Recommendations for the reduction of blood SOE folk remedies

  • January 04, 2019
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It is recommended that everyone who monitors their health be examined and undergo a blood test at least once a year, and not only in case of deterioration or ailments, but simply for themselves as a preventive measure. According to the results of blood tests, various abnormalities can be detected and some diseases can be diagnosed, especially when a measured component is much lower or higher than normal.

One of such indicators is the level of ESR in the blood, or in the medical language, the erythrocyte sedimentation rate( red cells).Increased ESR is not stated as a separate disease, but nevertheless it can speak about the influence of some factor on the body or the presence of an infectious disease. To understand how to lower the rate of erythrocyte sedimentation in the blood, you need to understand and understand the reason for its increase.

Table of Contents:
  • What is the rate and common causes of high ESR
  • How to reduce the ESR in the blood?
  • How to reduce folk remedies
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What is the rate and common causes of high ESR

Each person has his / her own ESR rate, it depends on gender, age, health. But there are conditional normal boundaries, which are oriented in the diagnosis. The indicator is expressed in millimeters per hour( mm / h).

  • In children: newborns - up to 1 mm / h;0-6 months - 2-5 mm / h;6-12 months.-4-10 mm / h;from year to 10 years - 4-12 mm / h;in adolescents under 18 years of age, 2–12 mm / h;
  • In adult males - from 1 to 10 mm / h;
  • In adult women - from 2 to 15 mm / h;
  • In people of retirement age - from 2 to 38 mm / h( for men);from 2 to 53( for women).

Read more information about the indicator on the following links:

  • for women http: // norma-soe-v-analize-krovi-u-zhenshhin.html
  • for men http: // norma-soe-v-krovi-u-muzhchin.html

Inflammatory processes occurring in the body can be the cause of increased ESR.However, according to one indicator it is impossible to establish a specific disease, you will need additional examination. But, the main causes may be related to:

  • viruses and infectious diseases( pneumonia, tuberculosis and other respiratory diseases);
  • liver disease( hepatitis, cirrhosis, etc.) and kidney disease;
  • organ pathologies;
  • endocrine disruption;
  • connective tissue destruction;
  • formation of malignant tumors;
  • pregnancy.
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How to reduce ESR in the blood?

Reduction of ESR in the blood is advisable only when, as a result of an additional examination, a disease or another factor affecting the indicator has been identified. Indeed, in some cases, it is not necessary to lower the ESR and it simply will not work, for example, how to lower the ESR in the blood of women in an interesting position? NoAs long as the woman does not give birth to a child and it does not take some time after delivery, the figure will be overestimated. The same applies to ways to lower the ESR in the blood of men, an overestimated result may be associated with incorrect conduct or preparation for the study or the presence of a disease that only a doctor can diagnose.

So, there is no specific way how to reduce the level of ESR, in most cases, you need to eliminate the inflammatory process and cure a certain disease. Than to reduce the ESR in the blood and the need for these activities can only be solved by a doctor. It is contraindicated to independently begin taking antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, dietary supplements and other medicines that will supposedly help reduce the level of your ESR.It can irreparably harm your health!

It’s even more unwise to choose methods for lowering the ESR in a child’s blood. In infants, a slight increase in the index may be due to teething, a lack of certain vitamins, malnutrition and many other reasons. Therefore, a small deviation from the norm is not a cause for concern.

Lowering the ESR in the blood is possible with the help of alternative medicine and only after consulting a doctor.

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How to reduce the popular means

If the increase in ESR is associated with pathological inflammatory processes, then a decrease is unlikely to occur if the treatment of the main disease is not started. But, some methods can be a great addition to basic drug therapy. Some tips on how to reduce ESR folk remedies at home.

  1. Application of infusions and decoctions of herbs. Usually we are talking about herbs that have anti-inflammatory action. These include chamomile, calendula, linden, sea buckthorn, coltsfoot, medunits, horsetail. Brew and insist decoctions of single-component herbs or charges of several. Take a large spoon several times a day. Also, a good antibacterial agent has proven itself to bee honey and all kinds of citrus fruits: orange, lemon, grapefruit.
  2. The most popular way to lower the ESR in the blood of folk remedies, as well as purify the blood - is the use of raw beet juice. It should be taken about 10 days, only freshly prepared 100 g per night. In addition, the beet can be cooked decoction. Boil the vegetable for about 3 hours with the spine on low heat, carefully wash the beets. Allow to cool broth and strain. Apply 50 ml every morning on an empty stomach, preferably not to get out of bed.
  3. It is possible to lower the ESR, both in men and women, with the help of gymnastics and recreational exercises in the fresh air. The more blood is saturated with oxygen, the faster the rate will return to normal.

Watch yourself, do not get sick!