimal option - pharmacy or professional tools, which are of high quality and time-tested and tested performance.