How is silicon useful for the human body and in which products

Silicon( Si) can be considered a minor element after oxygen. No living thing can do without silicon. In plants, it forms a support, in animals it is a forming part of the skeleton.

Silicon in the human body is contained in quite a small amount, just a few grams. Most of it is concentrated in the bones, tendons, muscles, skin, lymph nodes, thyroid, blood, and hair.

Table of contents:
  • What is silicon for in the human body
  • ? Silicon deficiency in the body? Symptoms.

    Every person who cares about his health, and monitors the correctness and usefulness of his food, should not lose sight of this important element and know what products contain silicon, why and in what quantities it is necessary for the body to work properly as a whole.

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    Why do we need silicon in the human body?

    Silicon has long been recognized as vital for all living organisms. However, not everyone is familiar or heard about the role of silicon in the human body. More precisely, like many elements in the body, silicon has its most important functions about its purpose:

    • promotes better absorption of calcium in the body, stimulating the strengthening and growth of bones and preventing the occurrence of osteoporosis;
    • is an “accelerator” of many redox processes, thereby normalizing metabolic processes;
    • lack of silicon in the body of an adult leads to structural changes and loss of blood vessel density, as a result of which cardiovascular pathologies and circulatory difficulties may occur;
    • contributes to the successful absorption by the body of almost all vitamins and more than 70( !) Min.salts;
    • silicon for the body is one of the basic structural elements, which ensures the folding and distinctness of the central nervous system;
    • it participates in the stimulation of immune processes;
    • strengthens the articular parts, cartilage and tendons;
    • is indispensable to preserve the health and beauty of the skin, teeth, hair.

    Silicon for the human body means incredibly much, thanks to its, it creates a kind of electrically-charged systems that “attract” pathogens and various viruses.

    With a normal silicon level, the risk of developing heart attacks and strokes, diabetes mellitus, hepatitis virus, atherosclerosis, many gastrointestinal diseases, eye and dental diseases, and various nervous disorders decreases.

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    Shortage of silicon in the body symptoms of

    Despite the fact that it has not yet been established what should be the daily rate of consumption of silicon, many scientists, including foreign ones, have established a minimum daily range for children and adults from5 to 50 mg. Top level not defined.

    A person can receive the required amount of an element daily with food. However, with improper nutrition or with the presence of parasites in the body, the silicon level can drop significantly.

    Scientists have found that when the concentration of silicon in the body drops, a person loses its protective ability against many foreign microorganisms of an infectious, bacterial or other nature.

    Self-determination of the presence of a silicon deficiency is usually very problematic.

    Suspected silicon deficiency in the body by symptoms:

    • deterioration and hair loss;
    • poor condition of the nail plate( crumbling, foliation, etc.);
    • tooth deterioration( caries, periodontal disease, etc);
    • vascular elasticity deterioration, the occurrence of vascular diseases;
    • disruption of the normal activity of the central nervous system( partial / temporary loss of coordination, weakness, staggering, irritability, fear, etc.);
    • bone weakness, tendency to frequent fractures;
    • deterioration of immunity, frequent cold, flu, herpes, development of urolithiasis, inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract, pulmonary fibrosis, etc.
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    Products containing silicon

    exotic and refined components, the trace element can be found in the most ordinary, everyday foods. The main thing is to know in which products a lot of silicon, and keep this information in your head.

    It should be noted that silicon in food in large quantities is found in plant foods. The main sources of the element are:

    • barley, oats, brown rice;
    • products from cereals and whole grains;
    • bran;
    • corn;
    • sunflower seeds;
    • soybean;
    • sea plants, all sorts of algae;
    • vegetables: potatoes, beets, radishes, turnips, tomatoes, bell peppers, carrots, onions( especially leeks), zucchini, white cabbage, broccoli, etc.;
    • greens( dill, parsley, celery, etc.);
    • from berries and fruits is particularly notable: grapes( raisins), cherries, bananas, strawberries, strawberries, figs, apricots( dried apricots);
    • nuts( walnut, cedar, cashew, peanuts, etc.).

    It is impossible not to mention another amazing product, which contains silicon - this is beer. Beer is saturated with vitamins and trace elements mainly because of barley and malt, on the basis of which the drink is prepared. Most of the silicon in beer is contained in the form of silicic acid, which is safely absorbed by the human body. But do not forget that beer can positively affect the body only in very moderate quantities.

    An excellent alternative to the heady drink to replenish the concentration of this vital element can be ordinary silicon water, which has long been known for its unique, healing properties.

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    Silicon water: the benefits and harms of

    Silicon water refers to water infused with silica( silica).This stone mineral of organic origin has a brownish tint, belongs to the quartz family.

    Silicon water has gained great popularity in the treatment and prevention of many diseases, it is also often considered the "elixir of youth."

    One of the advantages of using silicon water is especially worth noting:

    • improving metabolism;
    • normalization of intestinal microflora;
    • improving the growth and condition of nails and hair;
    • removal of toxic substances and harmful cholesterol from the body;
    • prevention of atherosclerosis and hypertension;
    • general body toning, increase immunity, work ability, relieve fatigue.

    But, it should be said that when preparing a healing drink on its own, it is necessary to check the stone for radioactivity, otherwise the water may be not only useless, but also dangerous.

    Silicon is one of those trace elements, without which the flow of a normal vital activity of the body is simply impossible. This element is not toxic, so the symptoms of its oversupply almost do not occur in practice, but the silicon deficiency is much more common and can cause serious diseases. Therefore, you should know foods rich in silicon, and more actively include them in your diet. If for some reason this is not possible, in consultation with the doctor, you can select special vitamins with silicon to maintain healthy joints, bones, nails, hair and skin.
    God bless you!