Remedy for papillomas, which is in the pharmacy

The medicine for papilloma includes: ointments, creams, tablets, cauterizing solutions, antiviral and immunostimulating medications. For the fight against the human papillomavirus, both papillomas and self-prepared solutions are widely used. However, highly qualified specialists do not recommend taking HPV medicines with HPV. This is argued by the high risk of complications and the likelihood of recurrence of the disease. In addition, the treatment of papillomas with improvised drugs is ineffective.



  • 1Features of the disease
  • 2Antiviral therapy
  • 3Immunomodulatory and topical therapy

Features of the disease

The human papillomavirus is one of the most common viral diseases. Like any other virus, it enters the body and remains there for the rest of your life. Completely withdraw it is not possible, because viral DNA is embedded in healthy human cells.

People do not even suspect such a neighborhood, and after all, influencing the cell division, HPV can provoke the formation of a malignant tumor. When the immune system copes with its function, the papillomavirus is located inside cells and tissues in an inactive state. But as soon as local immunity weakens, the disease will progress and necessarily manifest itself by the appearance of specific neoplasms on the skin or mucous membranes.

For the treatment of HPV, a comprehensive approach is currently used, including the use of several groups of drugs:

  • antiviral drugs against papillomas;
  • immunomodulating products;
  • cauterizing and other means, allowing to deduce a neoplasm;
  • vitamin complexes;
  • medicines that improve the intestinal microflora (usually prescribed after taking antibiotics and antiviral drugs).

The first two groups mean drug treatment of the human papillomavirus. In parallel with them, doctors often prescribe special drugs that can fight the external manifestations of HPV.

The last two groups usually need to drink to restore the intestine and enhance local immunity.

Antiviral therapy

The use of antiviral drugs with papillomavirus is an indispensable part of complex therapy. All these drugs from HPV contain the main strong substance interferon. It helps with viral diseases, including papillomavirus. Interferon removes viral agents, thereby actively fighting against HPV itself.

Also the doctor appoints to spend on drink a course of medicines from a papilloma of the person containing in the structure tocopherol acetate. This substance - a good and strong immunomodulator, really increases the body's natural defenses.

Some antiviral agents are combined medicinal products. They include tocopherol acetate, ascorbic acid and interferon.

In combination with each other, these substances significantly improve the antiviral properties of medications, which are the most effective against the papilloma virus agent.

An antiviral drug against human papillomavirus containing in interferon is allowed to be used along with other effective drugs from papillomas. However, it should be remembered that such drugs are potent. Take them must be strictly on the advice of a specialist. Also, before using them, it is better to read the instructions, otherwise a side effect may occur.

Well-proven the following drugs:

  • Cycloferon. Very popular medicine for papilloma, genital warts, as well as other viral and microbial diseases. It has antiviral, antimicrobial, and immunomodulatory effects. It is used in conjunction with other drugs against HPV.
  • Groprinosin. Combined drug, actively prescribed by doctors in the treatment of diseases of viral origin, as well as for preventive purposes. It has antiviral and immunomodulating properties, therefore it is also used to enhance the body's defenses.
  • Viferon. A powerful antiviral drug against papillomas and genital warts. Promotes the development of interferons that help to destroy the virus.
  • Panavir. A natural preparation, which includes an extract of potato leaves. This remedy is used to treat papillomas and HPV. Promotes the development of natural interferons, therefore it is a good immunomodulator and antiviral medicine.
  • Allokin-Alpha. Effective medicine for papilloma, which is available in the form of injections and powder. The injections are usually prescribed in the absence of external manifestations of HPV. It is also used in the treatment of highly oncogenic strains of the virus. Stimulates the production of human interferon in the body, and also actively destroys viruses in human cells and tissues.
  • Isoprinosine. A powerful and effective tool that helps fight HPV. Can be used to combat papillomas and genital warts. In the latter case, the doctor prescribes surgical removal of genital warts in combination with this drug.

Immunomodulatory and topical therapy


Drug treatment with papillomas by various immunomodulators should be prescribed by highly qualified specialists and only after a complete diagnosis. Currently, to increase the body's resistance to stress, viruses and infections, the pharmaceutical market offers to buy homeopathic remedies for papilloma in the pharmacy. They include extracts of echinacea, ginseng, magnolia vine, which increase the body's defenses.

To treat HPV and improve immunity can such drugs from papillomas, like:

  1. Immunal.
  2. Antimonium is abrasive.
  3. Thuya Occidentalis et al.

Increasingly popular is the use of papillomavirus drugs combined action. Most of the above antiviral agents are also good immunomodulators.

How to get rid of papillomas on the body, tell a dermatologist or a venereologist. In combination with the treatment of HPV itself, the doctor often recommends the surgical removal of external manifestations of the virus. Such procedures are not always carried out, but only on indications.

Instead of surgical intervention, patients are prescribed special local medications that help to remove small tumors. Getting rid of papillomas is achieved through the cauterizing action of these remedies. Some of them can be bought from the papillomas in the pharmacy and independently put out a build-up, but it is better to consult with the doctor beforehand.

The most effective and popular means for eliminating viral manifestations are:

  • Superchistotel. A water-based solution that is a drop from papillomas, calluses and warts. Possesses cauterizing action. It is applied pointwise to the build-up itself. To avoid burns of the skin, use the drug with extreme caution and try not to get to nearby skin areas.
  • Solkoderm. Powerful and improved means, which is an analogue of the previously released product Solkagin. Can be prescribed for cauterization of genital warts.
  • Cryopharm. A topical aerosol that has a freezing effect. Effectively fights against warts and papillomas.
  • Ferezol. Effective drug, released in the form of a solution. The drug, taken according to the instructions, already in 2 days relieves the unpleasant neoplasm.
  • Oksolinovaya ointment. The product should be able to exclude papillomas and small warts. Before use, it is best to steam the skin first.
  • Salicylic acid. For best effect, the solution is recommended daily.
In addition to the main course of treatment, the doctor can prescribe the use of vitamin-mineral complexes, as well as products that normalize the work of the gastrointestinal tract.

Among the variety of all drugs used against HPV, a wide range of drugs have proven themselves. They are a cure for papillomas, which destroy viral agents and increase the resistance of the immune system to adverse external influences. It is extremely undesirable to use them without consulting a specialist, because the wrong treatment can damage a person's health.


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