How to treat black acanthosis in humans by folk remedies

Black acanthosis is a fairly rare disease. Its appearance can be revealed in the folds of the skin, if coarsening has occurred. In this place there are small warts. They can live under the armpits, in the groin, on the neck. Acanthosis has other names. It can be called papillary melanomodermia, dystrophy of the skin, genodermatosis. The disease has certain causes of development, characteristic symptoms and forms of flow. Why does acanthosis occur in humans? Does the child have a disease?



  • 1Why does the disease appear?
  • 2Forms of the disease and symptoms
  • 3Malignant or benign
  • 4Diagnosis and treatment

Why does the disease appear?


The favorite place of appearance is the folds of the skin, which usually appear in the presence of excessive weight.

What is the reason for this:

  • propensity inherited. Usually its development provokes a metabolic disorder, a change in the psycho-emotional background, epilepsy;
  • oncological diseases. In this case, complex chemical reactions occur in the body. In women, it can be breast or ovarian cancer, and in men - oncological pancreatic disease. But other cancers are not excluded;
  • failure in the endocrine system. It can be hormonal disorders, increased weight, metabolic disorders;
  • use of hormonal drugs;
  • nicotinic acid in large quantities.

People undergo this at different ages. But depending on the number of years, there are typical reasons.

It can be:

  1. In young patients, genetic tendencies, heavy weight, failure of the endocrine system become the causes.
  2. Older patients usually have oncological diseases.

There may be individual reasons for the development of black acanthosis. A doctor's examination and consultation can reveal them.

Forms of the disease and symptoms

What are the symptoms of the onset? Specialists define three basic forms of acanthosis.

These will be:

  • a benign form that can develop with endocrine or genetic malfunction;
  • malignant, it will develop with the formation of a cancerous tumor;
  • false acanthosis, it provokes obesity, with the restoration of normal weight the problem may disappear.

The patient will have symptoms in the form of:

  1. Appearance of coarse and flaky skin.
  2. Appearance of spots of black or dark brown color.
  3. The formation of warts or papillomas in large quantities.

Where these symptoms usually appear:

  • on cervical folds in the occiput;
  • on the inner side of the thighs in the groin area;
  • between the buttocks;
  • on elbows in places of folds;
  • under the knees;
  • under the mammary glands.
Infrequently, but acanthosis can appear on the face. But several zones on the patient's body can be simultaneously affected. Usually these are places located next to the mucous membranes.

How does the disease develop? Black acanthosis manifests itself gradually. What happens to the skin?

What are the development mechanisms:

  1. Appears skin area with a dirty yellow tint.
  2. Then in this place the skin becomes very thick.
  3. Further, it begins to peel and become dry.
  4. All lines on the skin will be pronounced and will be quite deep.
  5. At this point, the skin can become almost black.
  6. In the end, warts and papillomas will appear on it.

It is recommended that when the first symptoms appear, consult a doctor who will help prevent further development of the disease.

Malignant or benign


Malignant acanthosis often develops in adult patients. It provokes an oncological disease that can affect not only the skin, but also the internal organs.

What is the probability of developing cancer:

  • about 20% of such patients are registered with an oncologist approximately 5 years after the development of black acanthosis;
  • in almost 60-65% of patients simultaneously identify acanthosis and oncological disease;
  • 20% of the manifestations on the skin become noticeable when the disease is already progressing.

How does cancer develop in the early stages of development:

  1. There is a loss of strength, weakness.
  2. Apathy manifests in a person.
  3. He quickly gets tired and constantly wants to sleep.
  4. The weight quickly decreases.
  5. There is a loss of appetite.

If several symptoms appear at the same time, you should go to a medical facility.

There is a benign form of the disease. It can be congenital and usually becomes noticeable in children and adolescents. At the same time, there will be no noticeable changes and characteristic symptoms on the skin.

Papillomas or warts appear singly and in small numbers. When the transition to reproductive age takes place, all signs of the disease will pass, or there will be small and unobtrusive signs.
Women with high weight may experience disruption of the endocrine system and because of this the folds of the skin will begin to turn dark. But this will not be a manifestation of black acanthosis. Its specialists call pseudoacanthosis. With the restoration of normal weight, all signs pass.

Diagnosis and treatment

The correct diagnosis can be established by a dermatologist. Acanthosis is quite similar to ichthyosis. Therefore, in order to establish an accurate diagnosis, a histological examination should be done.

If a suspected development of a malignant disease is carried out:

  • magnetic resonance imaging;
  • ultrasonography;
  • analyzes for tumor markers are carried out;
  • X-ray.

If a benign disease occurs, an examination is also conducted. It is necessary to investigate the course of metabolic processes, the work of the digestive system.

For the treatment of acanthosis is not placed in a hospital, it is treated on an outpatient basis under the supervision of a doctor.

To do this, use:

  1. Drugs that will strengthen the overall health. It will be vitamins and various complexes.
  2. Well-acting funds with Echinacea, vitamin C, A, B.
  3. Antiseptics in the form of ointments, powders, softening creams.
  4. Means with zinc and biopreparations.
  5. Antineoplastic agents.
  6. Hormonal means.
  7. Anesthetics.
  8. Compliance with diet.

In doing so, you must always observe the personal hygiene of the entire skin.

Medicines are selected by the doctor individually. You can not make an appointment yourself. It is important to observe personal hygiene. During the treatment, it can be shown to carry out removal of papillomas and warts.

How to remove? When black acanthosis is formed on large areas, it is proposed to remove tumors. For this, standard methods for removing moles are used.

But if the disease has become malignant, special therapies are used to fight cancer cells. The possibility of a complete cure depends on many factors. The main is the kind of disease. The benign form of the disease often goes away on its own, the pseudoacanthosis disappears with the normalization of weight, and the malignant disease needs to be treated for a long time.


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