Male cholesterol: the norm by age. Reasons for rejection

At the first mention of cholesterol, most people form an opinion about something “bad” and “scary” substance that clogs the blood vessels and prevents the heart and other important organs from functioning normally. Such a stereotype was formed not by chance, as nutritionists and other specialists intimidate cholesterol plaques.

Table of contents:
  • Norm of blood cholesterol in men
  • Causes of high cholesterol in men
  • Symptoms of high cholesterol in blood
  • Diet with high cholesterol in menon the contrary, it is useful for the organism, is a building material for cells, participates in metabolic processes, in the production of hormones and the work of vital organs and systems.

    Recently, there has been a tendency for men to change their cholesterol levels, leading to the development of various diseases and disorders. Therefore, in this article we will describe in detail what is the norm of cholesterol in the blood of men, why the level may deviate, what are the risks and what measures should be taken to normalize the indicator.

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    Norm of blood cholesterol in men

    Cholesterol level is determined by donating blood for a biochemical study. At the same time, not only the total cholesterol level is estimated, but also its HDL fraction( “good” cholesterol) and LDL( “bad” cholesterol ").

    The normal level of cholesterol in the blood of men differs from the established figures in women, and depends on the age category, individual and physiological characteristics.

    Total cholesterol in men is considered the norm if it is in the range from 3.6 to 5.1 mmol / l. An indicator of more than 6.0 mmol / l is considered overestimated and requires additional examination of the patient and compliance with some of the recommendations of the doctor.

    If a level of more than 7.5-7.8 mmol / l is detected, this condition is called hypercholesterolemia and means that the blood contains too much cholesterol, and this is a sign or very high risk of atherosclerosis, heart attack, stroke andother diseases of the blood vessels and peripheral arteries.

    The level of cholesterol in the blood, the norm in men changes as they grow up, respectively, for a young man and for a mature man, especially after 50 years, has its own “normal” range of values.

    Consider what is the norm of cholesterol in men by age, table:

    Age category blood test for cholesterol, norm in men, mmol / l
    Up to 5 years 2,95-5,25
    5-15 years 3,13-5,23
    15-30 years 3,08-5,78
    40 years 3,80-6,9
    50 years 4,20-7,17
    60 years 4,45-7,69
    Over 65 years 4.09-7.10

    It should be noted that each laboratory uses different equipment and its own research systems, which means that the standard indicators may vary.

    Especially carefully, specialists analyze the rate of cholesterol in men over 60 years of age, since the elderly are already in the risk category for heart attacks and strokes, and a very high cholesterol level may indicate an extremely adverse health situation.

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    Causes of high cholesterol in men

    It’s almost impossible to name a specific culprit who contributed to the occurrence of hypercholesterolemia.

    According to statistics, the level of cholesterol in the male population begins to rise after the 35-year mark, while for women the rate remains fairly stable until the onset of menopause.

    In men, the following predisposing factors that trigger an early overestimation of the cholesterol indicator can be identified:

    • sedentary, sedentary lifestyle;
    • poor nutrition and frequent overeating;
    • obesity;
    • diabetes;
    • the presence of bad habits( especially I want to mention the heavy smokers, who over the years increases the level of "bad" cholesterol, and the level of "good" significantly decreases);
    • the presence of tumor formations in the pancreas;
    • advanced hypertension;
    • systematic use of certain drugs, diuretic herbs and hormonal steroids;
    • is not advanced treatment of kidney, liver, heart diseases.

    It is extremely rare to find that low blood cholesterol is found in men, and most often this may be due to the development of some type of anemia and some acute infectious disease. Also, lowered cholesterol in men may indicate the development of lung diseases, includingacute or chronic tuberculosis.

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    Symptoms of high cholesterol in the blood

    But, often, it’s impossible to find out that your cholesterol level goes far beyond the limit, unless, of course, you periodically keep track of your indicator in good faith. Unfortunately, most people, especially older ones, find out about their elevated cholesterol level, after a heart attack or stroke.

    Let's try to figure out what needs to be alerted, and what you should pay attention not to bring the vessels to a critical state.

    Signs of high cholesterol in men:

    • pain and weakness in the legs, even with slight physical exertion;
    • appearance of subcutaneous lumps and nodules, indicating the presence of clots and plaques in the blood vessels;
    • frequent manifestation of angina and burning pain in the chest, as a result of narrowing of the lumen of the cardiac artery;
    • appears yellow specific spots on the skin, it can be a kind of cholesterol deposits;
    • is grayish or yellowish edging of the cornea, often manifested in people with a hereditary predisposition to hypercholesterolemia.

    I would also like to note another characteristic, but not mandatory, sign of an elevated cholesterol level - the early appearance of gray hair in a man. The norm of cholesterol in men after 40 years is enough to check once a year, but at the first signs of graying in younger men, it is necessary in the near future to consult a specialist to check all the necessary blood parameters.

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    Diet with high cholesterol in men

    If an increase in the permissible value of the indicator is detected, it is necessary to take appropriate measures before normalizing it. Usually, before proceeding to medical treatment, the doctor advises to reconsider your diet and prescribes a special diet for high cholesterol in men.

    This diet does not imply any starvation, there are only some rules of nutrition and an increase in requirements for daily food intake.

    • Especially strongly increase the cholesterol in the blood saturated fats, which are in high concentration in products of animal origin. This is fatty meat, fatty dairy products, butter, etc. Therefore, if we do not exclude all fatty foods from the menu, then we refrain from consuming them as much as possible.
    • If possible, replace all animal fats with vegetable fats, for example olive, linseed or sunflower oil.
    • Your true friend and helper in the fight against high cholesterol is fiber. And most of all this substance is contained in vegetables, fruits and greens. Therefore, emphasize this.
    • Another substance that can lower the “bad” cholesterol level is pectin, which can be found in apples, citrus fruits, watermelons, beets, oatmeal and green tea.
    • During a diet with high cholesterol, men should not be prohibited: fresh buns and pastries, sandwiches with butter and sausage, fatty dairy products( sour cream, cream, mayonnaise), chips, soda, fast food, fatty meat or fat.

    Cholesterol is often referred to as the “silent killer,” but in fact it is dangerous only if it accumulates too much, but you can prevent everything.

    Eat right, move more, and check your blood readings only for preventive purposes! All health!