Products that increase cholesterol

Cholesterol is a highly controversial fat-like compound. Its effect on the body can not be called "bad", becauseThis substance is involved in the most important life processes: the synthesis of proteins and hormones, the construction of cellular structures, etc. But it is also impossible to call this compound “good”, especially if it is contained in excessive amounts in the blood, sincesubsequently, this substance is deposited on the walls of blood vessels, forming plaques, layers, causing the development of atherosclerosis, ischemic disease, stroke, and other ailments.

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  • Consider the main list of foods that increase cholesterol
  • What foods can you eat with high cholesterol?

Thus, it can be said that both the lack of cholesterol and its excess will be very unfavorable for the organism. But, if the body is able to cope with the shortage of substances on its own, then in order to eliminate the excess, a person will need to make some effort. It is believed that an increase in the concentration of "bad" cholesterol in the blood is most often associated with an unhealthy lifestyle and diet. Therefore, in order to lower the level of the indicator, a person must first of all find out which foods increase cholesterol in the blood and exclude them from their daily menu as much as possible. Therefore, today we will consider the list of "harmful" products for people with a similar ailment.

People with high cholesterol concentration in the bloodstream should choose their diet more carefully, know which foods have a lot of cholesterol and limit their consumption, or discard them altogether.

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Consider the main list of foods that increase cholesterol

  1. Egg yolk.

If you have high cholesterol, then it is better to refuse to use egg yolk, well, or eat it as little as possible. Protein is also not recommended to eat more than 2 times a week. One egg contains a huge amount of cholesterol, almost 275 mg each. The cholesterol content in quail eggs is even higher than in chicken eggs about 800 mg per 100 g of the product without the shell. Therefore, in spite of the content in eggs of other nutrients, protein, vitamins and minerals, these are high-priority products with a high content of cholesterol.

  1. Oils.

Since cholesterol is found in the highest concentration in animal products, therefore, the most dangerous for people prone to developing atherosclerosis is butter and food products based on it. Nutritionists and other specialists recommend, if possible, switch to olive oil, it is as harmless as possible, because they contain completely different monounsaturated fat. Another most popular question is, is there any cholesterol in sunflower oil? For many, it will be a surprise, but there is no cholesterol in it at all. This oil also belongs to products of plant origin, and high-quality, properly prepared sunflower oil, used within acceptable limits, will not bring any harm to the human body.

  1. Cream.

Of course, cream has less cholesterol than butter, but still it is a cholesterol-rich product that can aggravate the condition of blood vessels, if consumed in large quantities, home-made fat cream is especially dangerous.

  1. Cheeses.

Cheese is a favorite delicacy in many countries, among many nations. A variety of varieties and tastes can rarely leave anyone indifferent. But this product has a high biological activity, and cholesterol in such products is known to be the highest. On average, 100 g of cheese contains 105 mg of cholesterol. Cheese lovers are better off choosing low-fat varieties, better than young cheese, for example, soft and pickled Adyghe cheese.

  1. Fat Meat. Cholesterol in one or another quantity is in any meat, pork, beef, poultry, rabbit, etc., all of which are products containing cholesterol. But this does not mean that you need to completely abandon meat dishes, you just need to choose the right, lean meat, do not overeat, but rather limit it in your daily diet.
  2. Offal.
  3. Sausages, sausages, smoked products. Most sausages are made from pork, salted pork fat, fatty meat, not to mention all sorts of additives, flavors and "flavorings".Therefore, cholesterol in these products is off the scale. Most of all cholesterol is in liver sausage( about 200 mg per 100g!), In boiled sausage is smaller( about 40 mg).Therefore, if you want a tasty sandwich, in your case it is better to boil a piece of meat or chicken breast and eat it with a black bread.
  4. Fast Food. How many would not say unflattering words about fast food, but unfortunately, this does not stop many people from "quick" snacks. Hamburgers, chips, hot dogs, deep fried potatoes and much more are the most important foods with a high cholesterol content. Besides the fact that fast food contains foods high in animal fats( sausages, meatballs, sausages, etc.), frequent use of fast food has a negative effect on human metabolism, and the general condition of the human body. Therefore, before you run to McDonald’s or a fast food stall, think again, can you better go to the vegetable or fruit department and find a snack there?
  5. Mayonnaise and other egg-based sauces. Those who are forced to follow a diet, due to a significant increase in cholesterol concentration in the blood, are strongly recommended to refuse or to limit the consumption of mayonnaise to the maximum. The very first reason is the content of a large number of egg yolks in its composition, the second is a large percentage of fat content of the product. Therefore, discussing the question of which foods increase cholesterol, it is impossible not to mention mayonnaise, it is not the best food for people with obesity or problems with blood vessels.
  6. Red caviar.
  7. Fresh baking.
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What foods can you eat with high cholesterol?

After you have watched the impressive list above and found out what foods contain cholesterol, you may be wondering what you can eat to keep your cholesterol figure at a normal, acceptable level.

As there is a special table of cholesterol in foods, there is also a list of main products that can lower cholesterol levels. Basically, it is a plant food, the most enriched with fiber. You can bring out “bad” cholesterol if you lean on cabbage, pumpkin, turnip, carrots( !), Tomatoes( and tomato juice).Fruit useful in this case will be grapefruits, apples, bananas, persimmon and avocado.

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Also, considering healthy foods with low cholesterol content, it is impossible to note the legumes that contain fiber and pectin, which "surrounds"extra cholesterol and removes it from the body, even before when he had done troubles. Therefore, you just have to love peas, beans, lentils, soybeans, etc., as well as buckwheat, rice, oatmeal and millet.

Now, you have found out in detail in which products cholesterol is at an exorbitant level, and in which it is not contained at all. To help your body cope with cholesterol "surplus", you need to correctly, efficiently build your diet, and carefully approach the menu selection.

Take care of your health and the health of people close to you!