What plot helps from depriving

Recently, non-traditional methods of treatment are very popular, for example, conspiracies against lichen. They include a variety of tools and techniques that allow you to get rid of an unpleasant illness without drugs in the shortest possible time. Despite the fact that official medicine does not recognize all these methods, over the decades of their existence they have proved their effectiveness.



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Features of the rituals


Adult people resort to prayers, ritual rites and conspiracies, not only in case of appearance symptoms in a child or pet, but also in situations where the disease occurs in sufficient severe form.

Among folk healers and ordinary people, the following methods are common, which make it possible to get rid of the depriving of a person and an animal:

  • conspiracies. Conspiracy from lichen is a kind of ritual rite, often with the use of magic. The main condition for carrying it out is the people's belief that it will definitely help. It is believed that an emotional reading of the plot will increase the body's energy strength. They, in turn, contribute to a speedy recovery;
  • prayer. A very strong method that allows you to fight even with incurable diseases. Read like a sick person, and those who conduct the ritual. It is believed that their effectiveness is enhanced by a thoughtful reading of prayer words, as well as a deep belief in recovery;
  • ceremonies. They represent a series of ritual actions with a clearly defined goal. In this case - getting rid of depriving. Like conspiracies, rituals are often committed using certain substances or objects.
All ritual actions are aimed at the speedy recovery of the patient. It is recommended to conduct them on the waning moon, regardless of the time of day.


Plots against lichen are used, usually with the use of a certain substance or object. By speaking them, a person strengthens the action of the hex and thereby accelerates recovery. Such rituals contribute to the reduction of inflammatory foci and their further disappearance.

The most famous and popular are conspiracies on the following subjects:

  1. Water. The conspiracy is done on water, in which any silver object (a spoon) is lowered. At the same time certain words are pronounced, after which water should be drunk on a daily basis one glass on an empty stomach.
  2. Medicinal plant (for example, celandine). The plant has a number of medicinal properties that help to effectively combat the disease. To perform the ritual, you need a plant stem, the juice of which should be smeared with the affected area. Speaking certain words, you need to burn this stalk.
  3. An Apple. It is believed that the slander on the apple helps to heal the lichen from a pet. To do this, the fruit should be cut in half directly over the head of the sick animal, then carry the halves to the bridge and spread them on opposite sides of each other. In this case, it is necessary to pronounce certain words that strengthen the effect of the conspiracy.
  4. Needle. The rite combines a conspiracy to read and read several powerful prayers: "Our Father" and the Most Holy Theotokos. Above the affected areas of the skin, first perform a circular action with the help of a needle, and then figuratively draw her crosses. After the ritual, the needle must be buried in the ground, and the inflamed place can be covered with something.



Prayer from lichen can be read separately or as a supplement to a ritual rite. To enhance their action, some of them are read several times in a row. The very words of prayer can be found on special websites or in book editions.

The most popular are the following prayers:

  1. "Our Father".
  2. The Most Holy Theotokos.
  3. To the Holy Martyr Laurentius.
  4. Nicholas the Wonderworker.
  5. Martyr and Archdeacon Laurentius of Rome.
  6. John the Baptist.
  7. Martyr Cyrus.

Unlike conspiracies, prayer words are addressed to religious saints and are aimed at ensuring that the request for help is heard.

When you read a prayer, you should think carefully about every word you read. If you take these methods seriously and with faith in your soul, the higher powers will necessarily hear the patient.

It is worth noting that the effect of reading the prayer will not take long. Many celebrate improvements in a few days. Prayers help to remove unpleasant symptoms of the disease, reduce the inflammatory process and avoid the development of complications. In addition to varieties of lichen, words can be read from other dermatological diseases, for example, psoriasis or eczema.

Rituals and magical rites are an alternative to modern medicine. However, one should not consider them as the only correct way out in the treatment of lichen.

To avoid complications, specialists strongly recommend seeking medical help, rather than dealing with folk remedies.


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