Scleroatrophic Lihen: causes, symptoms and treatment

Scleroatrophic leuchen - a disease with a chronic course that affects the skin of a person. Over time, skin surface atrophy occurs. This process is irreversible. More often the disease attacks the genitals. In women, the disease occurs 10 times more often than in men. Depending on the location of white spots, the name of the disease changes. For example, a gynecologist will say that this is a kraurosis of the vulva, and urologists will call a "gluten-free" sclerotic balanitis.



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general description


Lychen is a complex of various skin diseases. The word came from Greece and verbatim in translation it sounds like a lichen and an infection. Scleroatrophic lichen, sclerotrophic lichen, sclerosing lichen, sclerosing lehen is the name of the same disease. In the 19th century it was introduced into the category of skin diseases of F. Gebras. He is one of the founders of dermatology.

Today, several types of disease are distinguished:

  • shiny lichen;
  • Lychen Crocker-Adamson (spine-shaped);
  • hairy;
  • scrofulous;
  • Lychen Vidal is a chronic simple;
  • red flat leaf;
  • sclerotrophic lichen;
  • tropical;
  • amyloid lichen;
  • linear likhen;
  • Myxedema.
The cutaneous pathologies listed in the list are related to the presence of tubercles in the form of a rash on the body. Skin formations are white in color. They differ in appearance and seasonal manifestations. A tropical illness usually wakes up in the summer.

Linear or striped lichan differs in the location of the rash along a single line. Shine lichen does not affect mucous membranes, feet, palms, scalp and facial area, with rare exceptions. Myxedema is more common in older women.

The disease affects women aged 40-45 years, men 40-43 years. In children sclerotrophic lichen is rare, the diagnosis is more often put girls from 1 year to 13 years of age. Sometimes there is complete self-healing of the disease.

Causes and Symptoms

Sclerotrophic lichen is not fully understood. Experts all over the world and the Moscow Institute of Dermatology continue to study this pathology.

It was possible to identify some of the causes that affect the appearance of sclerosing lichen:

  • genetic factor, autoimmune diseases (psoriasis, etc.);
  • infection of the genitourinary system;
  • often the sclerosing lien is manifested against the background of genital herpes;
  • disturbances in the functioning of the endocrine system (for example, diabetes mellitus).

The sclerotrophic lichan begins with the appearance of white papules (spots) on the skin. They have clear contour boundaries. More often localized on the shoulders, upper chest, neck, genitals. Initially have a size of not more than 5 mm in diameter. They are located close to each other, eventually overgrow and merge into plaques.

The plaque stain slightly protrudes above the level of the skin. Bubbles may appear on the surface of the spots.

If the sclerotic lichen settled on the genitals, the patient has itching and dryness in the genital area.

The development of the disease takes several years. During this period, rashes do not disturb, only occasionally can be accompanied by itching. That's why sick people do not rush to the doctor. It is noticed that the area of ​​skin lesions with lichen may increase or decrease. The disease manifests itself in undulating jumps.

White lichen Zumbusha


This is kraurosis of the vulva or scleroatrophic licha, it is also called white spot disease. This disease is a benign inflammation of a chronic nature that occurs on the skin and mucous vulva.

Lychen myxedematous affects elderly or middle-aged women, and sclerosing lychene is more common in young girls and young girls. On the skin of the vulva, grouped plaques and papules of a light shade with dimensions from, cm to cm,

In women and girls, the disease begins with discomfort in the location of the vulva and anus in the form of systematic itching and the appearance of white spots. The area of ​​the lesion acquires a "figure of eight".

The pathology of the skin grows and develops, then moves to the beginning of the vagina, the clitoris, the labia.

Sometimes girls can experience erosion of the vulva, eventually it heals, forming scarring of skin tissues, which overgrow small labia. The disease is complicated by the presence of fungal and bacterial infections.

Sclerosing vulval vulva is considered a dangerous skin disease. In rare cases, and this 3% of sick women and girls, can face cancer. It is against this background that squamous cell carcinoma is formed. Requires continuous treatment and supervision with a specialist. It is necessary to carry out a biopsy of the affected skin areas in order not to start the disease. Then the prognosis will not be deplorable, the cancer is easiest to heal at the initial stage.

Lychen on the penis

Sclerosing lechen usually appears in adult men. The lichen develops on the head of the penis and inside the foreskin. A sick man first feels the dryness of the foreskin, reduces the extensibility of the skin. On the affected areas, the connective tissue is clearly visible.

Then there are such complications as:

  • phimosis (exposing the head of the penis due to the narrowing of the foreskin is very difficult);
  • the hole of the urethra decreases;
  • the appearance of cracks in the upper part of the penis.

The foreskin and the head itself have a diffuse lesion (skin changes are observed throughout the surface). The color of the head turns white, with some bluish tint. At the initial stage, you might think that this is shiny lichen or myxedema. In order for the diagnosis and treatment to be correct, it is necessary to visit a specialist.

There are four stages of the disease:

  1. There is a defeat member, namely, the foreskin.
  2. Further, the lien extends to the head.
  3. The pathology of the urethra is added.
  4. This stage is the most dangerous, since it is considered to be precancerous. All patients are required to perform a full diagnosis. The examination should exclude or confirm the malignant form of the disease.

Diagnosis and treatment

If any symptoms occur, you should visit the center of specialized specialization in dermatology. Having studied the clinical manifestations, after listening to the patient, the doctor confirms the diagnosis.

Sometimes an additional examination, a biopsy of the affected skin is required. Biological material is studied using a microscope.

After confirming the diagnosis of sclerotrophic lichen, a complex treatment is prescribed:

  • medicines for blood, they improve microcirculation (dipyridamole);
  • course of therapy with drugs Lidazy and Heparin (injected into the shin);
  • ointment application (Actovegin).

Lychen of the foreskin is cured only in the very first stages. The patient is prescribed a course of antimalarial drugs (Resorchin) and therapy that strengthens the body. If treatment fails, circumcision is done.

In women and girls, the affected tissue is excised. Sometimes plastic surgery on the vulva and anal canal areas is recommended. All patients taking treatment should comply with diet and bed rest.

It is better to isolate a sick person from children and adult family members. The etiology of the disease is poorly understood, although it has been studied for a long time.

Do not in any case do not self-medicate, the liver can begin to develop and lead to an oncological disease.

In this case, treatment with folk remedies is inappropriate. Taking responsibility for the use of traditional medicine, you seriously risk your health.

Possible preventive measures

To prevent this kind of lichen, have not yet found specific ways.

Some tips are still available:

  1. At the first signs of skin lesions, in the form of white spots, consult a doctor;
  2. Do not be scared if the doctor prescribes excision of injured skin. Early circumcision and treatment will help to stop skin pathology. Men cut off the foreskin. In girls and women affected skin in the genital area.
  3. Sometimes treatment of neglected diseases in men requires restoring urethra patency. Therefore, the treatment of ailment should be dealt with only by a good experienced specialist.

In Russia there was a sad picture. Treatment and diagnostics of sclerotrophic lichen are not taught separately, adding this disease to other skin inflammations. Many doctors do not know how to distinguish the symptoms of this skin disorder, and, therefore, the therapy will be wrong.

Often patients with this form of lichen receive antibiotics, so the doctor can confuse the disease with another.

It can be taken for chlamydia, herpes, phimosis, etc. The drugs do not give results, the patient remains without the necessary medical care. Look for a good specialist, visit several doctors and clarify the diagnosis, contact only reliable clinics. Your health is in your hands!


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