Wart on the face: how to clean, the causes and methods of treatment

  • September 28, 2018
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Warts on the face are benign formations of viral etiology. It can be removed using modern cosmetic procedures, which are offered in many clinics and salons. Many recipes exist for the treatment of such formations and at home. Ointment, oil, pen-pencil, patches - this is not all ways to deal with viral formations.What means is considered effective, and how to permanently get rid of warts on the face, let's talk in this article.



  • 1The causes and types of these tumors
  • 2The methods offered by cosmetology salons and dermatologists
  • 3Is house removal effective?

The causes and types of these tumors


Among people who have met with warts, it is believed that the cause of the appearance of such a tumor on the skin are amphibians. And now very many people are afraid to touch a toad or frog. From childhood they were frightened by the fact that after this warts will appear. In fact, such old beliefs are true and do not have any explanation.

Warts on the skin appear due to a virus called human papilloma. It enters the human body through damaged skin and is characterized by a long incubation period. It is believed that, getting into the body, the virus may not manifest itself until several months. This largely depends on the human immunity. The stronger it is, the longer the virus does not show itself.

The main reasons for the appearance of such formations on the face after infection with the virus are:

  • weakening of the body's immune forces;
  • long-term stress or prolonged depression.

To deduce viral formations on the skin, general restorative therapy is needed. But getting rid of them is not so easy.

Treatment largely depends on the variety of education. On the face they meet three main types.
  1. Vulgar- this is a kind of formation is more than 70% of all cases. Outwardly they resemble slightly raised above the skin formations, having a loose surface. They can have different colors: from corporal to light brown.
  2. Flatformations are characterized by a smooth surface. Appear in children and in adolescence. Flat warts can grow in the colony. Do not recommend their treatment at home. Completely flat formations on the face go away after a properly selected method by a doctor-cosmetologist.
  3. Thread-likeare small processes that are localized on the delicate skin (eyelid, lips). Appear with a significant hormonal failure or restructuring (periods of pregnancy, menopause).

You can remove viral formations from a dermatologist or cosmetic salon. The latter should have a license to conduct this kind of practice.

Do not treat professionals at home, experts do not recommend, because to choose an effective way to get rid of is quite difficult.

And you lose valuable time for selection.

The methods offered by cosmetology salons and dermatologists

Today, most cosmetology salons say that the treatment of such formations on the face is painless and minor traumatic, leaving no traces on the skin. Get rid of them suggest using new methods and methods that are selected depending on their kind.

  1. Flat treatment occurs in a conservative way.In this case, try to withdraw, using a medicament (oksaline ointment) external application. If flat formations do not lend themselves to such therapy, then they start to heal using radio waves. Under their influence, the structure is destroyed. Treatment has a pinpoint effect and does not affect healthy areas of the cover. If flat formations appeared on sensitive skin, then this therapy is prescribed initially. It is more sparing.
  2. Cryodestructionis considered an outdated method of combating viral formations on the skin. But still many dermatologists and beauty salons suggest to reduce them, using liquid nitrogen. To treat this way continue vulgar and thread-like forms of education on the face. Flat are treated by nitrogen freezing less often.
  3. ElectrocoagulationIt is used to remove flat formations on the face by affecting them with a high-frequency current.
  4. Laser removal- this is one of the most commonly used ways to get rid of warts to date. It is used to reduce such diseases at any site.

There is also surgical excision - radical treatment, which is used extremely rarely. On the face skin is practically not used, because it leaves scars.

For local treatment, oxolin ointment is most often used. This antiviral agent. Doctors recommend applying ointment to affected areas up to 3 times a day. Oksolinka actively fights the cause of the virus. Therefore, education quickly comes down. The agent is appointed by the doctor after the examination and diagnosis.

Oksolinovaya ointment is considered safe, since it practically does not affect healthy skin areas.

Is house removal effective?


Many doctors treat negatively the removal of these viral formations at home. But many patients talk about the effectiveness of such methods, if the right tool is selected.

Modern pharmacology offers its own ways to reduce warts at home by providing various methods:

  • stick-applicators with trichloroacetic acid content;
  • means based on liquid nitrogen;
  • plasters, impregnated with keratolytic substances.

At home warts are also treated using folk methods. To do this, use lemon oil. It quickly helps to solve the problem. Oil is used point by point every three hours. Seal the affected area with adhesive tape. The oil contains a lot of vitamins. They help to eliminate the virus itself. There are often cases when doctors recommend oil and oxolin ointment together.

An effective folk remedy is the juice of the celandine. Use it from early spring until late autumn. Lubricate the juice of the formation until it disappears completely.

A remedy such as vinegar can also be used for induction at home.

Vitamin E (oil) is recommended by many patients. The course of treatment is up to 3 months. Vitamin oil is applied to the affected area every day. This method can be discussed with the doctor. Vitamin E (oil) is sometimes prescribed by doctors.

The ointment from the juice of garlic and honey works well. The proportions are kept in a clear ratio of 3 servings of garlic juice and 1 serving of honey. Apply the ointment until it disappears completely.

Any of the above methods will help get rid of warts on the face skin at home, but does not guarantee a 100% result, and that treatment will not be needed again.


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