Wart on the hand: psychosomatics and types

  • September 28, 2018
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Warts on the hands - not a rare problem of modern man. The appearance of benign formations practically does not bring any physical discomfort to the patients. However, the hands and fingers, dotted with dense skin growths, look at least not attractive. The unaesthetic side of the disease creates a lot of psychological barriers for a person. But to get rid of such an unpleasant phenomenon as flat warts on your hands, you need to know something about their types and causes.



  • 1Pathways of transmission of papillomavirus - the main cause of growths in the arms
    • 1.1Psychological causes of the appearance of outgrowths on the skin
  • 2What are the warts in my arms?
  • 3Can I get rid of warts on my hands?

Pathways of transmission of papillomavirus - the main cause of growths in the arms


Today a lot is known about the ways of transmission and provoking factors of the disease. It's no secret that the cause of these terrible growths on the body, hands and feet is the human papillomavirus.

Infection is transmitted in virtually all possible ways:

  • contact-household;
  • sexual;
  • through the blood.
It is also known that the papillomavirus can also be transmitted from animals that can also be its carriers.

However, as experts confirm, the most common way to get into the body of infection is to use common objects of use, things, toys, personal hygiene products.

Injured skin is an excellent condition for penetrating deep into the epidermis of the papilloma virus. During shaving, cleansing the skin or nibbling the nails of the infection, nothing can be difficult to get into the human body. However, the penetration of papillomavirus does not always mean that this person will necessarily have warts on his hands. Even after infection, a pathogenic microorganism may not claim its presence for years or be unnoticed, even at the end of the life of its carrier. The trigger mechanism for the appearance of warts on the hands can be various factors.

A damaged skin site is able to respond to a virus if:

  • the patient is significantly reduced immunity;
  • in the recent past, there were stressful situations, neuroses, disturbances and emotions;
  • the patient has increased sweating of the hands;
  • disturbances in the capillary circulation.

In the older age group, senile warts often appear in people. Their cause of occurrence in 90% of cases of doctors called hereditary predisposition at the genetic level.

Psychological causes of the appearance of outgrowths on the skin

Among psychologists, there is an opinion that the main factor of wart rashes on the hands is psychosomatics. It can not be called the only and main cause of the appearance of pathological growths on the skin. The patient's psychosomatics, being a secondary factor, can increase the risk of progression of the disease in a latent form. To launch a psychological "lever" for starting to systematically experience negative emotions, feelings of dissatisfaction and hatred.

Warts on the hands - this is a signal to the fact that the psychosomatics of the patient requires immediate intervention from the outside. The cause of the disease should be sought among the characteristics of the patient's mental state.

After all, the world perception of any person is constantly projected onto his physical health. It follows that the psychosomatics of pathologies in the body is due to a malfunction in mental health, an incorrect, non-optimistic message.

More detailed explanation of this fact can be found on the following examples:

  1. The psychosomatics of warts, in most cases, is explained by the lack of people's belief in a bright future, a sense of frustration in their own abilities.
  2. The psychosomatics of outgrowths on the face and hands is predetermined by beliefs and beliefs in the existence of an ugly, disgusting. On open parts of the body, as psychologists believe, warts arise if a person very often experiences dislike and disgust.
  3. Self-displeasure, envy - this is also a psychosomatic of warts.

What are the warts in my arms?

To begin treatment of outgrowths on hands, no matter how many of them - one or a lot of them, first of all It is necessary to determine the nature of their origin and make sure that it is really benign education. When differentiating warts, the physician proceeds from their classification.

Types of such papillomavirus formations are presented below:

  1. Vulgar (simple) growths. These are dry formations of various sizes that do not cause any pain, are very contagious and are most often localized on the back and inside of the hand, fingers. Most common vulgar warts occur in patients of childhood and adolescence. In most cases, there are many near the okolonogtevoy zone. Vulgar warts are difficult to treat. In adults, the reason for the appearance of these growths by doctors is often considered to be psychosomatic.
  2. Youth education. Vulgar warts, unlike these, are more prominent. The second name of youthful growths on the skin is flat. Visually they resemble small knots with an even coating. All kinds of these warts are also very contagious, located on the back of the hands up to the ulnar zone.
  3. Star warts. The outgrowths, which have already been mentioned, outwardly practically do not differ from vulgar ones. Small warts of gray or brown hue occur, as a rule, on the skin of people over 60 years of age. Types of senile formations can affect any area of ​​the limb - from the hand to the forearm. Unlike the previous ones, these small growths are not very contagious, but caution when contacting the carrier will never interfere.

Can I get rid of warts on my hands?

The incubation period for human papillomavirus is about six months. With strong immunity, the appearance of infection, as already noted, a person can not threaten throughout life. Only in the presence of any favorable condition, the cells of the virus become activated, which is expressed by the appearance of warts on the skin of the wearer.

Such formations usually do not carry a threat to the health and life of a person infected with human papillomavirus.

Warts are prone to rapid growth and spread through the skin. Since all kinds of formations are contagious, their carrier feels detached. The surrounding people refer to an elementary handshake with a man who has warts on his hands, with caution.

In addition, removing the build-up by mechanical means, this will not save the situation: in a short time it will grow again and become even larger.

The most suitable method of treatment should be offered to the patient by a doctor. After examination and examination, in the absence of contraindications, a person can be offered several ways to remove the warts.

  1. To get rid of growths laser is capable, but the high cost of procedures does not always allow using this method.
  2. Treatment sessions with liquid nitrogen are also considered effective.
  3. In some cases, surgical treatment can be performed.

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