The mole is peeling off

  • September 30, 2018
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Dark spots on the body can be of different sizes, shades. Usually they are scattered all over the body and do not harm the health. But if the mole is peeling off, it begins to itch, what should I do? Then a specialist consultation is required. Birthmark is a benign entity. However, any changes can signal the transition to malignant formation - melanoma. Determine exactly can only a specialist.



  • 1Causes that can cause scaling
  • 2Is it dangerous?
  • 3Treatment Options

Causes that can cause scaling


Moles of peeling can result in several reasons, the most likely are the following:

  • mechanical;
  • the action of ultraviolet rays;
  • as a result of the action of cosmetics;
  • as a result of hormonal adjustment.

What can be mechanical disturbances? The top layer can peel off as a result of mechanical action.

In other words, such a process is possible from:

  1. Constant friction of the nevus about clothing. If the surface of the pigmented spot constantly rubs against clothing, especially hard. Such a process can provoke desquamation. If a person has such a problem, you need to change your underwear to soft.
  2. When the nevus is in a place where all the time will be friction and avoid them it is impossible, for example, in the collar zone or in the area of ​​touching the strapless from the bra, then the pigment spot is better to remove.
  3. Synthetic underwear can provoke irritation on the skin. Therefore it is desirable to wear clothes made from natural fibers.

Long-term action of sun rays provokes dryness of the skin, as a result of which the mole flakes. Therefore, during the adoption of sunbathing recommend to use a protective cream. At the same time, you should not abuse sunbathing or a solarium. In any case, a long stay in the sun is not useful, that is, it will do more harm than good.

The condition, when the mole is itching and flaking, can provoke cosmetic means. Often pigmented spots are masked, covered with a layer of foundation creams. Such creams can cause irritation. But if you stop using them, the condition of itching passes.

Natural cosmetic products, for example, oils that are used for massage or taking relaxing baths, are allergens. Why can a mole begin to change?

The reason may be:

  • reception of hormonal preparations,
  • the restructuring of the body, associated with pregnancy,
  • during the growing up of the body,
  • during the entry into climax.

Such changes are not hazardous to health. Since after the normalization of the hormonal background, the peeling process stops.

Is it dangerous?

A birthmark can undergo changes, that is, its upper layer acquire a flaky appearance. Especially if it is peeling, then its fabric dries and disappears. After such a process, you should consult an oncologist. In this case, often nevi go to the stage of melanoma. Not all education is hazardous to health. But to be convinced of it it is required, to pass or take place inspection at the doctor-oncologist.

Doctors recommend closely monitoring the condition of birthmarks. If this education itches. The nevuses itch, and the skin begins to crack, then immediately it is necessary to consult an oncodermatologist. What to do in this situation, the doctor decides. In this case, the patient must undergo a checkup to identify cancer at an early stage or to exclude this possibility. But do not self-medicate!

If the patient has many nevuses, they are worth watching. And scaling of the surface layer is not the only evidence of the possible onset of cancer.

Any change in the birthmark should be the reason for visiting the doctor:

  1. If the parameters of the spot have increased.
  2. The structure of the surface layer has changed, for example, the upper layer breaks.
  3. There are no clear outlines, that is, blurred edges have appeared.

Therefore, if changes are noticed, it is necessary to consult an oncologist. This does not mean that oncology is already developing. Initially, histological and laboratory studies will be done. Although most often the removal of pigmentation spots will be done without fail.

To treat this pathology, it is not necessary to use methods or advice of traditional healers. Too much risk!

Treatment Options


If there has already appeared a shelled site on the birthmark, it is required to apply to the oncodermatologist. Diagnosis is performed with a dermatoscope. Histology is mandatory. More often, more correctly in 96% the nevus is a benign entity.

The therapeutic process is to remove benign education:

  1. For removal, the cryodestruction method is used. This method involves the use of liquid nitrogen. With the help of liquid nitrogen or dry ice, the nevus tissue is frozen, which leads to death. The procedure, although cosmetic, is painful, therefore, it is performed with anesthesia. Heals slowly.
  2. Laser removal. This method is more effective, less painful. Healing of the wound takes no more than 2 weeks. Suppuration does not happen. Since, as soon as the wound is withered, even the place disappears. After this method, there is no scar or scar left.
  3. The method of electrocoagulation involves the use of electricity. The procedure is painful, but bloodless. After healing, a noticeable scar remains.
  4. The radio wave method removes nevuses of small parameters. The procedure is very effective, and passes almost without pain, without bleeding.
Do not ignore the ongoing changes in nevi. Melanoma is insidious!

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