Danger of white mole on the body

  • September 28, 2018
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The white mole is an anomaly of pigmentation, which requires an urgent call to the doctor. In fact, a mole of atypical white color - a nevus that does not have a pigment, its boundaries are clear, and the shape resembles an oval. The main reason for the appearance of the birthmark of white color, is due to a decrease in melanocytes, which can be a really dangerous situation for health.



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About the reasons


A white birthmark does not appear just like that, there is always a reason why melanocyte decreases.

In themselves, moles on the body are benign formations that should not change their structure throughout the life of a person. Nevertheless, it is necessary to carefully monitor all nevi, which can grow into malignant neoplasms.

The main reasons why a regular or convex mole can become white:

  1. Excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation, which continues for a long time systematically. This influence means not only the sun's rays, but also the radiation of the solarium. In no case is it advisable to get involved in sunbathing in the presence of a large accumulation of birthmarks on the body.
  2. Any chaotic hormonal changes can lead to a change in the state of moles on the body. Such bursts of hormones are very dangerous for the body, so if you have any signs of imbalance, you should consult your doctor for endocrine problems.
  3. Genetic predisposition is another reason why white birthmarks may appear. Most often, it is transmitted directly to the child from one of the parents, and can manifest itself in adulthood.
  4. In rare, but possible cases, a light nevus leads to the complete disappearance of the birthmark, which initially had a familiar form. This process is considered quite normal, it usually occurs in early childhood and should not cause concern.
  5. A dangerous option is the appearance of a light halo around the mole, but at the same time it does not lighten. Usually this process is caused by the initial development of melanoma. In this case, an obligatory visit to the doctor is required as soon as possible.
  6. A minor, but not unimportant, reason for moles clarification is the abuse of bad habits, which include frequent use of alcohol, nicotine and illicit drugs.
Despite such a wide choice of reasons for the possible development of a white nevus on the skin, it is quite possible to cope with it at the initial stage. Especially when it comes to a person who carefully monitors his health.

About symptoms

White moles are distinguished by a certain set of characteristics, by which it can be understood that the skin surface is not a simple pigmentation.

Symptoms of white nevus include:

  • a white dot on the surface of the mole, this sign is quite anxious;
  • asymmetry of the shape of the mole from any edge, when it spreads out from one side;
  • bleeding;
  • itching and pain discomfort;
  • blurred borders of the nevus;
  • the appearance of a new birthmark with a different color.

Do not worry too much if the number of birthmarks changes with the age of the person. However, if they begin to change their color and shape, they should immediately consult a doctor. This will allow to stop the degeneration of a benign neoplasm into cancer in time.

About therapy


Treatment of white moles should be conducted only under the strict guidance of a medical specialist who will conduct preliminary diagnosis. The doctor, having studied the result of a biopsy and carrying out a visual examination, will be able to obtain a detailed picture of the situation, and also to determine the degree of danger of the birthmark.

There are several methods for getting rid of dangerous birthmarks, each of which can be carried out only in specialized institutions with special equipment.

Modern medicine recognizes the following options therapeutic methods of white moles:

  1. Laser removal. The method is painless, leaving no scarring, as the laser neatly removes the nevus layer by layer.
  2. Electrocoagulation. The procedure is similar in its type to the laser action, but at the same time it is based on the effect of electric current. Discomfort and pain is not felt, but small scars can remain.
  3. Application of liquid nitrogen. This procedure is the result of cryogenic technology, when exposure to a white mole is carried out under the influence of low temperatures. The result of the operation with liquid nitrogen is the absence of consequences and painful sensations, but it is not affordable for everyone.
  4. Surgical removal, the expediency of which is determined by the doctor.
The danger of a white birthmark can be quite real if you do not call a doctor in time.

This is due to the causes that cause its appearance, most often this indicates the initial stage of cancer.


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