Disinfection of apartments from depriving in house conditions

Thorough disinfection of the apartment from depriving is carried out in the event of a disease depriving a member of the family. Lishay is a contagious infectious disease transmitted by contact with a sick person.


The larger the area affected by the patient's body, the more lichen spores are in the room. And in order to avoid infection, to observe the rules of personal hygiene is not enough. Be sure to disinfect the entire apartment. Correctly conducted disinfection will protect the patient from reinfection and healthy people from infection.


  • 1What is needed for disinfection
  • 2Carrying out disinfection by own strength
  • 3Prevention of the spread of the disease

What is needed for disinfection


To disinfect an apartment, you must have:

  • quartz;
  • 10% solution of bleach (you can use "White");
  • any disinfectant - medical 96% ethyl alcohol, 5% alcohol solution of iodine, 3-4% aqueous solution of chlorhexidine, table vinegar;
  • disinfectant SumerSiL or Silvester;
  • It is also possible to use smoke bombs for disinfection of the premises "Klinafarm Smoke".

Means for washing "Belizna" is used for processing things from textiles.

The steamer is needed for disinfecting products from tissues that require delicate handling, and pillows, mattresses, blankets, etc. If there is no steamer, disinfecting such things should be ordered in dry cleaning.

During disinfecting measures, personal protection should be taken care of.

For this you must:

  • wear rubber gloves;
  • hide your hair under a protective cap;
  • on top of clothes put on a robe (you can use a medical disposable);
  • shoe in shoe covers.

The processing of an apartment from its deprivation itself takes quite a long time. But only such a careful treatment can eliminate the risk of infection by depriving.

Carrying out disinfection by own strength

Disinfection of premises is carried out in the following sequence:
  1. Before starting work, you must turn on the quartz in the room for 15 minutes. At this time, people should not be in the room. The door to the room must be closed during quartz.
  2. In the whole apartment vacuuming is carried out. After that, the bag from the vacuum cleaner is put in a separate bag and destroyed.
  3. Then a thorough wet cleaning of the premises is carried out. Floors, doors, door jambs, window frames, window sills, batteries, ventilation holes must be washed out. Wet cleaning is carried out with an aqueous solution of one of the following preparations - iodine, vinegar, alcohol, chlorhexidine. The breeding should be: 0. Use only one substance! Mixing two or more drugs can cause an unpredictable reaction!
  4. After this, all vertical and horizontal surfaces must be treated with a SumerSiL or Silvester disinfectant spray.
  5. All things, bed linen, towels, etc. digested for 15 minutes at a temperature of not less than 90 ° C with the addition of "White".
  6. All sponges should be replaced with new ones.
  7. Pillows, mattresses, all surfaces of upholstered furniture, as well as clothes not subject to digestion, children's soft toys are treated with chlorhexidine steam.
  8. Instead of digestion and steam treatment, all things can also be soaked for 3 to 6 hours in a solution for the anti-bacterial rinse of Silvester. At the same time, the concentration of the solution increases by 2-3 times in comparison with the instructions.
  9. For processing things, mattresses, blankets and pillows, you can turn to specialized institutions where they will undergo complete disinfection.
  10. All items, including dishes, children's toys, must first be washed in hot water, then disinfected with drugs with chlorhexidine.
  11. After the termination of all disinfection measures all members of the family take a shower and wash their head with the use of antifungal agents, recommended for deprivation.
For the prevention of such sanitary-hygienic treatment of the apartment can be carried out once a month.

Prevention of the spread of the disease

. If there is a focal point depriving the apartment in addition to disinfecting measures should be taken additional security measures.

To protect all family members from infection, it is necessary to take the following measures:

  1. Limit contact with healthy family members. For this, a separate room is allocated to the patient, in which a wet cleaning is carried out daily with the use of disinfectants.
  2. All personal belongings of the patient are stored separately from the things of the rest of the family. Household items belonging to an infected person are periodically treated with disinfectants.
  3. Bed linen and towels, which the patient uses, are subject to boiling during washing.
  4. Dirty things of the infected are collected in a dedicated bag and washed away from other things with the addition of 1% solution of chloramine. Ammonium sulphate can be added to the water.
  5. Daily spend 15-minute quartz of all rooms and treat all surfaces with sprays for disinfection.

After recovering the patient, all activities are repeated.

In order to save time and get a high-quality result, you can apply to organizations that have licenses for disinfection in the premises.

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