The causes of couperose on the face and ways to treat vascular asterisks

Kuperoz on the face - a phenomenon widespread today, which does not always depend on the genetic predisposition of a person to ailment. In fact, the disease is not dangerous and manifests itself in the form of an expansion of small vessels and capillaries on the face, which is of a persistent nature. In this case, couperose to any skin of the face does not carry an inflammatory process, but rather brings aesthetic problems. This defect is especially unpleasant for women, who are forced to regularly mask the sprockets from the capillaries with tonal means. Certain techniques will make it possible to get rid of unpleasant stars, but you can do this by first determining the reasons for their appearance.



  • 1Sources of the appearance of a disease
  • 2Clinical methods of therapy
  • 3Self-treatment
  • 4About preparations
  • 5Alternative medicine

Sources of the appearance of a disease


Speaking about the reasons for which there is a couperose, it should be understood that this phenomenon should not be taken solely as skin. The appearance of this disease speaks about the problems of the body from the inside, which can be expressed in the form of various pathological processes, chronic diseases or newly appeared inflammations.

Modern medicine considers the following causes of couperose, not only on the cheeks, but also on the body:
  1. The presence of endocrine diseases of varying severity, and this can be both a chronic imbalance of the hormonal system and acquired diseases.
  2. Chronic diseases of the digestive system often become a source, because of which there is a couperose on the face. The main reasons here are the presence of such ailments, as enterocolitis, gastritis, liver damage and dysbiosis.
  3. Do not lose sight of the vascular diseases, which often provoke the development of couperose on the face as a consequence of the obstruction of the capillaries. Such diseases include vegetative vascular dystonia, varicose veins and hypertensive lesions.
  4. Failure exclusively at the hormonal level, which can occur due to abortion, benign tumors on the female organs, menopause, as well as improper intake of medications. Signs of couperose will be manifested more clearly in the prolonged stage of the disease.

The three main reasons for the appearance of couperose on the face are the main sources of the appearance of the disease. However, a long struggle with couperose will not bring a positive result, unless you first determine its type and source of appearance.

In medical practice, it is common to divide the very fact of the spreading of the spider veins on the face skin into two large groups: the acquired variant of the disease and the congenital one. Each of the two species is a consequence of a particular disease, respectively, only a complete elimination of the original source will solve the problem of how to remove couperose on the face forever.

The main causes of congenital disease are the impact of the following ailments that are difficult to treat:

  • angiomatosis of the encephalotrigeminal type, which is a tumor from the capillaries;
  • The disease of Louis-Bar, which represents a sharp decline in immunity;
  • Osler-Randu syndrome, consisting in the endless hemorrhage of the vessels, appearing according to the hereditary type.

Treatment of skin prone to couperose for hereditary reasons is very difficult, since the primary sources of the defect are practically not amenable to therapy. The only way out of this situation is regular visits to the cosmetologist, which will be conduct special external procedures and prescribe drugs that help cope with the recurring defects.

It is easier to cure a couperose on the face, which has acquired type of development, but it is first necessary to determine its cause.

In this case, in medical practice, the following provoking factors are considered:

  1. Weakness of capillaries and vessel walls, which is often hereditary. Skin care with the beginning of a couperose should be minimal, since the risk of vasodilation appears against the background of any mechanical effects.
  2. Infatuation with ultraviolet rays, sharp temperature changes.
  3. Acquired varicose veins and their obstruction.
  4. Pink acne on the face can also cause couperose on the face. Here, treatment should be carried out by eliminating the primary problem.
  5. Pathological processes in connective tissues, as well as diseases associated with the liver and stomach.
  6. Passion for bad habits can also provoke the disease, especially if the skin prone to couperose does not get enough nutrition.
  7. An unhealthy lifestyle that includes an unbalanced diet, in which excessively fatty foods predominate, adversely affecting the body as a whole.
  8. Breaking the hormonal background is a common reason for the appearance of couperose. The main symptoms may appear at later stages of endocrine disruptions. What does a couperose look like, it is not difficult to understand, since an unnatural blush is added to the main color of the face.
  9. Instability of the nervous system is another option, as one can "earn" a disease of the capillaries. Their weakness will be associated with unceasing pressure due to persistent psychoemotional disorders.

Some people fight with couperose on their own and do not get the desired results. Only the doctor can prescribe in this case an adequate treatment, having determined the cause of the problem. It will not only tell you how to safely remove the couperose from your face, but also tell you about the ways of leaving in the future, for example, can you do a star massage in at home, whether it is allowed to wipe the face with ice, how to eat and what foods should form a diet, and also help to fight against possible consequences.

Clinical methods of therapy

There are two options for fighting with couperose - with the help of professional techniques, conducted in the office of a cosmetologist, or through home methods.

Determine the advisability of treating kuperoza at home or beauty salons can only be the attending physician. An important point in this matter, before removing the red blush from the face or body, is the correct definition of the cause.
To the services of professionals who know the answer to the question of how to get rid of couperose on the face by the hardware method, only those patients who have sufficient means resort. Cosmetological methods, how to treat couperose, are very effective, but at the same time they are distinguished by high cost.

The main methods that will remove vascular asterisks on the face and throughout the body, as well as provide removal of red unnatural blush, are as follows:

  1. Photorejuvenation. It is an opportunity to get rid of a defect, which uses phototherapy of any couperose. Phototherapy is an effect on the skin by a special device that emits pulses of light at high speed. By a similar method in the beauty salon, photorejuvenation of the skin is performed, for which no drugs are required - just exposure to light rays.
  2. Use of a laser. This technique perfectly removes the spider veins on the face. The treatment itself does not leave undesirable consequences in the form of scars or scars, but it can be applied even on large areas of the skin. However, laser therapy is fraught with relapses, especially if during treatment neglect the main advice that the doctor gives - to give up smoking and alcohol.
  3. Methods of ozonotherapy. This is another way of answering the question of how to get rid of vascular asterisks on the face through cosmetic procedures. If the doctor says "fight with the problem through oxygen he means exactly this method, which involves injecting a cocktail from the ozone and the main gas into the skin of the person for breathing. Using this method, you can learn how to remove couperose without harm to health.
  4. Mesotherapy. Provides for the introduction of a specially skin under the skin-serum, which will affect the blood vessels pointwise. Such facial treatment has a long-term effect and does not require frequent repetitions, which can not be said about other cosmetic methods. Serum contains various vitamins that nourish the skin, and is effective especially if couperose only appears.

In addition to the basic cosmetic procedures that help cope with the disease, ultrasound cleaning is used, which is effective when only couperose has appeared. What exactly is this, you can find out at a reception with a cosmetologist, if the attending physician identified the cause of the unnatural blush.



Treatment of couperose on the face at home can have a fairly effective result, provided that the attending physician has allowed himself to deal with the procedures for elimination on his own. Treatment at home is considered in medicine as an auxiliary effect, which is carried out in addition to basic therapy.

To get an answer to the question of how to remove the spider veins on the face at home, preliminary with some rules of behavior, which will become auxiliary actions to the application of various preparations:

  1. Proper nutrition with couperose is one of the leading factors that allow you to quickly get rid of starlets on your face at home. In addition, an incorrect diet often causes an exacerbation of the disease. Diet with couperose on the face should be balanced and does not include harmful and heavy food for vessels. This is especially true for dairy products.
  2. In addition to proper nutrition, you should lead a healthy lifestyle, in the absence of which no pills will help.
  3. Facial massage with couperose is allowed only with the permission of the doctor and depends on the source of the disease. It should only be carried out in a professional salon.
  4. You should take care of the skin gently, even a cream against an ailment should be applied carefully, without deforming the integument. It is also not recommended to use cosmetics that can be too aggressive. This applies to lotions and creams that contain alcohol or menthol.
  5. The procedure for washing should not end with the usual wiping of the face, just pat dry the skin with a towel.
  6. Doing masks and ice massages is also allowed only with the permission of the doctor.
Mechanical cleaning, as well as steam inhalation, is contraindicated in couperose, as it can lead to a worsening of the situation.

About preparations

Having understood what is kuperoz on the face, and having found in himself his symptoms, you should immediately start his treatment. In addition to observing certain rules, it is recommended to apply special ointments and gels to the damaged areas at home, which will help to quickly cope with the problem. The cost of most of them is quite affordable, especially in comparison with the procedures in beauty salons.

For topical application, ointments are used, the action of which is aimed at eliminating external manifestations of couperose.

The most effective drugs are:

  • Heparin Ointment
  • Troxevasin;
  • Dyrosaleal.

In addition, the effect on couperosis can be with Ascorutin, which is taken internally according to the scheme appointed by the doctor.

Alternative medicine

Treatment of couperose with folk remedies is a common and very effective practice that requires compulsory medical advice before use. It is worth considering that even the safest component can be harmful to the body as a whole, as well as cause severe allergic reactions.

Folk remedies for couperose on the face include the following options for exposure:

  • application of cosmetic ice, but only with the permission of the doctor;
  • facial care through herbal decoctions, in addition, it is an excellent prevention of couperose;
  • the use of gentle masks;
  • application of oils of an ethereal type, which have a beneficial effect on blood vessels.

Thus, therapy of couperous manifestations on the face can be carried out in several ways, but it requires preliminary consultation with the doctor. Only he will be able to identify the true cause of the defect and prescribe her competent treatment.


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