Hydrogen peroxide from papillomas

Many of the adherents of a healthy lifestyle, which today has a huge number, that treatment of papillomas with hydrogen peroxide is a very effective and effective method of combating these neoplasms. It remains only to find out the degree of effectiveness and "harmlessness" of such a method for an infected person. Anyone who experiences difficulties and health problems will go to many tricks and will try to use any means to get rid of the distress that inflicts it. Much to our regret, people begin to show concern and concern for their health and their condition only when there are obvious and obvious signs of deterioration. Very often this viewpoint is erroneous.



  • 1Hydrogen peroxide and its effect on papillomas
  • 2How to use peroxide in treatment
  • 3Precautions for using peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide and its effect on papillomas


Hydrogen peroxide is the most powerful preparation of antiseptic properties, which is safely and with no less success used for disinfection of scratches and cuts of various origin. This miraculous fluid should be familiar to everyone from the time of restless childhood.

The range of application of the medication is much wider than it may seem at first glance. It is applied externally and inside.

You can treat it with:

  • common diseases of the respiratory system;
  • infectious conditions of the ear, throat, nose;
  • various deviations in the metabolic function;
  • problematic conditions of the stomach and various parts of the intestine;
  • dental and skin disorders, etc.

To all the diseases mentioned above, one can safely add one more thing: the possibility with the help of peroxide to get the long-awaited disposal of bored and spoiling the appearance of a person with papillomas and warts.

However, a potential patient should remember that the papilloma is the result of exposure to a viral infection. An incorrect approach to treatment can lead to even more development of the virus in the body.

How to use peroxide in treatment

The formulation of such a tool is ridiculously simple. However, before starting the use of peroxide, it is superfluous to conduct skin testing on an individual intolerance or, more simply, the presence or absence of an allergic reaction to the drug (observe about half an hour). For this, a drop of the drug is applied to the back of the palm of the hand or to the fold of the elbow.

If the following conditions were revealed during the monitoring of the skin condition:

  • color change (redness),
  • unusual sensations (itching, etc.).

Means means to use it is not recommended. If none of the above is noted, dare.

Neoplasm is abundantly wetted (up to several times a day) with a 3% peroxide solution. After a lapse of time, equal to one to two weeks, as a rule, the build-up disappears.

You can also "build" a miniature compress using a gauze pad:

  1. The tampon is wetted in peroxide.
  2. A tampon is attached to the desired area of ​​the skin, on which the hated tumor is localized by means of a band-aid.
  3. With a periodicity of 1-2 hours, the tampon must be wetted anew.
  4. After 2-3 days the papilloma falls off.

The conclusion from all this is the following: hydrogen peroxide from the papilloma to apply the meaning is, but it is still necessary first to see a doctor. Consultation with a doctor is mandatory.

Everyone has long known that carriers of human papillomavirus, or HPV, today are more than half the people who inhabit our planet. Such growths on the skin of the human body can be formed, anywhere. However, the most "favorite" areas are the feet and hands, as well as the back, neck and face.

With due attention, papillomas are not a source of danger, but they can cause discomfort. Having found out on a body of neoplasms, the person should immediately address for consultation to the doctor.

Any self-treatment can have irreversible consequences. Even if the built-up edge does not bother you and does not interfere with normal life, do not try to "eliminate" it yourself. Any intervention without consulting a doctor can lead to the degeneration of a benign tumor into a malignant disease.

Whatever the effective treatment of papillomas with hydrogen peroxide, it still applies to methods of self-treatment. This also includes a similar method, which uses benzoyl peroxide.

This medicine is widely used since ancient times when removing acne. Its effect is that suppression of bacterial growth occurs, oxidation and exfoliation of epidermal cells.

Precautions for using peroxide


Using hydrogen peroxide as a means to eliminate papillomas, it is worth considering the following risk factors:

  • it is necessary to carry out with great care the process of applying hydrogen peroxide exclusively to the affected areas of the skin (using a liquid with a high percentage, there is every chance to cause your body physical harm in the form of a chemical burns);
  • If a medicament is used with a high percentage, you should be extremely cautious and pre-dilute the solution, adding a certain amount of water there (it is safer to use 3% hydrogen peroxide);
  • categorically it is not recommended to use hydrogen peroxide to try to remove papillomas around the eyelids, because it can be harmful to the eyes.

Using peroxide or its analogues as a means for self-removal of warts, pimples or outgrowths on the skin other nature of origin, it is worth observing all the safety rules that are recommended in similar cases. All this is necessary so that a person does not do more harm than good. It is important to know that the superficial removal of skin growths that characterize the disease is not yet a sign of cure.

A virus that once got into the blood continues its circulation there, and even with a slight decrease in the protective functions of the body, the papillomas will reappear. Any method of treatment available to the patient is not a guarantee of complete and final recovery. The most important factor in the therapy of neoplasms and prevention of their subsequent and possible development is not how much their removal by mechanical means, but also the strengthening of natural immunity rights.

Good and affordable means for these purposes are:

  • walks in the open air;
  • proper nutrition;
  • rejection of bad habits;
  • reception of vitamins;
  • feasible exercise.

It can be concluded that the method for reducing warts and getting rid of papillomas, in which hydrogen peroxide is used, is considered effective only when applied in the early stages. One can also include here such a factor as individual resistance of the organism (immunity). This follows from observations of the effectiveness of the method in the case when it is used by different people: someone gets rid of growths in a short period of time, and someone needs a lot of time to do this more.

Practical application of the technique requires the patient to have a huge amount of patience. Do not forget about such an important point that the effect of the described means is individual. By showing proper and timely concern for one's health, you can significantly reduce the risk of its deterioration.

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