Papillomas on the chest

The formation of papillomas on the chest, accretions on the foot, with the appearance of wartlike, occurs often. If they appear on the mucous surfaces of the human body, they are called papillomas or condylomata. Manifestation of these unpleasant symptoms provokes human papillomavirus. He has many varieties, can live in the human body for many years without manifesting himself. It happens that this latent course of the disease lasts a lifetime and the person does not even suspect that it is the carrier of papillomavirus.



  • 1Causes of infection
  • 2Symptoms of papilloma breasts and methods of treatment
  • 3Correction of the immune system

Causes of infection

Symptoms of the disease is the appearance of papillomas in various places of the human body. If the papillomas are multiple, then this cluster is called papillomatosis. On the chest most often localization occurs on the nipples or around them, under the breast and even in the milk ducts.

This is a viral disease and it can be infected by a contact method:

  • at close contact, more often sexual from the infected partner;
  • microcracks of the breast and nipples;
  • wearing or fitting someone else's underwear;
  • common areas - sauna, sauna, swimming pool;
  • shared towels;
  • violation of hygiene standards.

Sometimes the appearance of papillomas on the nipples and breasts is associated with pregnancy. In later terms, this occurs more often due to hormonal adjustment in the body of a woman.

The main cause of the appearance of papilloma on the breast is the weakening of immunity. Its low activity is manifested due to external adverse factors that adversely affect the human body, thereby reducing its protective functions.

Here are some of them:

  • Various hormonal changes, pregnancy activate the virus, as the hormonal background is reconstructed.
  • The use of alcohol and smoking lead to intoxication of the body, weakening its protective functions.
  • Work on harmful enterprises.
  • Various stresses and constant psychoemotional loads also reduce the body's resistance to infections.
  • Treatment with antibiotics and hormones.
  • Avitaminosis.

Formed papillomas on the chest are divided into benign and oncogenic. This is determined by laboratory histological methods of investigation. Therefore, when there is a papilloma under the breast and on it, urgently need to consult a doctor. Self-treatment is strictly prohibited.

Symptoms of papilloma breasts and methods of treatment

Most often, a woman sees growths on the chest, the nipple and around it on the halo. Papillomas under the breast bring a lot of discomfort, injured and rubbed by a bra. But there are also intra-flow formations, they are not visible, but they make themselves felt bloody or transparent discharge from the nipples, pain and burning. The nipples become very sensitive. These tumors are precancerous.

For diagnostics modern methods of research are used:

  1. Ultrasound.
  2. Mammography.
  3. Cytological examination of secretions.
  4. Galactography.
  5. Ductography.

The attending physician who diagnosed the neoplasm designates further qualified treatment. It is impossible to try to get rid of the growths on the nipple independently. They can easily degenerate into a malignant form. Hardware methods can remove the papilloma in a safe and non-traumatic way. Treatment is carried out in a specialized clinic.

For simple papillomas, laser removal is well suited. The papilloma on the chest is quickly removed by laser surgery. This method does not cause bleeding, when evaporating the build-up, soldering of the vessels takes place. If desired, local anesthetics are used. The period of skin repair can last up to 2 weeks.

Cryocoagulation occurs by cooling the tissues of the growths to a very low temperature. Destruction of tissues occurs in two stages, first the skin turns pale and becomes insensitive, then redness and swelling appear. It is fashionable to repeat the procedure with a 2-week break. A papilloma under a breast happens not one and at once all prizhech it is not always possible.

The method of electrocoagulation is carried out using a high frequency current. With different filamentous formations on the chest, which you need to get rid of, this method of removal is applied. It is convenient in that it does not destroy education and makes it possible to investigate it further for the diagnosis of cancer.

The innovative radiosurgical method of removing papillomas on the breast is performed using a radio-knife and helps to get rid of the growths painlessly and does not cause bleeding.

For this procedure, high-frequency, low-temperature waves, non-heating tissues are used. The cut off site can be further investigated. This method is also good in that the outgrowth does not grow on the site of removal.

Surgical excision on the chest is used in the case of the necessary clipping of nearby tissues. This happens when a neoplasm that is subject to further investigation is operated.

For the removal of intraprostatic papillomas, the endoscopic method is used. It allows for interventions in small areas. If the nipple is injured in a pregnant woman, then the removal of the build-up is performed after delivery.

The use of chemist drugs for removal on the nipples and breasts is not recommended, they can be prescribed only by the attending physician. It is a painful and traumatic way for the skin of the chest and nipple. We do not need to try to get rid of the growths in this way. When the papilloma is located under the breast, when removed in a similar way, the wound will be constantly rubbed with linen, bleed and infected.

Correction of the immune system

To obtain a lasting effect after surgical, hardware or chemical removal of papillomas on the breast, an immunocorrection of the body should be performed. Apply for this - treatment with tablets, suppositories and injections.

Preparations for the correction of the immune system:

  • Acilovir is an antiviral agent used in the period of exacerbation of diseases.
  • Anti-viral and immunosuppressant drug Isoprinosine, suppresses the virus and immunomodulates the human body, reduces the activity of papillomavirus. Its analogue Groprinosin has a similar, softer effect and is intended for older people suffering from coronary heart disease.
  • Cycloferon has a stimulating effect and is effective in the use of people with low immunity. It is able to activate the body to produce its own interferon.
  • The drug used by adults and children is Galavit. Immunomodulates the body and has an anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Subcutaneous injections of Allokin Alpha, administered every other day, have an antiviral effect. Treatment is prescribed for severe symptoms of an exacerbation of a viral disease.
  • Viferon candles are used in pregnancy and lactation, they include interferon, which increases the body's defenses.
When there is papilloma on the chest of a woman, this gives reason to think about your health. Improve immunity, remove from their lives health-destroying factors, remove unnecessary growths and continue to enjoy life.

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