Reasons for an increase in blood creatine kinase and methods for reducing

What does it mean if a CPK level is elevated in a blood test? This question is asked by each patient to the attending physician who reported this information, based on the results of the study. Creatine kinase is an enzyme whose level in a person’s blood can tell a lot about his health. In particular, it concerns the functioning of the brain, muscles and heart muscle. However, it is not always necessary to look for pathological reasons for the fact that creatine kinase in the blood is elevated, because sometimes such a deviation may result from the influence of other factors.

Table of contents:
  • Possible causes of a jump in CPK levels in the blood in adults
  • Increased CPK in children and methods for its normalization
  • How to normalize CPK levels?

What can affect blood QC levels, and can it be normalized without medical intervention? Consider these questions in more detail.

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Possible causes of a jump in the level of CPK in the blood in adults

The reasons for which creatine phosphokinase in the blood is elevated can have both a pathological and non-pathological nature. Consider them separately.

Pathological reasons for an increase in CPK include:

  1. The development of hypothyroidism. Such a disorder in the thyroid gland occurs, as a rule, in women, especially those who are "in an interesting position."But such a deviation can also affect the male body, although much less frequently.
  2. Another reason why blood creatine phosphokinase is elevated is hypokalemia, which occurs in a severe form. In this case, there will be a significant impairment of skeletal muscle function, so a study on CPK is extremely important for making a correct diagnosis.
  3. Some causes of elevated CPK in the blood are directly related to disorders in the brain. In particular, such abnormalities are observed in epilepsy, mental illness, GM disease caused by bacteria, etc.
  4. Cardiac abnormalities are one of the most common causes of elevated CPK.To conduct a biochemical examination of the blood of a doctor should push the patient's complaints, indicating a malfunction of the heart muscle: shortness of breath, tachycardia, dizziness, pain behind the sternum.
  5. High creatine can talk about the development of a tumor process in the body.

Relatively safe, that is, non-pathological factors that can cause an increase in CPK, are:

  1. Alcohol intoxication. This refers to a significant excess of the permissible dosages of alcohol.

Interesting fact. In chronic alcoholics, the level of CPK in the blood almost never exceeds the permissible values.

  1. One of the reasons that blood creatine phosphokinase in adults is elevated is the rate of intramuscular injections. With such an introduction of drugs, the body is under severe stress, as a result of which CPK indices increase significantly.
  2. After surgery with dissection of muscle fibers or whole muscle groups, creatinase can be increased in the blood until the wounds heal a little and the body recovers after surgery.
  3. People who are professionally involved in sports aimed at building muscle may also experience a jump in this enzyme. Therefore, athletes should not look for the pathological causes of high levels of CPK in the blood, especially if they additionally use intramuscular injections to accelerate muscle growth.

Whatever, and with a similar deviation it is impossible to joke - it is better to undergo additional research to make sure that there are no serious health problems. There are many reasons for increasing CPK in the blood, so it’s almost impossible to find the one that caused the patient’s discomfort on their own.

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Increased CPK in children and methods for its normalization

A serious concern is the jump of this enzyme in young children, since its normal values ​​are already quite high in them. The reasons that creatine kinase is elevated in a child can be:

  • various kinds of injuries;
  • previous surgical interventions;
  • pathology associated with the central nervous system;
  • excessive physical activity.

If a child has creatine kinase MB, this may indicate a serious impairment of heart function. Congenital or acquired heart defects are the most common causes of increased levels of this CK-MB in young children. Such a deviation is extremely dangerous, and therefore it is impossible to ignore the problem - further predictions of recovery depend on when the treatment was started.

Another reason for which blood CPK levels can be increased is a dangerous disease like tetanus. Alas, cases of infection with this dangerous pathology have recently become more frequent. The disease has an extremely severe clinical picture and can be fatal, so it is extremely important to take all measures to prevent its development.

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How to normalize CPK level?

After determining the causes of creatine kinase in the blood is increased, it is important to address the issue of how to treat a detected disease. Of course, if the cause is really a disease, and not one of the above factors. However, you can try to reduce the amount of this substance, if you follow these rules.

  1. Give up alcohol. This should be done, at least for a while. If after that the creatine phosphokinase is increased, it means that the patient needs a more thorough examination.
  2. Avoid stress.
  3. Avoid increased stress on the muscles, especially when practicing spot.
  4. Eat right and do not neglect walks in the fresh air.
  5. Strengthening of the heart muscle. To do this, it is not necessary to take a handful of pills or drink half a glass of drops - you just need to eat right. To improve the functioning of the heart, it is necessary to include as many artichokes, beans, nuts, etc. in the diet.

To strengthen the blood vessels and prevent pancreatic dysfunction, it is necessary to minimize salt intake and also to abandon large amounts of sugar-containing foods. The latter are a catalyst for the development of diabetes in people with a genetic predisposition to this disease.

As can be seen, increased creatine kinase does not always indicate the presence of serious diseases, and sometimes an elementary lifestyle change can correct the situation. However, even if this does not help, and the situation continues to deteriorate, it is better not to wait until the disease manifests itself with full force. The sooner a person turns for qualified help, the more chances he will have for recovery without health consequences, which can put him on a hospital bed for a long time and significantly reduce the quality of life.