What ointment is effective against hair loss on the skin

Ointment from lichen is selected taking into account the characteristics of the disease. Lichen can be caused by a fungal infection, a virus zoster or an allergic reaction of the body to a product.


If you have lichen, you should diagnose its type. The dermatologist after examination and necessary analyzes appoints ointments for treatment depriving. In humans, some types of lichen infection are treated in a complex manner. Treatment should be started as soon as possible. The lichen spreads easily throughout the body, causing discomfort to the entire body. Let's analyze in detail, than to smear deprive.


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  • 2Ointment for the treatment of pink lichen
  • 3Ointment for red lichen planus
  • 4Ointment from shingles
  • 5Ointment for pitybearing and ringworm

general characteristics

To properly choose the ointment from the lichen on the skin of a person, it is necessary to understand what this disease is. Under the name "lichen" there is a whole series of fungal infections..

These can be varieties of lichen:

  • pink;
  • red flat;
  • shearing;
  • girdling;
  • otrubrious.

All of them are amenable to treatment, some forms of the disease pass on their own, for example, pink lichen in mild form. With this type of disease, no funds are used to treat shingles. The doctor will choose a special ointment for this case from lichen. For a person suffering from pink lichen, the use of talkers and oils is appropriate. Sometimes in severe cases, the use of special formulations is prescribed.

The causative agents of lichen disease are viruses or fungal microflora. How does the infection occur? This issue is not fully understood. There are some patterns that relate to the risk factors for the occurrence of infection.

The provoking condition is:

  • stress and nervousness;
  • low immunity;
  • physical fatigue;
  • infectious diseases;
  • genetic predisposition to disease.

Lishay is a common terminology for a number of diseases in dermatology. When a combination of factors favorable for fungi, the disease manifests itself on the skin of a person.

Usually they differ in color from healthy skin, can be covered with bubbles or crusts, cause itching and burning at the place of appearance. The skin in the lesions looks inflamed. Color can range from light pink to brown. So, what ointment should be treated for herpes?

Ointment for the treatment of pink lichen

Pink lichen is the easiest infection of the lichen. It is characterized by a minimal degree of infectiousness for others. It is believed that this deprivation combines an infectious and allergic form. Often the disease passes without treatment. Therapy is reduced to the elimination of symptoms and primary treatment.

The main help is reduced to:

  • the elimination of severe itching;
  • disinfection of skin.

The stain from pink lichen is treated with a chatterbox Tsindol (sold in a pharmacy).

Sometimes they use ointments from lichen:

  1. Serno-salicylic - has bactericidal, drying, anti-inflammatory properties. It will relieve irritation and reduce the inflammatory process. It will have an antimicrobial effect. The course of application is up to 10 days. Affected areas lubricate 2 times a day. To strengthen the effect, you can apply a bandage.
  2. Serno-tar is also an effective ointment from pink lichen and has the same properties. The scheme of application is similar to the previous one.
  3. Oletratrine is an antibacterial agent for rapid exposure. Most often it is she who is appointed from depriving. In man, then pink lichen proceeds in a lighter form with minimal complications.

If a simple pink lichen passed into a complicated pink deprive, ointments with steroid hormones are prescribed. For example, Flucinar. They actually immediately bring relief. Many doctors categorically oppose such a strong impact, considering that this deprive better to eliminate less serious drugs.

Anyone, even a good hormone cream, has many side effects.

Ointment for red lichen planus

. Red flat lichen is quite often found in chronic form. This means that a person has not been completely cured. The disease lives in the body constantly and sometimes becomes aggravated. The doctor will prescribe a comprehensive treatment of medicines for oral intake, vitamins, external ointments and creams. For this complex disease the best result will be given to external drugs with steroids (hormones).

What ointment can help with redness:

  1. Advantan - an effective tool, quickly help get rid of depriving. The person who uses the ointment undergoes inflammatory processes and allergic reactions. Also, the ointment can extinguish the pain syndrome, relieve itching and swelling. The drug is sufficient to use once a day.
  2. Celestoderm is a drug with a hormonal composition. Has anti-allergic properties. Removes inflammation and swelling. Use 2 times a day, if necessary, use up to 6 times per day.

What else to treat a man's lichen? In the interval between the application of hormonal compounds, it is possible to use sea buckthorn oil (applied to the area of ​​hair loss on the body) and ointments containing tar.

Using hormonal composition from depriving the body, you should remember the important rule.

The therapy is conducted in a short course to avoid possible complications.

Ointment from shingles

This type of lichen is caused by the herpes virus. The attending physician will prescribe antiviral medications, and to extinguish herpes, prescribe funds based on acyclovir.

Most Popular:

  • Zovirax;
  • Gerperax;
  • Acyclovir, etc.

Apply ointments up to 6 times per day. They affect infected cells, which prevents herpes from developing. And they help to heal the skin. Be sure to heal to the end. Even if you saw that the symptoms have passed.

For people who help the patient to treat herpes zoster, it is highly recommended to use disposable gloves to avoid getting infected. Procedures should be carried out with a cotton swab, which should be thrown out after applying the ointment.

If the disease passes in severe form, then ointments with corticosteroids are mandatory:

  • Sinaflan;
  • Flucinar, etc.

These drugs from depriving a person can be addictive. They also have many side effects. It is necessary to strictly adhere to the dosage and the course of use indicated by the doctor.

In herpes zoster, severe pains of a neuralgic nature often occur. Then ointments with anesthesia are prescribed. For example, Ketoprofen et al. They are applied several times a day, rubbing into a lichen spot.

For the treatment of cutaneous herpes zoster, sometimes prescribed gel Panavir.

The agent has not only an antiviral effect, but also immunomodulating.

Ointment for pitybearing and ringworm

Why are these lichens united in one group? Ringworm and colorful lichen arise from fungal infection. In their treatment, systemic and topical therapy is used. Than to treat these deprive?

Ointments that can be used:

  1. Mikoseptin. The name of the ointment speaks for itself. Mycosis is the fungus that parasitizes the human body. The ointment contains undecylenic acid and zinc. It is effective if ringworm has settled on the body. Treatment with the use of ointment Mikoseptin has a drying effect, and zinc in the composition removes irritation of the skin.
  2. Miconazole. Ointment for the treatment of pityrious lichen. Its main action is aimed at the destruction of pathogenic fungi. The drug is used 2 times a day at the site of skin lesions.
  3. Lamisyl. This drug successfully fights with shearing and pityriasis. Prevents reproduction of fungi and successfully destroys them. Strictly forbidden for children of younger age group up to two years.
  4. Nizoral. Ointment for the treatment of color (pityriasis) lichen. The main substance in the composition is clotrimazole. Use 1 time per day on the affected area. The course of treatment is up to 10 days.

If these diseases occur in severe form, doctors prescribe corticosteroid ointments. They are more effective, but have side effects.

Such drugs should be used as a last resort.

If the disease is severe, the following ointments will help:

  1. Flucinar. Apply for severe inflammation of the skin. The course of treatment is not more than 10 days.
  2. Sinalar. It is used for ringworm on the head. Ointment is used up to 3 times a day. In other forms, lichen can be used up to 2 times a week. The dose should be calculated by a dermatologist.

All listed ointments should be used in complex therapy. Only then there will be a positive result of treatment from depriving. Do not self-diagnose to avoid skin problems in the future.

With lichen infection, the establishment of a correct diagnosis plays an important role. If the treatment is chosen incorrectly, it threatens with infection of the skin, the development of dangerous complications and the transition of the disease into a chronic form. That's why you should contact a specialist.


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