Face cream with peptides: what choice does the present cosmetic market offer?



  • Peptides and what they are
  • Our view on the range
  • How to make the right choice?

Today on sale you can find a variety of means to rejuvenate the skin and care for it, containing peptides in its composition. Various cosmetic brands promote them as an innovative development that has no equal in the fight against aging.

But what do they really represent? What hides the name of face creams with peptides? And how not to be mistaken in the process of buying? Let's look into this.

Peptides and what they are

Peptides are nutrients, whose molecules are built from the remains of two or more amino acids, which are a building material for protein.

Whereas in the human body only natural elements predominate (arising naturally), in cosmetology widely apply their synthetic (created in laboratory conditions) analogs. This is due not only to the availability of components, but also the ability to monitor them and predict further behavior.

Today, these nutrients have found widespread use in cosmetology, but to find some of them in pharmacy or in one of the many shops that sell cosmetics is almost impossible (of course, if it is not counterfeit). With what it is connected, it becomes clear after the review of the leading representatives of the industry.

Good to know!Even the most expensive and popular cream with peptides and hyaluronic acid can not smooth wrinkles instantly. To make the effect noticeable, use it twice a day for at least 3 months without interruption.

Our view on the range

The offer of the modern cosmetic market is multiplying day by day. Therefore, it is a waste of time to review creams with peptides solely for specific names. It is more rational to consider the rulers of specific brands and the opportunities that they offer to users.

Cosmetics from the NCPRIZ

Products of the Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology of St. Petersburg successfully fights with age pathologies and significantly slows the aging process. Producers hold the position that deliveries to retailers will only entail an increase in the share of counterfeit products on the market. Therefore, any cream rich in peptides is sold exclusively through the NPCRZ and its dealer centers.

A range of cosmetics includes facial creams with peptides, agents for the eyelids, legs, and skin that are now known throughout the world. Such glory of domestic products was brought by peptide bioregulators, discovered not so long ago by Professor Havinson V. X.

To obtain a more pronounced result, manufacturers advise using cosmetics in combination with preparations intended for oral administration. However, even each cream with peptides of Havinson has the following effective properties:

  • it is able to penetrate deep layers of the skin due to the reduced size of fractions;
  • easily absorbs and does not provoke allergic reactions, since after specialized treatment the human body perceives its active substances in the same way as its own peptides;
  • normalizes the processes of skin regeneration, affecting the cellular level.

Regularly using a face cream with peptides, you supply the cells with essential nutrients that allows the skin to not only regenerate faster, but also better to resist the negative external impacts.

Korean cream with peptides

Cosmetic products from this country are known all over the world for their effectiveness. As practice shows, it allows to reduce the depth of wrinkles by more than 52%. And here one does not even need to rely on scientific research, it is enough to look at Korean women who have already celebrated the 50th anniversary, as any questions will disappear by themselves.

The most popular representatives of the industry are:

  • Mizon (Mizon), among whose products stand out cosmetic products based on the street mucin;
  • Secret Key and their face cream SYN-AKE, which, according to the developers, did not damage any cobra or other reptile;
  • Ottie, famous for its anti-aging serum with peptides.

The products of these brands prevent excessive dehydration of the facial skin. And because it successfully fights with horizontal wrinkles on the forehead and vertical in the nose zone, with nasolabial folds and "goose paws" appearing in the corners of the eyes, with acne eruptions and micro-stretching.

Anti-aging cream "Lora" from "Evalar"

This cosmeceutical complex is ideal for home use. According to the research conducted in 2011, its regular use makes it possible to reduce the number of wrinkles (also deep) by more than a third.

This efficiency is achieved due to the fact that intensive exposure to the skin is both outside (when applying cream) and inside (after it is absorbed). Moreover, each element of the complex, incl. and cream "Lora" with peptides, presented in the company line:

  • the depth of penetration of rejuvenating substances into the skin is not inferior even to procedures using injections (for example, fractional mesotherapy);
  • saturates the body with introduced nutritional elements and stimulates it to produce its own;
  • not only increases the elasticity of the skin, but also favorably affects the muscle tone.

Unlike competitors, "Evalar" distributes its cosmetic line freely. And because the eye cream for their production or any other element included in the complex, you can find it in almost any large pharmacy.


Collagen complex from LIBREDERM

The company "Libriderm" has established itself as a manufacturer of not just high-quality, but extremely effective cosmetics. Therefore, its collagen line is worthy of attention of everyone who dreams to erase (or at least significantly reduce) traces of aging on his face.

However, the complex is designed not only for the face: the cream for the eyelids is successfully combined with the means for processing the neck and décolleté zone.

The principle of the drugs is as follows: a special air-permeable film is created on the skin, which significantly reduces the transepidermal loss of water.


  • wrinkles are smoothed out, and the elasticity and elasticity of the skin, on the contrary, only increase;
  • active peptides in combination with other parts of the collagen chain are much more intense;
  • the manifestation of age-related changes in the skin is significantly slowed down.

Vichy Products

This company has focused on the cosmetic properties of its products. All drugs that can fight wrinkles are not only effective in their orientation, but also hypoallergenic that saves users from unexpected rashes, redness and other allergic reactions, which are so difficult to disguise.

From what such reaction to cosmetics can appear and also how to get rid of it, read in our article: "Allergy to cosmetics".

Ruler has in its composition funds for both morning and evening use, which:

  • effectively fight both superficial and deep wrinkles;
  • prevent the appearance of new wrinkles in the place where once were old;
  • significantly increase the number of glycans, the deficit of which and provokes the emergence of wrinkles in the deep layers of the skin.

To increase the effectiveness of creams, the manufacturer has supplemented them with special Fusio-Film plates, which directly affect the wrinkles themselves.

Line SENGARA (Singara) from Faberlic

Any cream for eyelids, facial skin and other areas from Singar is an effective solution for skin rejuvenation and bio-purification. Its active elements allow us to adjust the functioning of the body not only from within, but also from the outside.

A distinctive feature of this complex can be considered that its correct use involves 3 stages:

  • At the first, the preparations containing peptides 18 and 171 are involved, and also a powerful lifting of the skin occurs. Fine wrinkles disappear, and the deep ones become much more inconspicuous.
  • On the second, tissues are actively enriched with oxygen and nutrients. This is achieved by means based on peptides G8, 173 and 176.
  • At the final third stage, the achieved results are fixed: intercellular bonds strengthen, cell protection increases. The drugs with sekalosides and prolinol are used in this case.

Such a step-by-step approach allows achieving excellent results not only in the short term, but also in the long term. If all the drugs are used correctly, your skin will not only look younger, but also significantly improve its internal structure.

We remind you that the purpose of this review is familiarity of users with the main brands and brands that are present on the cosmetic market of our country. The best cream for eyes with peptides or the super effective agent promoting maintenance of elasticity of a skin, you define.

How to make the right choice?

As you understand, advertising is the key engine of progress. And so today, absolutely on any cream containing peptides, you can find positive reviews, and negative, and studies that allegedly confirm their effectiveness, and "exposing" articles on the pages of yellow newspapers, and everything that the soul please.

It is not a mistake to make a mistake with such an abundance of information. Therefore, in order not to waste money, one should be guided not by beautiful headlines and admired reviews of girlfriends, but by the following rules.

Rule number 1

Pay attention to the composition. If the effective cream with peptides is really so good, as its manufacturers assure, the main The active ingredient (in our case peptides) in the list will always go either first or one of the first.

Rule number 2

Have a clear idea of ​​what exactly you are waiting for from the cream. After all, as a remedy with the main component of Acetyl Hexapeptide-3 will more relax the muscles and fight with the appearance of new wrinkles, the drugs based on Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-3, the main goal will be another - the development collagen.

Rule number 3

Carefully study the additional elements included in the formula. In a qualitative product, in addition to the peptides themselves, elements stimulating intercellular communication, for example, antioxidants and ceramides, retinol and hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and others.

But deodorizing ingredients, on the contrary, should be at a minimum, because they are quite strong allergens.

Rule number 4

Analyzing the list of creams with peptides for purchase, rely not only on the quality of the brand, but also on its compatibility with your type of skin. So, the owners of oily skin should choose the options with a light structure, whereas for dry and normal skin, cream with natural oils is much better.

As you can see, the conventions, because of which the purchased product already after the first admission can fly into the trash can, is quite a lot. So, we would be interested to know how you choose yourself rejuvenating cosmetics? What are you guided by? What brands are entering your personal TOP-10 most effective brands? We invite you to discuss these (and not only) questions in the comments.