What is the most effective anti-diarrhea cream?

Cream from lichen is a topical drug containing antimycotic, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory or antiviral components in a lower concentration than ointment. This form is more preferable because of delicate processing, which allows to maintain the elasticity of the skin, the ability to rapidly epithelize the affected skin. With the help of the cream, you can gently eliminate the unpleasant symptoms characteristic of lichen.



  • 1Rationality of application
  • 2Treatment of depriving viral etiology
  • 3Creams that promote regeneration

Rationality of application


The effectiveness of local therapy in the treatment of depriving directly depends on the choice of a drug that can eliminate the root cause of the pathology. For the drug to be effective, it is necessary to confirm the rationality of its use.

The choice of the drug - the task of a specialist of a narrow profile (dermatologist, dermatovenereologist). A complex of diagnostic measures allows you to determine the disease, its pathogen, to prescribe treatment tactics.

Complex diagnostics includes:

  • visual inspection of affected areas;
  • examination of the skin under the lamp of Wood;
  • the general analysis of a blood (in addition the analysis of a blood on hormones);
  • the collection of material from the affected areas for bacteriological examination to determine the pathogen.

The data obtained from the survey contain important information for the doctor. Depending on the type of pathogen depriving (fungus or virus) select an effective drug.

Ringworm (microsporia, trichophytosis) is a contagious disease that is difficult to treat. In addition to the use of systemic antifungal drugs, this disease is observed after local treatment of inflammatory foci with Mikoseptin cream. This agent based on undecylenic acid and zinc undecylenate has a fungistatic, fungicidal (in large doses) action against pathogens. In addition to antifungal, note the bacteriostatic effect on certain types of bacteria. The zinc, which is part of the cream, helps to remove irritation and rapid regeneration of the epithelium.

In pediatric practice, Mikoseptin is prescribed to children from the age of two to treat sweating, diaper rash. Use of the drug requires strict monitoring by the attending physician.

General therapy continues for a month, gradually reducing the dose twice.

A similar action is possessed by:

  1. Mikozoral.
  2. Atifan.
  3. Binafin.

Pityriasis (multicolored) lichen often occurs with abundant perspiration in people with reduced immunity. Clotrimazole has proven effective in treating this disease. Antimycotic activity of this drug allows it to be used in the treatment of dermatophytes, molds, dimorphic and yeast fungi, erythrasms. In gynecology apply to eliminate candidal balanitis and vulvitis.

Clotrimazole is able to cause allergic reactions to the skin, so a sensitivity test should be performed before use. Particular attention should be paid to sites with sensitive skin, not to apply in the area around the eyes.

When using the cream on the vaginal mucosa, remember that the stearates entering into it have a negative effect on latex (condoms, diaphragms). During the course of treatment, additional contraceptive measures are used.

If the rash is concentrated in the genital area, then during the period of menstruation, the cream is not used. During antifungal therapy, they refuse the use of tampons, spermicides, and douching.

Particular attention should be given to women during pregnancy and lactation. At the time of application of the cream, the natural feeding is stopped.

The Exoderil cream has a similar effect. It is used to treat the affected surface of smooth skin and the scalp. When lubricating the foci of inflammation on the head, hair cutting is optional. The cream is applied a thin layer on previously cleaned with soap and water and dried skin. It is not necessary to squeeze out a large amount of the drug from the tube (just 1 cm is enough for a single use). That the cream does not leave fat traces on linen or clothes, it is necessary after the treatment of the skin to withstand up to 10 minutes of time to soak.

Therapy continues on average 3-4 weeks. If the symptoms of the disease have disappeared, the anti-diarrhea cream is rubbed into the foci for another 10-14 days to avoid possible relapses. Dermatologists do not recommend alternating the cream with other forms of the drug. The cream is used once a day (preferably at the same time).

Terbinafine in the form of a cream is also used in the treatment of lichen fungi etiology. By its action, it is similar to the previous means. However, it can be used for breastfeeding because of insignificant penetration into breast milk. In pregnancy, terbinafine is prescribed only in exceptional cases (with extensive lesions). In any case, the issue is agreed with the doctor.

Analogues are:

  1. Ketodin.
  2. Lamifen.
  3. Griseofulvin.
Warty form of lichen is treated with Lamizil cream. The drug is used by patients older than 12 years. The effect is observed after 4-5 days from the beginning of therapy. But this is not an excuse for discontinuing the drug. Treatment continues for another 2-3 weeks until complete recovery. Lamisil is allowed to be used by nursing women because of the insignificant penetration of the active substance into breast milk. But during pregnancy Lamisil is prescribed when the disease has acquired a wide scale.


  1. Exeter.
  2. Binafin.
  3. Thermocon.

Red flat lichen appears in people with reduced immunity or chronic autoimmune diseases. The disease often provokes a stressful factor.

Dermatologists consider the hormonal corticosteroid drug Sinalar to be effective in treating this form. Its pronounced anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and regenerating characteristics allow using this product on all skin areas. Sinalar is recommended for patients with sensitive skin due to a delicate effect and in a shorter time period compared to other drugs.

Cream Sinalar also treat rashes on the mucous membranes of the mouth and genitals, as well as in the scalp.

A similar effect has drugs:

  1. Flukort.
  2. Lokalin.
  3. Flucinar.

Treatment of a fungal infection in most cases is prolonged (to avoid recurrence of the disease). Regular consultations of a dermatologist (dermatovenerologist) contribute to correction of therapy and speedy recovery.

Treatment of depriving viral etiology

Some types of lichen (pink, shingles) cause viruses. The herpes virus is the most common cause of rashes on the human body. It often affects people with a weak immune system, in old age, during hormonal changes in the body.

The tactics of treating such a form of lichen differ from standard antifungal therapy. In this case, the focus is on antiviral treatment and stimulation of the body's internal reserve.

The following creams are considered effective antiviral agents for topical application:

  1. Acyclovir. The active component of the cream blocks the replication of viruses. Especially effective in the treatment of herpes zoster. High adsorption of the drug by cells of the epidermis and mucous membranes was noted. When applying the cream to the affected areas, the clinical manifestations noticeably subside. The agent is not practically absorbed into the systemic circulation. An analog preparation is Zovirax.
  2. Viru-Merz. This cream has a pronounced antiviral effect against varicella-zoster viruses and herpes that cause shingles. Pain syndrome, itching and other unpleasant symptoms disappear from the first days of use. The earlier treatment is initiated, the higher the chances of a quick recovery.
  3. Acigerpine. The drug in the form of a cream is successfully used in the treatment of herpes zoster. The antiviral effect is comparable with the above drugs. The cream is used in pediatric practice, sometimes during pregnancy. But there is a contraindication for its use during lactation. A similar effect has creams: Acyclovir Belupo, Acyclovir Sandoz.

Creams that promote regeneration

. In addition to antifungal and antiviral drugs of local action, in the treatment of lichen they practice creams with regenerating properties.

These include the following:

  1. Panthenol (Depanthenol). This cream is indicated for delicate treatment of dry, inflamed skin areas, as well as for lubrication of lesions after corticosteroid preparations. Since the first days of application, rapid regeneration of the epithelium has been noted. The remedy is used among all age groups, even babies.
  2. Lorinden. The cream based on flumethasone pivalate and clioquinol has a pronounced anti-inflammatory, antipruritic, vasoconstrictive effect. It is prescribed as an additional therapy to eliminate allergic and inflammatory reactions after the use of antifungal agents. A delicate cream is indicated for patients with particularly sensitive skin. The course of treatment usually does not exceed two weeks. Similar drugs have drugs: Dexamethasone, Flumethasone, Diprospan.
  3. Sea buckthorn oil. This cosmetic product based on carotenoids has regenerative, wound healing, antiseptic, epithelializing characteristics. It is used in combination with antifungal drugs. Oil improves metabolic processes in tissues, prevents scarring. It is a natural immunomodulator, therefore it is successfully used among all age groups. Peach oil has a similar effect.

Creams used in the treatment of lichen are part of symptomatic therapy. In most cases, their use is combined with systemic medicines (antifungal, antiviral), immunomodulators. Timely recourse to qualified care contributes to adequate therapy and rapid recovery.


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