Warts on the eyelids - removal of the wart on the eye

  • September 29, 2018
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Very unpleasant and unexpected when you have a wart on your eye, especially if it's on the eyelid, since it looks ugly, very often interferes with the review or may even threaten serious disease. When warts appear on the eye - this can also be dangerous because it can be accidentally ripped off while washing or rubbing the eyes. But still it is not a very big problem in our time, as they can be cured by treatment or disposal.



  • 1What are the reasons for their appearance
  • 2Methods of treatment of neoplasms

What are the reasons for their appearance

The most important factor in this case is the fact that it is necessary to immediately contact a doctor when new tumors appear, so that he can understand and prescribe the treatment.

Warts can appear due to human infection with HPV - the human papillomavirus.

This disease is transmitted by contact-household way:

  1. If you say hello to a person with growths, or just a carrier of the virus, then rub your eyes or just have a microcrack of your skin, then you will become infected.
  2. Infection can occur if you are with a sick person to use only one thing (towels, soap, washcloth, etc.).
  3. If your immunity is weakened by constant stress, pregnancy, chronic fatigue, etc.

This virus is activated - as soon as your immunity is weakened.

Therefore, you need to get rid of the possibility of weakening the immune system - drink vitamins, walk in the fresh air, but be protected from ultraviolet rays, as they also adversely affect the sleep regime and recreation.

A wart on the eye appears on the edge of the eyelid: the lower or upper, near the growth of the eyelashes, it happens that they arise in the corners of the eye.

How can a wart on the eye look like:

  • threadlike;
  • flat;
  • ordinary;
  • finger-shaped.

Filiform soft growths, flesh-colored, there are cases of their splicing among themselves, and then they look like a comb of a rooster, they most often appear before our eyes.

Warts do not look aesthetically pleasing, and if they appeared in women, then for her this is a real tragedy. She begins to look for ways to get rid of them and finds.

Methods of treatment of neoplasms

Treatment of a wart on the eye should be selected only by a doctor, since not every method of treatment will work. Removal in some cases is impossible.

Get rid of warts on the eyelids can:

  • Laser method, which is performed with local anesthesia.
  • Cryodestruction, this method of treatment is carried out with liquid nitrogen.
  • Coagulation is the cauterization of an electric current.
  • The radio wave method.
  • Medicinal preparations.
  • People's means.

The folk remedies include such recipes:

  1. Take a sour apple, grate it, squeeze the juice and smear the formation during the day with this juice. After several days of using this method of treatment, the wart will turn dark and disappear.
  2. Dampen the built-up edge with water and try to gently lather it with soap, let it dry. You need to do this before going to bed, in the morning to wash as usual. Doing such procedures is necessary 7-10 days, after which it falls off.

Be healthy and beautiful!


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