Innovative cancer treatment in Russia in the Privolzhsky Tomotherapy Center "Saknur"


In order to provide high-tech medical care for cancer patients in Russia, increase life expectancy and reduce disability and side effects in the Republic of Tatarstan in the city of Kazan in May 2017, the Privolzhsky Tomotherapy Center "Saknur" was opened.

This is the first radiotherapy center at the level of world standards in Russia, which is equipped with the equipment of the American company Accuray of the latest series - TomoTherapyHD. The Center was established with the support of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan and the Government of the Republic of Tatarstan.

–ĘomoTherapy HD is a unique, up-to-date system that combines a linear electron accelerator and a computer tomograph. With the help of the tomotherapeutic system, specialists can create tens of thousands of small, and at the same time, powerful and precise radiation beams for irradiation of malignant and benign tumors located in the most inaccessible places. In this case, the built-in computer tomograph allows you to scan the size, shape, position of the tumor in a matter of seconds with each session.

A distinctive feature of tomotherapy is that this technique allows you to plan and implement dose distributions of the most complex forms, sizes and locations, bypassing healthy organs and tissues, such as: head-neck, without affecting the salivary glands; A single vertebra without affecting the entire spinal cord; pancreas, without affecting kidney. It is possible to carry out simultaneous irradiation of several tumors, as well as extended tumors up to 135 cm, which is not possible with accelerators of the previous generation.


Tomoterapiya allows you to minimize the radiation load on healthy tissues and organs, thereby improving tolerability of treatment, radiation damage of vital organs decreases, quality of life patient.

Tomoterapy has been used in the world since 2003 in leading clinics in the USA, Europe and Japan. More than 400 pieces of equipment are installed in the world.

Tomoterapy is indicated and effectively used for head and neck tumors, Hodgkin's lymphoma, mesothelioma, cancer lung, prostate and breast cancer, malignant neoplasms of the pelvis, rectum, esophagus, metastases and etc.

In the center, tomotherapy services are provided exclusively for the oncologist-radiotherapist's doctor's charge free of charge for residents Republic of Tatarstan, within the framework of the compulsory medical insurance and quotas of the VMP, as well as on a paid basis, for residents of other regions of Russia and countries CIS. In foreign clinics (Germany, Japan, the USA) treatment on the device TomoTherapy costs from 13 thousand. euro (from 80, 00 rubles) and is an analogue of treatment in our center. The cost of treatment in the PCT "Saknur" is about 25, 00 rubles, lasting from 3 to 30 days according to the doctor's testimony.

In the PCT "Saknur" only highly qualified employees work: doctors, oncologists, neurosurgeons, physicians radiotherapists, medical physicists, medical operators with experience in radiotherapy more than 15 years. Patients from anywhere in the world have the opportunity to receive a correspondence consultation on the documents submitted to the email address: [email protected] And also online consultation and the "Second Expert Opinion" in leading medical centers in the US, Russia, Turkey and Europe.
PCT "Saknur" has licenses for the provision of high-tech medical care, as well as for children's oncology. The patients are treated in the territory of the Nuclear Medicine Center of the Republican Clinical Cancer Center MH RT. Over 3 months of the center's work, more than 200 patients underwent treatment and discharged, 85 daily received treatment. For nonresident patients, free transfer services and assistance with accommodation are provided.
The center attracted huge attention of the medical community of all regions of Russia.

Privolzhsky Tomoterapy Center "Saknur" is a pilot project for the development of high-tech medical care for cancer patients in the framework of public-private partnership.

Privolzhsky center of tomotherapy is ready to provide the scientific and technical potential of the clinic for the treatment of cancer patients of adults and children of Russia and CIS countries.

Tel./fax: +7 (843) 590-40-40

E-mail: [email protected]