How does herpes look in intimate places?

Many men and women are interested in the questions, what does genital herpes look like, what are its symptoms, what tests should be taken for diagnosis, signs of manifestation and the cause of infection? Only an expert can answer these questions, so do not engage in self-diagnosis and treatment. The causative agent of this pathology is transmitted from partner to partner through sexual intercourse and refers to the herpes simplex virus type 2. Genital herpes is a common disease, which is manifested by a rash in the genital area. It can complicate the course of prostate disease and provoke infertility in men.



  • 1Signs and symptoms of rash in the intimate area
  • 2Causes and Dangers of Disease
  • 3Genital herpes in pregnancy and in newborns
  • 4Diagnosis and treatment

Signs and symptoms of rash in the intimate area


As for the symptoms of this pathology, they are very diverse.

In modern medicine, there are several types of signs of genital herpes that are associated:

  1. With primary and secondary infection.
  2. With relapses of pathology.
  3. With atypical and asymptomatic course.
As for the symptoms of prostate disease, they are not expressed and are based on the manifestations of the underlying disease. It is also necessary to take tests to properly prescribe therapy.

Infections in the genitals, as well as in men in the prostate, occur in a healthy person after sexual intercourse with a partner who is the carrier of the virus. The incubation period has a duration of not more than a week. To define or determine earlier herpes it is possible, only if to hand over analyzes.


  • vesicular rash. It appears directly in the genital area. Occurs on day 9 after infection;
  • purulent pustules. On the site of which there are ulcers with pus. There is a defeat in the intimate zone no later than 14 days;
  • crust. Occurs in the place of sores. It is formed on the 19th day;
  • heal wounds up to a month from the beginning of the manifestation of pathology.

Symptoms in men who were listed earlier are on the mucous surface or skin of the intimate zone:

  1. The head of the penis.
  2. Urethra.
  3. Venous groove.
  4. Scrotum.

If you do not treat genital herpes in men, then this pathology can negatively affect the condition of the prostate. In diseases of the prostate, the disease can occur almost asymptomatically and can only be diagnosed with a complete examination of the main pathology.

Signs in women are manifested in the following places:

  1. External opening of the urethra.
  2. Small and large labia.
  3. Areas of the perineum.
  4. Perianal area.
  5. Cervix of the uterus.

Symptoms of primary infection, which can be detected, both in men, even with prostate diseases, and in women:

  1. Problems with the emission of urine.
  2. Isolation of purulent masses from the genital organs.
  3. Inflammatory process of lymph nodes in the groin.

Symptoms of secondary infection appear in patients after a short period of time latent course of the disease. They are similar to the primary signs and are not pronounced. Help identify infection tests.

The recurrent type is manifested by certain periods of remission and relapse, while the immune system is significantly weakened. Atypical genital herpes is masked for signs of other diseases. To determine the pathology in this situation will help analysis and research.

Genital herpes very often occurs without the appearance of any signs. To recognize the virus, it is worthwhile to undergo a thorough examination, to take tests. In this situation, it is necessary to refrain from sexual intercourse.

Causes and Dangers of Disease

Primary infection occurs by airborne droplets, the reason is a large population, a poor standard of living, non-compliance with personal hygiene. As for secondary infection, it is associated with promiscuous sexual intercourse, with an early onset of sexual activity, unprotected intercourse.

It is also possible to distinguish such internal causes of the disease:

  1. Reduced immunity.
  2. Diseases that are transmitted sexually.
  3. Sexual accessory.
  4. Interruption of pregnancy surgically.

In genital herpes, in combination with immunodeficiency syndrome, in rare cases, lethal outcomes were noted. If a person has a strong immune system, then the disease proceeds easily.

But it is worthwhile to understand that it has its own dangers:

  • asymptomatic leakage, in which a person becomes a spreader of the virus;
  • the first and second type of herpes can change the course of the pathology in contact with children;
  • depletes immunity and may occur some time after treatment;
  • is able to project a lethal outcome in people with poor immunity, drug addicts, prostitutes.
Genital herpes is a serious disease that requires treatment. If you ignore it, it will lead to irreversible consequences. To determine the pathology, you can pass all the necessary tests.

Genital herpes in pregnancy and in newborns


Genital herpes is dangerous for a pregnant woman if primary infection has been identified and there were no signs of the disease before. In such a situation, it can have a negative impact on the development of the fetus (especially if the case of infection was documented in the first weeks of pregnancy). The virus can be transmitted from mother to child through the placenta, while affecting the nerve tissue of the baby.

It also increases the likelihood:

  • spontaneous abortion;
  • birth before the term;
  • deformities of the child and his death.

If an atypical form of genital herpes is diagnosed in a pregnant woman, a virus test is performed at the end of the period at least two times.

If it has been confirmed, it is necessary to urgently conduct cesarean section to exclude infection of the child. It is recommended that you pass a test for this virus before pregnancy and at pregnancy every trimester.

As for genital herpes in newborns, the period of infection is characterized by the first four hours of delivery after rupture of the membranes.

In general, the virus affects:

  • eyes;
  • the mucosal surface of the oral cavity;
  • skin integument;
  • Airways.

It can provoke a child to develop a generalized infection, which manifests itself in one to two weeks after birth. In parallel, he has local symptoms. If you do not provide timely treatment, this can lead to death.

Diagnosis and treatment

Diagnosis of genital herpes is performed by a specialist on the basis of patient complaints, anamnesis and research results. If the first signs of a pathology were found, it is recommended to seek additional advice from the venereologist. Basically, it is diagnosed, due to clinical manifestations and examination of the genitals.

The laboratory methods of research include:

  1. Soskob from the vagina, cervix, smear from the urethra, help to determine the presence of the virus in the areas of infection.
  2. Methods for detecting antibodies to the virus in the blood serum determine genital herpes, even if it occurs without symptoms.

The general blood tests that help determine the general condition of the patient are also required.

Treatment is conducted after a thorough examination.

Therapy for genital herpes, even with prostate diseases, is appointed based on the results of the study and is based on three principles:

  1. Elimination of the main symptoms of genital herpes, men also have prostate diseases and other pathologies.
  2. Reduction of the phase of exacerbation.
  3. Increase in the phase of latent flow.

Principles of prevention of genital herpes are based on:

  1. Normalization of immunity.
  2. Signals of infection of sexual partners.
  3. On the prevention of intrauterine infection of the fetus and newborn.

In order to achieve a positive result in treatment, the following therapeutic methods should be used:

  • Etiotropic therapy.
  • Pathogenetic therapy.
  • Symptomatic therapy.
  • Vaccination.
  • Physiotherapy.

The direct effect on the herpes virus is given by Acyclovir. Take it necessary, according to the prescriptions of the doctor. Do not adjust the therapy yourself to avoid negative consequences.

Also very often patients with genital herpes, even with prostate diseases, prescribe an analogue of the drug - Valaciclovir. In parallel, treatment with folk remedies that can alleviate symptomatology can be performed. Often prescribed ointments and gels for external use, after all the tests have been handed over.

Treatment of the disease in men is according to the standard scheme. Indications for therapy are confirmed laboratory tests of detection of the virus against the background of symptoms of genital herpes.

Relapses can occur when a man's immunity is weakened, the average age group, there are bad habits. If treatment is absent, the patient may experience diseases of the genital, prostate, central nervous system and eyes. It can also provoke malignant formations.

Treatment of genital herpes in women is carried out according to the standard scheme. It is mandatory to take drugs and follow the sex life. During the period of gestation the woman is recommended to take such means of etiotropic therapy as Panavir, Acyclovir, Acigerpine, Zovirax.

The appointment is carried out by a specialist after all the tests have been completed. At pregnancy it is necessary to select preparations with special care, not to provoke complications.

To exclude this disease, its relapse, it is worthwhile to carry out prevention, which is based on the use of specific methods. Preliminary it is necessary to consult with the doctor and to hand over all necessary analyzes.


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