Than to deduce papillomas on a body?

Which means for removing papillomas is more effective? Even if it is a pencil from the papilloma or a fluid for removing them, only the doctor will determine what kind of a new formation on the body and appoint a remedy that will better remove them. Papilloma is a viral disease, manifested by benign growth of the skin, which is attached to the body with the help of a leg. The danger of the appearance on the body of the papillomas may consist in the possible transformation of it into a malignant neoplasm. Therefore, self-medication and try to get rid of them without a specialist's examination at home is impossible.



  • 1Reasons for education
  • 2Preparations of general action
  • 3Topical preparations
  • 4Mechanical methods

Reasons for education


Knowing the threat of the emergence of such a dangerous disease, you can use various medications to remove papillomas. It can be a liquid or a device for cutting and cauterization.

Doctors of dermatologists treat papillomavirus disease using:

  • tableted products;
  • injection;
  • moxibustion fluid;
  • aerosols.

If it is a voluminous papilloma, then you can use the device for removal, it will help to quickly and better get rid of the build-up.

Infection with the virus occurs with reduced immunity, it can happen in any crowded place. Public transport and various activities, office and gym, kisses and closer contacts increase this probability. At home, too, it can happen, if one of the family members has such neoplasms. They will not appear immediately, but they will wait for a more convenient moment, and when it comes, unpleasant growths appear on the body.

Preparations of general action

For the effective treatment and removal of papillomavirus, the use of immunomodulating drugs is recommended. When exposed to the vitamin-mineral complex, the disappearance of papillomas can occur without their removal and cauterization. Use tablet means better strictly according to the doctor's prescription. This is due to their effect on the whole organism as a whole and the doctor takes into account contraindications to the use.

Recommended preparations:

  1. Tablets Groprinsin or its analog, called Isoprinosine, have an antiviral and immunostimulating effect. On action, Groprinosin is softer. For older people with angina pectoris, this remedy is more suitable.
  2. Likopid is an immunomodulating agent, it can be used in combination with antiviral medicines.
  3. Cycloferon is used in the form of injections and tablets, contributing to increased production of interferon by the body, which is a natural immunostimulant.
  4. Galavit is a powder for injections, it is used for a long time, it is prescribed for children, pregnant and breast-feeding women. Allokin-alpha is a solution used in the form of injections and strengthens the human immune system.
  5. Ready interferon - a drug Viferon, used in the form of candles.
All these drugs reduce the effect of the virus, suppress it, helping to get rid of the body from problems with immunity. Tablets and suppositories can be taken at home under a doctor's schedule. Sometimes this treatment is sufficient for the onset of complete recovery and further removal of papillomas is not required.

Topical preparations


For local effects when removing papillomas liquid preparations are well suited.

Feresol is a brown oily liquid with a bactericidal effect. It is applied to the papilloma and cauterizes it, producing a chemical burn of its cells and mummifying them. A healthy skin needs to be protected so that the applied solution does not fall on it. To do this, take a sticky tape, it is stuck areas of healthy skin.

Ferezol is applied to the surface of the treated papilloma for 10 minutes. If the build-up has a leg, then it should be lubricated. The drug is used for treatment at home. Small growths can be removed quickly.

In the presence of large papillomas, the procedure is repeated several times. Do not use this tool to treat children under 7 years old and lubricate them with nevi.

The use of dermavit at home for the treatment of this disease has its own characteristics.

Despite more gentle properties, the product can not be used in the following areas:

  • inguinal zone;
  • mammary gland;
  • skin of face and neck;
  • zone of armpits.

Dermavit removes papillomas at a time, does not cauterize and leaves no traces on the skin, only a burning sensation appears on the treated area. Before applying the solution, an adhesive tape is used to protect healthy areas of the skin.

Superchistotel not natural, and a chemical potent for moxibustion. The procedure is rather painful. The areas of the skin around should be isolated from the possible ingress of this solution onto them. Application in childhood is contraindicated. The result is noticeable on the second day, on the fifth there is complete disappearance of the papilloma.

The preparation Verrukatsid is applied by the applicator to the papillomas and removes them in one day. It is contraindicated in children who are breastfeeding and pregnant women. Aerosol Cryopharm is suitable for freezing papillomas at home. It is very simple to use, it is sprayed onto the papilloma and after a short time it brightens and falls off. The first time after spraying, itching and burning sensation is felt, but this eventually passes.

Lapis pencil from the papillomas. Nitrite of silver, which is part of its composition, color the skin in a dark color. Many do not like this effect and it is replaced with drugs that do not change skin pigmentation.

Solution salicylic acid and salicylic alcohol, ammonia and alcohol tincture of iodine - all these pharmacy tinctures and a solution of hydrogen peroxide have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral action. They can be used for complex treatment when removing papillomas on the body at home or in the hospital, where you can use the device to quickly get rid of the build-up.

Mechanical methods

Mechanical removal of papillomas includes the following methods:

  • surgical;
  • cauterization of papillomas with liquid nitrogen (cryodestruction);
  • laser removal;
  • electrocoagulation.

You can get rid of the presence of papillomas larger than 1 cm using a surgical method. Removed not only the papilloma on the body. To get rid of the build-up, not being afraid that it will grow back, it is better to remove some healthy tissues with a surgical knife. Then the seams are applied. All this lasts 15 minutes under local anesthesia. Further treatment can be carried out at home by treating the antiseptic solution with a wound surface.

Cryodestruction is a method of treatment, consisting in the destruction of papillomas by cold. The device is filled with liquid nitrogen, the temperature of nitrogen is -196 degrees. It is applied to the burnt surface and acts for 5-15 seconds. The procedure is painless, over time, a blister with a sukrovichnym exudate is formed on the burn site and the skin turns slightly red and puffiness appears. Heals within a week. The method is inexpensive and widely available.

The device for removing the focused laser beam-radio knife, lasts 1 minute. A painless procedure dries the papillomas, they fall off themselves a few days after the manipulation. For this method the apparatus "Surgitron" is used.

The device for electrocoagulation has a special high-frequency scalpel. With this electron-blade the device dries the papilloma and seals the blood vessels so that they do not bleed.

Using any apparatus from the above methods of removing papillomas, the process of getting rid of them lasts quickly. Everyone can choose a convenient way for him to get rid of papillomas and have healthy clean skin.

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