3 causes of darkening of hanging moles

  • September 30, 2018
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What if the mole turned black? Why is this happening? On the human skin may appear neoplasms of different colors. Sometimes there are nevuses of black color. How can this affect the state of human health? What does the presence of a black birthmark on the body mean? Some people attribute their appearance to the fateful changes in a person's life. But in medicine only scientifically proven facts are used. Why did my birthmark turn black? Changing the color of the birthmark is not always a sign of the development of the disease.



  • 1Causes of color change
  • 2The danger of black nevus
  • 3Do black nevi remove

Causes of color change


The reasons for the change in color can be several:

  1. Sharp fluctuations in the hormonal background. In women, this occurs during menopause, during pregnancy. At many teenagers at approach of reproductive age there can be a darkening of a birthmark. Even such phenomena provoke diseases shchitovidki.
  2. Injury of moles, especially if they are hanging.
  3. Excess exposure to ultraviolet rays. It can be a beach or a tan in the solarium.

There are some limitations: if a person has many birthmarks or moles, then he should refrain from exposure to sunlight. But this is not always enough.

People who are prone to the formation of nevi, you need:

  • Visit the beach in the morning or evening hours, when the sun is less active;
  • Do not impose tight patches on birthmarks or glue them with adhesive tape. Closed space can cause discoloration, softening, the appearance of ulcers and the development of infection;
  • to minimize the visit to solariums, and it is better to abandon them altogether;
  • it is preferable to spend a vacation in the forest, on the shore of lakes.

If the darkening of the moles occurs gradually depending on the age, then there should be no fear. Dangerous is a sharp change in color, a sharp increase in size, a change in shape. In this case, the visit to the doctor should not be postponed. When the birthmark is black and sore, a visit to the hospital must be urgent.

Sometimes after blackening, the mole falls off.

The danger of black nevus

What if my birthmark is black? Why does a mole grow black gradually? On the human body can be different kinds of moles. Some of them do not threaten anything, while others can present a real danger to life or warn of the development of a complex disease.

When a black birthmark appears, there is a great possibility of its degeneration into melanoma, which means the onset of cancer.

What you need to do to people prone to moles:

  1. Watch for the appearance of new nevi.
  2. Be sure to observe the condition of those already on the body.
  3. Darkening, the appearance of the rim, the formation of red inclusions should be the reason for visiting the doctor.
Careful attention should be given to the birthmark, which became dark and acquired an asymmetric shape.

What form should be a safe birthmark:

  • brown color from light to dark shade;
  • its surface is smooth;
  • there are no additional growths.

If it is dry, flakes or becomes wet, you need to visit a medical facility. Especially dangerous are birthmarks of black color, which have a size of more than 6 mm. They usually degenerate into melanoma and can cause irreversible processes.

In principle, any neoplasm of black color can become dangerous and provoke a complex disease. Prognosis for recovery can be positive in case of timely treatment.

Do black nevi remove


When can they fall off? If there are no grounds, it is not recommended to remove any moles, even black ones. They can be located on different parts of the body, but if a person does not feel discomfort, it is better not to touch them.

When moles are removed, even if they do not pose a threat to life:

  1. If they are often injured or rubbed.
  2. When placed on the face, when they affect the beauty and attractiveness of a person.
  3. If the patient begins to experience unpleasant sensations, pain, itching, removal occurs using a scalpel, excising a small area near the mole.

The resulting material is sent for analysis after removal. This will help determine the risk of malignancy for human life.

When you remove a black nevus or moles with black dots, you can use other methods:

  • laser. After it, there are almost no traces, scars, and blood is not allocated during the operation;
  • electricity. After removing the birthmark, a crust is formed, which will dry up, and then it will fall off on its own;
  • a liquid nitrogen. Removal is fairly quick and painless. Place of operation may dry up.
Some patients try to get rid of unwanted birthmarks and experience folk methods. Apply decoctions, lotions, bind the nevuses with a thread. It must be remembered that self-medication is always dangerous to health.

The disease is better to prevent, therefore, preventive measures can be effective. In the case of moles, you need to be careful with the sun, give preference to clothes made from natural materials. This will help reduce the possibility of degeneration of any birthmarks. But if there are any suspicions, you need to urgently seek the advice of the hospital. So it is necessary to act, and if the blackened mole began to fall off.


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