The main reasons for itching the penis or penis

If a man's itch is itching, it's always unpleasant. Usually itching is not an independent symptom, but indicates the development of some pathology. Often, burning in the penis is associated with venereal diseases. However, this is not at all the case, the itch of extremely flesh or head in men can also arise due to poor quality underwear or non-compliance with basic hygiene standards. To understand why itches the penis, you need to consult a doctor.



  • 1Main reasons
  • 2Diagnostics
  • 3Treatment and prevention

Main reasons


Itching sensations on the penis appear for various reasons. To understand why a man has discomfort, the doctor will ask where he comes from and whether there is other symptoms (pimples on the head of the penis, the local temperature of the foreskin raises, the burning sensation after the sexual act). It is the place where the most troublesome, itches the penis, usually indicates the cause of this condition.

In those situations when the skin began to itch on the penis, the doctor may suspect allergies, parasitic, viral, fungal, inflammatory diseases and STDs. But most often the base or the body of a member is itchy because of pubic lice or scabies. At the same time, there are no pathological discharges.

If there is an itch on the head of the penis, then the reasons are very different. In this case, there may be a rash on the head of the penis, there may be abnormal discharge or burning after sex or urination.

Why is itching to head a member:

  1. Improper holding or non-observance of personal hygiene items often contributes to the fact that the head is itching. For example, untimely change of underwear, which is especially important in the summer period of time or the long absence of hygiene procedures.
  2. Allergic reaction to synthetic detergents, various lubricants or hygiene products. It is worth noting that sometimes the tip can irritate even the antennae of the IUD that is in the hands of a woman.
  3. Diseases of the hematopoiesis system, endocrine pathologies and other systemic diseases that contribute to the fact that the skin is scratched on the penis.
  4. Violation of the internal organs, can sometimes contribute to the itching on the head in men.
  5. Pathologies of the nervous system, including frequent stressful situations or a depressed state.
  6. Diseases that can be transmitted as a result of unprotected sex. Therefore, in those situations when it is noted that the head of the penis is being scratched, the medic will obligatorily prescribe tests for the definition of sexually transmitted diseases (trichomoniasis, genital herpes). With such pathologies, the penis head does not always itch on the entire surface, only the itch of the foreskin is possible, in other situations the bridle of the head or another part is itchy.
  7. Phimosis can also cause a situation where itching of the head and foreskin. Pathology does not allow a man to perform qualitatively hygiene of the sexual organ.
  8. Diseases of an inflammatory nature (balanitis, etc.) can provoke discomfort in the head of the penis.
When the head and foreskin are itching, inflamed or a rash has appeared, it is important to contact polyclinic, where the doctor will be able to determine the course of treatment after a comprehensive examination and staging diagnosis. You can not scratch in the area of ​​rashes, as this can further aggravate the situation, causing an unbearable burning sensation of the head.

Itching inside the penis often indicates urethritis. However, the itching urethra does not always indicate this disease. A crochet penis in this place may also be due to a violation of hygiene, ingestion of irritant (soap, intimate gels) or STDs caused by unprotected intercourse.


What to do if the penis is itching, the doctor should decide only after he determines the underlying cause of the itching sensation. Usually the itching of the genital organs in men does not arise separately, but indicates the development of a certain pathology.

In such cases, there will be other symptoms that the doctor will pay attention to:

  • redness and hyperemia of the body;
  • rash and itching on the head;
  • swelling of the penis;
  • burning sensation;
  • allocation of unnatural character;
  • presence of foreign and unpleasant odor;
  • soreness from touching the organ or after sex.

After a visual examination and collecting an anamnesis, the doctor will assign a series of tests to the patient:

  • clinical examination of blood and urine;
  • analysis of a swab from the genital organ;
  • Wasserman's reaction;
  • check for HIV infection;
  • instrumental methods of diagnostics.

Perhaps the appointment and other diagnostic activities that the doctor can add to determine the cause of the pathology or the degree of its progression.

Diagnosis and treatment of pruritus and other unpleasant sensations on the outside or inside the head is a urologist or andrologist. If during the examination of diseases that have a sexual mode of transmission (a man can catch them during an unprotected sexual act), the treatment can be performed by a venereologist.

Treatment and prevention

. Feeling unpleasant sensations or any discomfort in the intimate zone, every man faces a dilemma - what if the itching of the penis? It is known that the causes and treatment of any discomfort outside or inside the penis are always interrelated. Therefore, before making an appointment, the doctor will examine the history, the results of the research and make a diagnosis.

If it itches inside a member or outside the body due to non-compliance with hygiene rules, it is sufficient for the patient to resume proper care and regular water procedures so that the discomfort disappears.

In other cases, the doctor may prescribe the appropriate medication:

  • antihistamines;
  • immunostimulants;
  • antiviral drugs;
  • antibiotics;
  • antifungal agents;
  • vitamin and mineral complexes.

For the duration of treatment it is important to observe personal hygiene and exclude sexually explicit contacts.

To prevent the itching of the penis does not interfere with the man, he needs to follow preventive measures:

  1. Follow the hygiene of the penis.
  2. Wear high-quality underwear, made of natural fabrics.
  3. At casual sexual contacts to use barrier contraception.
  4. Healthy food.
  5. Do not overcool or overheat the genitals.
  6. Avoid stress.

If there are any unpleasant sensations in the area of ​​the penis (burning, itching, etc.), it is important to immediately seek medical help and begin the correct treatment.


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