Papilloma on the face: from what appears, and how to treat?

Due to the harmful effects of papillomavirus on the human body, massive growths of the epithelium may appear on different parts of the body, but it is not aesthetic when the papillomas on the face develop. The favorite site of localization of such outgrowths are the mucous membranes, as well as open areas of the skin, in the neck and especially the face.


By themselves, papillomas are benign formations and in most cases, threats to health do not represent. But, on the other hand, refers to a sudden appearance in the area of ​​the cheek or eyelid papilloma as to a certain Aesthetic defect temporarily causing inconvenience, mainly of a psychological nature, would be lightly.


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  • 2Papillomas on the face
  • 3The danger of the appearance of papillomas on the face
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The reason for the appearance of papillomas on the face


Many people are wondering why there are papillomas on the face. As indicated above, the source of the appearance of these unpleasant "jewelry" is HPV.

Once in the body, the virus, in most cases, is in an inactive state for the first time, and a person may not even guess about its presence. But as soon as favorable conditions for his "subversive" activity appear in the infected person's body, the papillomavirus begins actively showing its presence.

The causes of the appearance of neoplasm on the face are as follows:

  • weakening of immunity;
  • early infectious diseases;
  • failure in the endocrine system;
  • constant stress and excessive emotional excitability.

In the body, a viral infection can get into such situations:

  • during sexual relations;
  • when kissing or practicing oral sex;
  • If the rules of personal hygiene are not respected, someone else's towel or razor is used (such cases are extremely are rare because the virus that is outside the human body has a weak stability in the external environment);
  • minor micro-trauma on the face skin also contributes to the penetration of the virus into the human body.
If a build-up on the face is caused by any of the above reasons, you should immediately seek medical advice. Perhaps, the emerging build-up testify to serious health problems.

Papillomas on the face

Despite the fact that the papillomas on the face are mostly skin tones and in most cases they are poorly discernible, the awareness of the very presence of such an "ornament" is unpleasant.

The facial on the face is usually of a small size and in its diameter it barely reaches 8 mm. Localized mostly singly, but there are cases of the emergence of a group neoplasm. This often leads to the fact that closely spaced convexities combine into one massive, disgusting "sprawl very similar to a large wart.

Small papillomas and massive skin growths, in general, do not cause any major changes at the level of physical well-being. However, the reverse side of the coin is that they can cause serious emotional shocks and prolonged depression in equal degrees.

The unexpected appearance of these repulsive gaze "ornaments" disrupts the habitual way of life and lowers the level of self-esteem.

HPV is found in about 90% of people, but manifests itself in the form of rashes on the face and neck, only 9%. Among the people most susceptible to the appearance of discomfort convexities, it is necessary to highlight the category from 17 to 35 years. In many respects this is explained by the way of life and the state of the immune system.

In recent years, cases of skin rashes on the face of children have become more frequent. The formation of discomfort convexities in a child is due mainly to the weakness of the protective properties of the body, especially during periods of vitamin deficiency.

In a child, signs of the presence of a viral infection are the result of direct contact with the carrier of the infection, which in most cases is the mother. When the first viral eruptions on the face of the mother can be stated with confidence that in the near future they will show themselves and the child.

Since the skin of the child is tender and susceptible to any external influences, self-medication is strictly forbidden.

In the scientific community, there is no unambiguous opinion about the possibility of intrauterine infection with papillomavirus. There are their supporters, as well as opponents of such a theory.

The danger of the appearance of papillomas on the face


Papilloma on the face by its nature is a structure of benign nature and with timely detection, as well as correct, complex treatment, there is no danger to health.

But, as often happens, the fair sex, being at an age that is characterized by superficial impressions and immature thoughts, can create a problem on an equal footing.

Having accidentally discovered an abominable growth on the face, they want to learn how to remove it with the help of various folk and cosmetic means (despite at inflated prices), hoping to get a quick result, completely missing out on the fact that self-medication leads to disastrous consequences:

  1. Due to the fact that papillomavirus has a high degree of oncogeneity, independent treatment can cause the process of degeneration of harmless warts on the face in a dangerous malignant tumor.
  2. Attempts to remove the papilloma on your face by yourself can cause bleeding or the appearance of microcracks. As a consequence of this (due to the fact that the facial skin is in constant, direct contact with environment), the risk of infection with a subsequent inflammation of the purulent character.
  3. Violation of personal hygiene, especially in men, when using someone else's razor or towel (mechanical action on the papilloma favors the further spread of the viral infection).
  4. The use of traditional medicine can only cause a short-term relief. The disappearance of the discomfort convexity on the face is not yet a guarantee that the source itself was destroyed. Elimination of the consequences (build-up) is not evidence of the destruction of the cause. So one day, waking up in the morning, you can find a newly appeared outgrowth in the same place.
Any skin lesion should be carefully examined by a doctor, and only on the basis of the results of the survey can we talk about the methods and ways of treating a viral infection.


People often wonder how to get rid of papillomas on the face?

Since the skin on the face is tender and sensitive, it is necessary to treat the papilloma or to remove the papilloma under the supervision of a doctor. To know exactly how to deal with papillomas, it is extremely important to have a complete examination beforehand, which will allow us to establish the nature of the skin lesion and choose its effective treatment.

Modern medicine has a number of methods that allow rapid removal of papillomas on the face.

The most effective ways to remove papillomas on the face are:

  1. Use of liquid nitrogen. To get rid of the papilloma, it is exposed to low temperatures, which leads to its further necrosis.
  2. One of the painless ways to combat the unexpectedly wart is laser therapy, when a virus is affected by a laser. The method is good, first of all, in the aesthetic sense, since the removal of the build-up by the laser does not leave scars.
  3. The most radical answer to the question of how to remove the papilloma is the method of surgical excision.
Is it possible to remove papillomas in children using liquid nitrogen - the doctor decides, based on a number of individual characteristics of the body. In most cases, the removal of papillomas in a child is recommended by a laser, because of the special sensitivity of the skin.
Application of the above methods for the treatment of facial papilloma is combined with the use of complex therapy. Exposure of the laser to the infected area of ​​the skin, undoubtedly, will help get rid of uncomfortable growths, but, unfortunately, will not give a guarantee of safety against possible relapses. The virus can appear with the concomitant favorable circumstances, to re-assert itself in the form of newly emerged sprouting.

Many people, having found out on their face a sudden growth, are looking for a way how to remove papillomas on the face with the help of folk remedies, which often aggravate the course of the disease. Self-medication in this case can cause serious complications, and modern methods of treatment with laser or liquid nitrogen should be under the supervision of a doctor.


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