How to remove a wart on the lip?

  • September 27, 2018
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All people on earth know what a wart is. Many of them noticed the appearance of these growths, and if a wart on the lip appears, this becomes a problem for almost everyone. In addition to the fact that this looks very aesthetic, and many people are disliked or wary, this is also dangerous, because it can there is an accidental breakage or damage, after which the growth may appear more or they can lead to melanoma (malignant tumor skin).


When this build-up appears, it is necessary to get rid of it as soon as possible, in any acceptable way that the specialist will advise you.


  • 1Disease - wart
    • 1.1How does the outgrowth look?
    • 1.2What is dangerous for this new growth?
  • 2What are the ways of treatment?

Disease - wart

A wart is a benign neoplasm that looks like a nodule or papilla that rises above the skin, has a viral etiology.

The dimensions of these growths can be either a match head or as a pea.

Neoformations can be located on any part of the body:

  • limbs;
  • head, face;
  • neck;
  • genitals;
  • intestines.

How does the outgrowth look?

Neoplasm takes the following form:

  1. A simple convex outgrowth, with a dense structure, has a yellow or fleshy hue. They are found in both children and adults.
  2. A flat new growth, which slightly rises above the level of the skin, they appear on the surface of the lips or near them, and in the mouth - this arrangement is more dangerous.
  3. The filamentous growth or hanging wart on a pinkish stem is identical to your skin tone, capillaries pass through the foot of this wart.
  4. Condylomas, they have a pointed form to the apex, this type of build-up is localized in groups on the mucous surface of the lips, often they become damaged, and the inflammatory process begins. When they grow together, they resemble a rooster's scallop.

What is dangerous for this new growth?

Although, in most cases, these are benign tumors that do not harm human health, but it is necessary to remember the causes of their appearance.

The reasons can be determined by an experienced dermatologist and advise how to get rid of tumors or by what means they can be withdrawn.

You also need to be careful with warts located on the lips or near them, because men with shaving can cut them.

And in the process of eating food a person can damage the teeth with a tooth in his mouth, which can lead to inflammation or a benign tumor turns into a malignant tumor.

A person who has warts on his lips may feel uncomfortable, as few people will want to kiss him. This is another good reason for getting rid of papillomas.

What are the ways of treatment?

There are many ways in our time in order to get rid of the papillomas on any part of the body, including the lips.

What will be the method, the qualified specialist should decide after the examination, and if necessary, he can suggest the following ways to withdraw the papilloma:

  • medicamentous treatment with the use of ointments, for example "Oxoline" or "Viferon". Together with these drugs, the patient is prescribed vitamins or immunomodulating medications, for increase immunity, which itself can fight the human papillomavirus, which is the main reason for the appearance warts;
  • laser removal of warts;
  • electrocoagulation - this method burns out growths with a high-frequency current;
  • surgical removal is a traditional operation to remove the tumor and its root;
  • cryodestruction - freeze the formation with liquid nitrogen.

It is necessary to warn that in case of warts on the lips, in no case should the method of cauterization be used, since in this place the skin is very tender, thin, and a burn may result.

Be healthy, cheerful and happy, watch your health - we have one!


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