How to treat herpes on the body in adults?

Get rid of herpes is possible with the help of various drugs that are used both externally and internally. There are even folk methods, thanks to which with a virus infection it will be possible to cope at home. But you should know that the disease does not arise just like that.If the immune system is working normally, then unpleasant symptoms can not be feared.However, getting into the body, the causative agent remains in it forever.



  • 1Features of herpetic infection
  • 2General characteristics of the treatment process
  • 3Colds on the lips: what to do?
  • 4Effective means against rashes on the body

Features of herpetic infection

This disease, which is viral in nature and manifests itself in the form of skin rashes in adults, can be provoked hypothermia or overheating of the body, any diseases, inflammations of the sexual organs, abortions, stressful situations.

About the disease can be recognized after the skin appeared small bubbles of red, close to each other. Vesicles can merge into one. Initially, the affected area feels a slight itching and burning, but then the sensations intensify.

In human blood, one of the eight varieties of the virus can be detected, because of which the disease develops.

It's about types:

  • 1st (herpes simplex) - is diagnosed by rashes on the face;
  • 2-nd (also simple herpes) - the affected is an intimate zone;
  • 3rd - there is the appearance of chicken pox and shingles;
  • 4th - leads to infectious mononucleosis;
  • 5th - develops cytomegaly;
  • 6th, 7th and 8th - not fully studied, but provoke chronic fatigue syndrome, roseola in children and Kaposi's sarcoma (multiple flat malignant tumors on the skin).

The first three types are characterized by certain stages:

  • The first is different in that first the disease manifests itself with a mild pain and itching, tingling, tingling at the site of future eruptions.
  • The emerging small vial gradually grows. Its increase is accompanied by an ever-increasing pain. A clear liquid can be found inside it.
  • The turbid liquid breaks out. And everywhere, where it gets, bubbles begin to arise. On the place where the fluid came out, a sore is formed. This period in adults is dangerous because other people are also at risk of infection because of the virus that enters the air. Therefore, doctors advise to collect fluid with a tampon. The surface of the skin must be rubbed with alcohol. The main thing is that the first wound appeared, where the liquid poured out, remained untouched.
  • There is a tightening of sores. After removal of the skin, slight bleeding is possible. It is better not to remove the crust, but treat it with a special antiseptic. After the procedure, without fail, hands are thoroughly washed with soap. Otherwise, herpes simplex will be on the skin of the hands.

If herpes simplex in the blood is detected at the earliest stage, then folk remedies will help get rid of herpes, and there will be no exacerbation.

General characteristics of the treatment process

To prevent the primary infection with the virus in adults, which provokes varicella, can be due to vaccination. But there are other ways.

In general, to cure herpes, you need to use:

  • with antimicrobial agents;
  • antipyretic drugs;
  • ointments with analgesic effect, in the composition of which there is lidocaine and acetaminophen.

Although there are no such drugs that would help completely cure herpes. Existing drugs only strengthen immunity in adults. So, the patient recovers faster, and the disease proceeds more easily. Doctors advise how to treat herpes on the body effectively.

If you torture ailment, then you can not do without the disease, for example, without:

  • vitamins A, C and E;
  • Selena;
  • zinc;
  • propolis;
  • garlic.

Thanks to vitamin A, the protective functions of mucous membranes and skin increase, which makes it harder for the virus to enter the human body. Will make immunity and ascorbic acid stronger.

White blood cells become more active, and the level of interferon increases. If we consider that weakened immunity in the elderly is the cause of herpes zoster, vitamin C in sufficient quantity will help to avoid relapse. Vitamin E promotes the preservation of ascorbic acid in the body. In addition, this strong antioxidant helps to increase the protective forces of cells.

Zinc does not allow other elements to oxidize cell membranes. From lack of zinc, cells weaker resistance to infection. Preparations with zinc are available in the form of ointments or food additives. When there is such a tool, then there will be no questions how to remove herpes. Thanks to the use of the ointment, wounds heal faster, and blisters are not formed so intensively.

If zinc is used in combination with selenium, then the immunity in adults will be stronger, the susceptibility of the body to the disease will go down. This is especially important for an elderly person. Selenium is found in vitamin-mineral preparations.

Extract of propolis acts in such a way that a simple virus that causes herpes in adults, which multiplies in the blood, becomes less active. This substance is a part of various tablets and ointments, helping to overcome herpes. Treatment is often carried out precisely with extract of propolis, which copes well with the external symptoms of the disease.

The problem of how to get rid of herpes is solved with the help of garlic extract. With his active ingredients, he fights well with infection in the blood.

Breast milk also has a strong enough anti-herpes and antimicrobial effect.

Consult with a doctor about the use of various medications and supplements (food and vitamin) is necessary, since they are not suitable for every case.

To prevent viruses from spreading in the blood, the patient is prescribed antiviral drugs. Only the doctor can be engaged in the appointment of dosage. He himself plans a treatment course. The patient should not do this himself.

With the help of so-called pathogenetic therapy, they try to stop the disease, because of which the patient's well-being worsens. For example, the patient is cleared of blood, which helps to reduce the level of infection. Although this procedure is rarely performed. In general, it is necessary when the activity of viruses in the blood is a risk to life.

The goal of symptomatic treatment is to take funds with sedative properties that help cope with the itching of the skin, the use of moist dressings and cooling lotions.

Usually, to get rid of herpes, the patient in the hospital is not left. He is simply assigned a certain course, which he then must adhere to.

Colds on the lips: what to do?


Often diagnosed as a phenomenon, like herpes labial. It is provoked by a virus of the first type. In most cases, the disease manifests itself on the lips and around them. Where else does the disease spread? Eruptions can also affect the oral mucosa, the wings of the nose and the area near the mouth.

If we talk about the path of infection, then the labial disease is transmitted when a person coughs or sneezes. The personal hygiene items of the patient are also a hazard. Symptomatic in adults in each case will be different, so sometimes after the appearance of the ailment remains unnoticed.

In a person with impaired health, the initial manifestations are similar to a cold or flu.

The state is characterized by:

  • increase in temperature;
  • headache;
  • discomfort in the throat;
  • redness and soreness of the gums;
  • the appearance on the mucous membrane of the bubble rash.

Who has repeatedly encountered such a symptomatology, already knows when the labial disease will manifest itself again. Therefore, there are ways to prevent the occurrence of sores. To do this, simply treat the affected area with a special cream.

According to medicine, herpes simplex can not be completely eliminated from the body. But you can suppress his activity in the blood. This is done with the help of Acyclovir, Denavir, Fenistila, Panavir, Zovirax. The recommended course is 3 - 4 days. The agent is used every 2-3 hours.

Cured herpes can be drugs, which includes doconazole. The substance is so effective that the viruses stop multiplying in the blood. In addition, there is a rapid healing of existing sores. It is advisable not to miss the moment when the labial herpes only begins.

Eliminate the infectious process Miramistin. If the aggravation of the disease is unavoidable, then apply the remedy with a cotton ball for 15 minutes. So do 2-4 times a day.

How to get rid of herpes effectively? Isoprinosine will come to the rescue. Such a drug is able to cope with many strains of herpesvirus in the blood. It acts even in cases when Acyclovir is useless. It can be used as an independent drug and in combination with interferon and Zidovudine.

The treatment course is often carried out with the help of auxiliary means. However, they are not so strong in comparison with the main antiviral. To remove an exacerbation doctors advise 5% of Cycloferon. Standard-scheme of application - 3-4 times a day for a week. Perhaps you can avoid the appearance of sores.

To cure herpes, that is, its symptoms, will be able to anesthetics with the content of lidocaine, benzyl alcohol and camphor, as well as softening ointments that are based on petroleum jelly and allantoin.

Since they can not kill the causative agent, they are therefore used together with antiviral drugs.

How to get rid of herpes in the area of ​​the lips? With the advent of inflammation and itching, ice will be needed. The main thing is to do the procedure on time. Such a remedy against a bubble eruption will not cause sores to arise. Or you can get rid of the pain.

Vaseline or some other fatty nourishing cream is useful when you need to quickly get rid of crusts. Moreover, after the disappearance of crusts there will be no unpleasant painful sensations.

If you tortured herpes simplex on the lips, that is, labial, they should be treated with olive or sea-buckthorn oil. How to deal with herpes, and what herbs are needed for this?

For lotions suitable:

  • sage;
  • chamomile;
  • calendula.

Gadgets from these herbs must be applied to the dried up crusts.

Effective means against rashes on the body

After the appearance of a specific rash on the skin, as medicine proves, one should use ointments. This is a kind of medicine that is really capable of curing herpes.

They are good because they almost never have allergic dermatitis. Substances in the composition are harmless to organs.

Of course, it is easier to use ointment than to take pills or inject. Strict dosage is not available. The standard scheme is to observe the intervals between the application of the facility. But even if the drug has not been applied in time, the result will not deteriorate much.

The most important thing that always excites a person who has a virus in his blood, is how to deal with herpes, and why should you use ointments?

You can list the following benefits:

  1. They act point-wise, that is, directly on the site affected by the disease.
  2. This is an effective help to suppress the activity of the pathogen. In addition, they relieve pain and itching, which, in turn, does not allow the disease to spread further.
  3. They accelerate the healing of wounds.

Medicine has advanced far in its development, therefore, it should be said about some drugs that are able to cure herpes.

So, against the bubble rash will be effective:

  • Viferon. At the heart are interferons, thanks to which the work of immunity is activated. The drug does not suppress simple herpes, more precisely, viral activity, but stimulates the protective mechanism of the body. Side effects are possible if a person has a hypersensitivity to certain components, for example, to anhydrous lanolin, petroleum jelly, peach oil. The treatment course is designed for a week. The day should be treated 3-4 times. You should be careful when relapsing, so as not to miss the first signs.
  • Oksolinovaya ointment. Has a long action. To cure herpes, the course should last 2 weeks and even more. The drug is inexpensive and completely safe for any patient. It is recommended for children to bring out skin itching with chicken pox.
  • Acigerpine. It will help if you have herpes. However, because of its aggressiveness, it often causes an allergic edema in the treated area. It can also cause the onset of pain, burning and rashes.
  • Chinese ointment, which fights against this disease, as well as with eczema, psoriasis and various skin diseases. Eliminates the manifested symptomatology. After application, the infected area is restored more quickly. Chinese ointment is quite economical in application. After her, there is no greasy shine. It absorbs quickly. Smell easy, pleasant.
  • Troxevasin. Drying agent. Due to its property after use, it does not allow infections to get into the wound.

In practice, the effectiveness of drugs has been repeatedly proven. It is not so easy to choose the most suitable option. It is better to seek advice from a doctor, especially since some medications can provoke a negative reaction.


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