Methods of reducing prolactin in women: drugs, folk recipes

Hyperprolactinemia, or an excess of prolactin in women, is an abnormality that, in some cases, requires immediate intervention. If the increase in the level of this hormone produced by the pituitary cells is persistent and has no relation to the physiological processes( puberty, pregnancy, HB, etc.), then it is time to pay a visit to the doctor.

  • Symptoms of hyperprolactinemia, and the indications for the study of blood
  • Medications for the correction parameters prolactin
  • bromocriptine
  • Cabergoline
  • The lower the hormone prolactin in women without pills
  • Tincture K. prostrata
  • Laminaria
  • tincture Potentilla root
  • infusion Elecampane

If you find an endocrinologist or gynecologist deviationsa big side in the results of a blood test, a completely logical question arises: how to reduce prolactin in women? What medications to use, and can we do without them? Let's try to deal with these issues in detail.

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Symptoms of hyperprolactinemia and indications for blood tests

Symptoms of an excess of prolactin in women are often simply ignored. This deviation often occurs in new mothers and pregnant patients, so it is attributed to the physiological changes that occurred in the female body. However, remember: if after months of delivery several months have passed( or even years), and the anomalies described below do not disappear, you are absolutely necessary to analyze the content of prolactin!

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So, by what signs can hyperprolactinemia be suspected? To do this, note the presence of:

  • suspicious, milky-white nipple discharge;
  • frequent mood swings;
  • unreasonable outbursts of anger;
  • failures in the menstrual cycle;
  • lack the ability to conceive a child.

So, if the question arises when to take a prolactin to a woman, then a clinical study is extremely necessary in identifying at least one of the above symptoms. The situation may be aggravated by the fact that the patient will decrease the strength of bone tissue. As a result, frequent and multiple bone fractures occur, and dental caries develop.

In these cases, immediate treatment is necessary. But there are situations when an increased level of prolactin in women does not require correction. As a rule, this occurs if the jump in the content of this hormone is due to excessive activity of macroprolactin - an inactive fraction of prolactin. With the patient's normal state of health and no deviations in the test results, this condition is not dangerous, and therefore does not require treatment.

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Medications for the correction of prolactin indicators

How to reduce prolactin in women? To normalize the performance of this hormone, a doctor may be prescribed special medications. Due to the large amount of drugs, it is possible to reduce the content of the substance in the female body in almost 100% of cases.

Often, preparations made on the basis of natural components, in particular, ergot alkaloids, are used to reduce prolactin. The highest results are given by Bromocriptine and Cabergolin. Briefly consider the principles of their effects on the patient's body.

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If the increase in the concentration of the hormone is not too significant, then the best option is Bromocriptine. It helps to reduce the level of prolactin in women to normal levels, thereby avoiding the need for surgical intervention.

At the beginning of the course of therapy, the patient is prescribed a minimum dosage of the medicinal substance, which gradually increases. However, the drug should not be prescribed if prolactin is doubled in a woman, since in this situation Bromocriptine will simply be ineffective.

To begin with, the patient may be prescribed a dosage of 1.25 mg once. The drug is taken strictly during meals before bedtime.

Increase dosage is carried out gradually. So, on day 3 from the day of initiation of therapy, the dose can be doubled( that is, it will turn out 2.5 mg) and divided into 2 doses - morning and evening( 1.25 mg each).Reducing prolactin in women with Bromocriptine does not succeed with lightning speed, so the patient must be patient.

Throughout the entire treatment period, hormone levels should be monitored regularly. If the need arises, the doctor may carry out another increase in the dosage of the drug, or replace it with another, more effective, drug. By the end of the therapeutic course, prolactinoma should be significantly reduced in size, and the concentration of prolactin should return to normal.

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Preparations based on cabergoline to reduce prolactin in women also show fairly good results. The principle of the course of treatment is that the dosage prescribed by the doctor is divided into 2 doses. So, for a start, 0.5 mg of cabergoline can be prescribed to the patient, that is, it turns out to be 0.25 mg on Monday and Friday( for example).

Gradually, the dosage of the drug increases, and it happens every month. So, every 30 days, the dose of cabergoline is increased by 0.5 mg, and so on until it is possible to lower the level of prolactin in women to optimal values.

Drugs for hyperprolactinemia are prescribed for quite a long time. The approximate duration of therapy may be from 1 to 3 years, but in each individual situation an individual approach is important. Drugs are generally well tolerated, and only in rare cases can side effects occur. They are, however, rather mild. Rarely, patients complain of a sharp drop in blood pressure, nausea, or headaches.

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Than to lower the hormone prolactin in women without tablets

How to reduce prolactin in women folk remedies? If the reason for increasing its concentration was not pregnancy, or breastfeeding, you can try to normalize its level by using alternative medicine recipes.

Important! You can not use the following funds for the treatment of hyperprolactinemia in future or nursing mothers, since most herbs are contraindicated for use in this period of a woman’s life.

So, first of all, such funds are directed to the normalization of the menstrual cycle and the relief of inflammatory processes occurring in the tissues of the mammary glands.

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Printed tincture

Prutnyak ordinary seeds in a proportion of 40 g should be filled with medical alcohol or vodka in a volume of 250 ml. Put the mixture in a dark place for 14 days, then take 15 ml + 60 ml of water once a day as a healing tincture. Medicine to drink before meals.

To reduce prolactin in women without tablets with the help of this folk remedy, you need to be patient. The course of therapy in each patient lasts differently, so it is advisable to undergo a blood test for the content of this hormone after the disappearance of the alarming symptoms.

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Dried kelp leaves are also quite an effective way to reduce prolactin in women without pills. At the same time, it is not necessary to prepare any decoctions and infusions - you only need to take half a teaspoon of the dried leaves of seaweed once a day. As in the previous case, the duration of treatment depends on the individual characteristics of the woman’s body, the degree of prolactinemia and the reasons for which it arose.

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Potentilla root tincture

To prepare an alcohol tincture, it is necessary to mix in the proportions 1:10 dry Potentilla herb and medical alcohol. The components are mixed in a dark glass container and placed in a place where direct sunlight does not penetrate, infuse for 1 month.

When the tool is ready, it needs to be poured into bottles with dispenser. Take 30 drops three times a day 30-40 minutes before meals.

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Infusion of asymptomatic

Another good option that can reduce the prolactin in women is the herbal infusion of the root of astira. Pour a tablespoon of crushed dry roots of a medicinal plant into a thermos and pour 300 ml of boiling water. Insist for 4 hours, then filter. Take 1.5 Art.lfour times a day.

Be Alert! With an incorrectly calculated dosage of infusion, side effects may occur: nausea, dizziness, vomiting of headaches. To prevent their development, do not get carried away by this tool, and do not take it more than indicated in the recipe!

As you can see, there are many ways to reduce prolactin in women using folk remedies. Some recipes can be combined with each other, but this does not mean that the effect of therapy can be achieved as soon as possible. Often, the course of treatment lasts at least 2 months, and sometimes not enough for six months to get rid of the problem.

If no recipes from the arsenal of traditional medicine do not give positive results, do not torture yourself. Most likely, the cause of hyperprolactinemia is quite serious, and herbs cannot eliminate it. In this case, only hormone therapy can help, but the decision on the appointment of specific medical preparations should be made only by a competent endocrinologist or gynecologist!