Can there be a temperature with parasites in the intestine


Could there be temperature from the worms?

Many people are wondering: can there be a temperature from the worms, because the list of common symptoms of its change is not included? Often, the cause of the initiation of chronic diseases in humans is the emergence of such a phenomenon as a pathogenic flora in the intestine. And along with other causes of disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, weaken the health may have the presence of worms in the body. According to statistics, almost every person on the planet has encountered this problem at least once in his life. The most vulnerable to such parasites are children, who daily face numerous sources of infection. There are many symptoms that indicate the presence of these parasites.

The main signs include weight reduction, pale skin, a decrease in strength and itching in the anus, which intensifies in the evening and night.These symptoms are especially acute during the period of pathological reproduction. But when there are worms in children, quite often these signs remain barely noticeable. In fact, there can be an increased body temperature and not only against the background of the main signs.

The main causes of increased body temperature from helminths

Helminths in the people are usually called worms. These are parasitic worms that can exist in the body of animals, humans and plants. Such a phenomenon as an increase in body temperature from helminths can be observed in the presence of their individual species, which directly cause such symptoms. For example, ascaris can parasitize in human tissues and organs, laying eggs in huge quantities and causing dangerous inflammatory processes that are always characterized by fever. And Trichinella causes pain in the muscles, fever and swelling of the face.

Worms, affecting the gastrointestinal tract, can greatly weaken the state of immunity and cause various complications. To aggravate the existing chronic diseases and other inflammatory processes in the nasopharynx, namely:

In such cases, the worms are not direct, but an indirect cause of changes in body temperature, as a consequence of the deterioration of the overall health. Still everything depends on such factors as localization of worms in the body and the time of their stay in it after infection.

There are species of helminths, for example, ascarids, which reproduce fairly quickly. From them, deterioration in health can occur just a few days after infection. Most of the helminth types of incubation period have up to one and a half years, and the first symptoms can appear only in 2-3 weeks.

Treatment and prophylaxis of worms

The tactics of treatment and preventive measures in worms are almost always based on a single principle # 8211; remove the root cause of the disease.

Of course, if the general picture of the disease is exacerbated by other diseases, drug therapy is carried out in combination with both worms and diseases that caused fever. After all, in the first place you need to rid the affected organism of harmful parasites. But here it is important to note: in order to choose which preparation is effective from worms, you must first conduct appropriate tests, determine the state of the body and the immune system. And only an experienced doctor can do this.

Also with complications such as fever, you need to carefully choose anthelmintic drugs, as they are designed to fight living organisms and are quite toxic. In addition, not all parasites perish during the first course of treatment, and the medication intake should be repeated. In any case, you need to see a doctor for laboratory tests. If prophylaxis of worms is required, it is also only after consulting a specialist, especially if there are worms in children. The doctor will prescribe the necessary tests, after all, only after studying the results, medication prophylaxis and treatment can be properly selected.

Tip 1: How to determine the presence of parasites in the body

Notice how often you have problems with your bowels? Constipation, diarrhea, and gas formation are often signs of being present inorganismhelminths. Ask your doctor for aAvailabilityparasites. if you notice a regular manifestation of these symptoms.

Note that parasites do not sit still, but are able to move within your body. Often they can get into muscles or articular fluids, which causes pain similar to arthritis pain. Take a medical examination if you doubt that it is arthritis.

Urticaria, eczema, acne, allergies - all the symptoms of these diseases can also be life-threatening consequencesparasites. Carry out the necessary treatment prescribed by the doctor, and in the absence of effect, check for the presence of helminths.

Get rid of anemia, haunting you for a long time, expelling from your bodyparasites. Quite often they absorb the nutrients and blood cells that come to you. In particular, this way feeds on Trichomonas.

Track your weight. Losing weight, like excess weight, can serve as symptoms of defeat of ribbon worms.

Notice how often you have nervousness and irritability. The fact is that the allocation of manyparasitestoxic and destructive to the nerves. Get rid of the habit of gritting your teeth in a dream. And for this, take a survey. Bruxism is often a consequence of the influence of worms on the nervous system.

Think about how often you are ill? You are treated for a cold, but keep in mind that weakening of the immune system can be a reaction toAvailabilityin yourorganismparasites. If all signs of an infection of the respiratory tract, such as a cough, runny nose, fever occur, think about it, but do not you get too cold often?

Tip 2: How to determine the presence of parasites in the body

It is not uncommon, when the diagnosis of a sick organ does not reveal any significant changes. And bouts of pain or just a bad state of health continue to bother. So can be manifested helminthic infestations - infection with worms. They very often disguise themselves under the guise of other diseases and for years poison the body, making changes in the work of internal organs.

Coexistence with parasites does not pass without a trace for health, because helminths eat the same food as a person. Therefore, even the slightest infection with worms is accompanied by a decrease in body weight.

One of the first signs of infection with worms are digestive disorders (constipation, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting). Often there are spastic pains in the abdomen, itching around the anus. In severe cases, the worms cause intestinal obstruction or appendicitis (inflammation of the appendix).

In the process of their life, parasites produce toxins that poison the entire body. Especially the brain and the central nervous system suffer. This is manifested by causeless attacks of aggression, irritability, headaches, lethargy, apathy, malaise and drowsiness.

From the intoxication and the ability of some species of parasites to lay their larvae in the tissues, the muscular system suffers. This is manifested by pain in the muscles, the formation of seals in the tissues, which in time are able to degenerate into malignant neoplasms.

Some types of parasites (for example, ascarids) lay their larvae in the bronchi, lungs and cause chronic cough and runny nose. With a hereditary predisposition to bronchial asthma, they can become a trigger mechanism in the development of the disease. In severe cases, parasitization in the lungs causes causeless attacks of suffocation.

Parasitization in the brain, as well as chronic intoxication, can have a nerve-paralytic effect and manifest as brain diseases - encephalitis, schizophrenia, epilepsy.

The localization of parasites in the liver causes jaundice, edema, pain in the right upper quadrant, stagnation of bile.

The toxins accumulated in the body, produced by helminths, increase susceptibility to various allergens. This is manifested by a sudden allergy (more often hives), including food.

Among other signs of infection with worms, there is night incontinence, salivation, gnashing of teeth, persistent itching in the eyes, palpitations, a sense of fear and anxiety.

Signs of the presence of parasites in the body. Check yourself and your loved ones!

I thought everyone knew this. It turns out that not all. The question is: How to determine if there are parasites?

Analysis on the eggs of the worm does not indicate their presence. Does this mean that they are not? This analysis has long been outdated, even in the last century. And why is it still done - no one understands # 8230;

However, the presence of parasites can be learned without analysis, since there are signs of parasites in the ORGANISM identified by physicians. Check yourself and your loved ones, do you have any similar signs?

Unexpected guests. Parasites in our body.

The main symptoms of the presence of parasites in the human body are the following:

  • Constipation.A plentiful worm infection can block the bile and intestinal tract, which leads to rare and difficult feces.
  • Diarrhea.A number of parasites produce prostaglandin leading to the loss of sodium and chloride, which leads to frequent watery excrement. Thus, diarrhea with parasitic infection is a function of the parasite, and not an attempt by the body to get rid of the infection.
  • Gases and swelling.A number of parasites live in the upper small intestine, where the inflammation caused by them leads to swelling and gases.
  • Pain in the joints and muscles.Parasites can migrate for the purpose of encapsulation in the joint fluid and in the muscles. In this case, a person experiences pain, which is often considered a sign of arthritis. Pain and inflammation of the joints and muscles are also the result of traumatizing tissues caused by parasites or the immune response of the body to their presence.
  • Allergy.Parasites can irritate, and sometimes pierce the shell of the intestines, which leads to the ingestion of large molecules of undigested food into the blood. This activates the immune system and causes an allergic reaction. By themselves, parasites can also be allergens.
  • Problems with weight.Obesity as a consequence of helminthic invasion is the result of robbing the human body. Because of the gluttony of helminths, there is a deficit of nutrients with an excess of "empty calories."
  • Nervousness.The metabolic waste and toxins of parasites can seriously affect the nervous system. Anxiety, depressive state, nervousness are a consequence of systematic poisoning.
  • Chronic fatigue.Symptoms of chronic fatigue are weakness, apathy, flu-like
    states, depression, decreased concentration, poor memory. These symptoms can be caused by parasites that absorb most of the nutrients. Even with very good nutrition, a deficiency of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals is formed. The condition is aggravated by constant poisoning of the body.
  • Immune disorders.Parasites weaken the immune system, lowering the release of immunoglobulin. Their presence constantly stimulates the system's response and can weaken this vital mechanism, opening the way for penetration, bacterial and viral infections.
  • Inflammation of the respiratory tract.A number of helminths migrate through the human body, including the respiratory tract. Cough, fever, runny nose - real symptoms of the presence in the body of "uninvited guests." Pneumonia is one of the manifestations of ascariasis.
  • Bad skin.Intestinal parasites can cause hives, rashes, eczema and other skin reactions. Skin ulcers, tumors, papillomas and the like can be the result of the presence of protozoa.
  • Sleep disturbance.Frequent awakenings in the middle of the night can be the result of attempts by the body to get rid of toxic substances through the liver. Sleep disturbance can be caused by the night release of some parasites through the anus, which leads to painful sensations and itching.
  • Oncological diseases.Chronic poisoning of the body, a malfunction in the immune system, a direct traumatic effect on tissues and organs, long-term inflammation and nutritional deficiencies - this is more than enough to provoke development tumors.

Other symptoms.Very diverse and depend on the type of parasite, the duration of infection and the degree of organ damage. Range - from migraine and heart attacks to asthma and inflammation of the urinary tract.

All of the above is only a small part of the examples of the harmful effects of parasites.In the course of his life a person contacts a huge number of harmful microorganisms, becoming infected with them. And getting parasites into the body does not fully depend on your cleanliness. You can have a delicious lunch at an expensive restaurant, eat a salad with greens, and have every chance to get sick with ascariasis.

I wish you all good health! And as you know, the key to health is cleanliness!

Pictures for many will be unpleasant. But if it's so unpleasant to watch, then it's better to wear something like that in yourself. Those who do not have any sign of the presence of parasites, of course, this does not concern # 8230;

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