9 shampoos from pityriasis lichen for humans

Shampoo from pityriasis lichen for man is actively used to treat and prevent many dermatological diseases of different etiology and localization. Lishay refers to infectious diseases of fungal nature, affecting the skin of the body, including the scalp.


Pityriasis differs in that as the infection spreads, the affected areas are drained. Also, the disease is called multicolored lichen, as the spots can acquire a brown, gray or dirty yellow color.


  • 1Symptoms of defeat
  • 2Shampoos, characterized by therapeutic effect
  • 3General recommendations for diagnosing depriving
  • 4Preventative measures of the disease

Symptoms of defeat


Before the conversation touches directly the line of hair care products, it is necessary to note the characteristic signs of the disease.

The initial stage is caused by the appearance of a large number of eruptions of brown or dark yellow hue. As the infection develops, the foci of inflammation grow, merging into large spots. In a completely formed form, uneven edges are obtained, which is explained by the diversity of the fungal colonies. Surface has roughness, reminiscent of the shape of the bran. This was the reason for the name of the disease. Peeling spots is accompanied by a feeling of itching. With lesions of the scalp, you can see powdery scales that resemble dandruff.

Shampoos, characterized by therapeutic effect

The most common means in the fight against pityriasis are shampoos of antifungal action.

It is worth noting the most popular of them, highlighting the active substance, as well as the way to affect the pathology:

  1. Nizoral. The active substance is ketoconazole. Has a fungicidal, fungistatic effect. Antifungal shampoo is actively used to combat such dermatological problems as: dandruff, seborrhea, lichen, various types of fungal infections, dermatophytes. The course of treatment involves daily use of the remedy for 5-7 days. For prevention, three-time use is sufficient before the onset of the summer period.
  2. Mikozoral. The active substance is ketoconazole. Has a mycostatic and fungicidal action. It breaks the permeability of the mushroom shell, prevents the formation of new colonies. For therapeutic purposes, they are used for 7 days. With caution appoint with increased sensitivity of the skin, and if there are damages to its surface.
  3. Sebozol. The active substance is ketoconazole. The method of action of this drug is different in that it monitors the amount of lipophilic yeast-like fungus malasseticia, which is part of the normally functioning skin. Has a mild cleansing effect, preventing irritation.
  4. Keto plus. This shampoo differs from other agents in the content of two active ingredients: ketoconazole, zinc pyrithione. Actively fights with all kinds of yeast-like fungi. In addition to treatment depriving, has a normalizing effect on the work of the sebaceous glands. With prolonged use, the skin is filled with useful ingredients that prevent further development of the fungal infection.
  5. Dermazol. Has two active substances that affect the development of infection: ketoconazole and zinc pyrithione. The drug is able to penetrate into the deep layers of the skin surface. Normalizes the production of sebaceous glands.
  6. The Exoderm. Shampoo is suitable for all types of hair. Has a depressing effect on infections of fungal etiology. The course of treatment involves long-term use.
  7. Sulsen. The active substance of antifungal action, which is part of the product - selenium disulphide. Molecules of the active substance are embedded inside the cell wall of the fungus, preventing their normal growth, the development of the pathological process. It also has cytostatic and keratolytic properties. Softening of horny scales of dandruff contributes to its rapid removal. There is a decrease in the production of sebum, renewal of the cells of the skin. This line of antifungal products is presented by shampoo, oil, paste. Actively used to combat dandruff, seborrhea, pityriasis.
  8. Mikanisal. The active substance is ketoconazole. Antifungal action shampoo is approved for use in persons over 18 years of age. The course of treatment is 2 times a week for 2-4 weeks, depending on the extent of the lesion.
  9. Skin-cap. Contains zinc pyrithionate. Has antifungal and antimicrobial activity. Has a bacteriostatic effect that prevents the reproduction of bacteria. It also slows the reproduction of fungi, which is caused by fungistatic action. It is a cytostatic, suppressing the accelerated division of pathological cells. Skin-cap is an anti-inflammatory agent that reduces the degree of inflammatory damage and the process of peeling.

General recommendations for diagnosing depriving

. If pityriasis is diagnosed, then it is necessary to adhere to general recommendations that will prevent the development of complications:
  • avoid physical activity;
  • ensure the humidity level and the temperature regime inside the room;
  • to monitor the general state of health in order to avoid an increase in body temperature;
  • protect from increased sweating;
  • avoid stressful situations;
  • choose clothes from natural fabrics;
  • comply with the prescribing doctor's instructions;
  • switch to a balanced diet;
  • to increase the immune properties of the body.
Paying enough attention to their health, it is possible to prevent the development of a large number of inflammatory processes, which can be stopped due to their own immunity.

Preventative measures of the disease

The disease is easily amenable to drugs for both external use and oral administration. But often a relapse of infection may occur, which will require the beginning of all manipulations first.

To prevent re-infection, it is necessary to comply with certain requirements:
  1. Bedding, underwear is subject to boiling.
  2. To iron clothes on both sides.
  3. Use disinfectants for wet cleaning of premises.
  4. It is useful to wipe the body with cool water with the addition of lemon juice, especially in hot climates. Lemon juice can be replaced with vinegar or salicylic alcohol.
  5. Personal hygiene items, towels should be in one-to-one use.
  6. Shorten visits to public places: baths, swimming pools, saunas, showers.
  7. Reduce the time spent in the open sun. You can wear clothes that hide the most part of the body.
  8. Use sunscreen cosmetics.

Following the basic requirements for personal hygiene will avoid primary or repeated infection with a fungal infection.


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