Expansion of the large intestine loops in the fetus


At 22 weeks, a second screening ultrasound was performed, on which an expansion of the intestinal loop was revealed, size, x, mm.23 August.

uzi enlargement of intestinal loops

Last month is the 10th of March. Everything was fine, but at week 32, the intestinal loops were expanded to 11 mm, at week 37 (yesterday).

expansion of the intestine loops in the fetal cause

Hyperechogenous intestine in fetus
By the term "hyperechoic intestine" is meant too bright image of the intestine of the fetus on the monitor of the ultrasound apparatus. It should be noted that the echogenicity of the intestine is greater than the echogenicity of other internal organs located next to it. In the event that the brightness of the intestine approaches the brightness of the image of bones, they speak of hyperechoinality.
Hyperechogenous intestine in the fetus is detected in% of cases in the 2nd trimester of pregnancy. This kind of intestine can be a variant of the norm, or it can be observed if the fetus swallows the blood, which is not digested and remains in the gut lumen. At later stages of pregnancy, the hyperechoic gut indicates the development of meconium peritonitis or meconium ileus, or is a symptom of infection with chickenpox. Causes of the hyperechoic gut in the fetus

If during the ultrasound examination the fetus has a hyperechoic intestine, the future Mom should not panic, because it is likely that such a state of the fetus may change after some time. But do not forget that hyperechoicness can indicate:
hereditary chromosomal diseases (eg, Down syndrome);
retardation of intrauterine development;
intrauterine infection of the fetus.
It should be remembered that the establishment of hyperechoogenicity does not directly indicate the presence of Down syndrome, but is evidence of an increased risk of developing this syndrome. In this case, it is worth turning to a geneticist to check the results of the biochemical test once more. It is also necessary to be examined for the presence of antibodies to cytomegalovirus, herpes simplex virus, toxoplasmosis, parovirus, rubella.
To exclude the delay in intrauterine development, it is necessary to check additionally:
Whether there is a backlog of the sizes of a head and a body of a fruit from term of pregnancy;
whether there is a lack of water;
whether the blood flow in the vessels of the uterus and fetus, the placenta, is not lowered.
If none of the symptoms is confirmed, then the diagnosis is excluded, and it is necessary to establish another cause of hyperechogenicity. Consequences of the hyperechoic gut in the fetus
Data obtained by different researchers indicate that the presence of a hyperechoic gut is the basis for assigning a pregnant woman to a risk group, since she may have a child with cystic fibrosis. Despite the fact that the hyperechoic intestine can talk about various pathologies of the fetus, most of the cases of detected hyperechogenicity culminated in the birth of children without anomalies. Treatment of the hyperechoic gut in the fetus
In cases of establishing giperehogennosti bowel, a woman should be conducted a comprehensive antenatal examination, which will be include the study of karyotype, assessment of ultrasound anatomy of the child, monitoring of his condition, performance of tests for intrauterine infection. Only after that the doctor can give the woman the necessary recommendations for treatment and further management of pregnancy.

enlargement of the colon of the large intestine of the fetus

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    norm of expansion of intestinal loops in fetus

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    expansion of intestinal loops in a child

    How did the doctor determine the expansion of the intestinal loops? To the touch? Thick or small intestine?

    expansion of intestinal loops in adults

    facial structures - is visceral difficult, aspiration of the intestinal loops up to 15 mm. What can be connected with that the loops of the intestine are enlarged? March 1

    expansion of the intestine loops in women

    The expansion of the intestinal loops, that is, the echographic pseudoascitis, will have the form of a hypoechogenic rim, located along the perimeter of the lateral and anterior walls of the abdominal cavity of the fetus, which is a reflection from her muscle layer. Such a hypoechoic rim of the abdominal musculature can create the impression of the presence of ascites, localizing only in the lateral and anterior regions of the abdominal cavity. In the case of a close inspection, it will be possible to trace the progress of the muscles to the very place where they attach to the ribs.

    In real ascites, unlike pseudo-ascites, the fluid usually surrounds the organs and collects in peritoneal pockets, outlining the crescent ligament, vessels of the umbilical cord and a large omentum in the place of their entry directly into the abdominal cavity.

    To correctly identify abnormally widened intestinal loops, one must have an idea of ​​what kind liquids are filled with normal anatomical structures, usually found in the abdominal cavity of the fetus. They are represented by the stomach, bladder, gall bladder and portal vein. The large intestine of the fetus in late pregnancy will also lead to an echographic pattern in the form of numerous hypoechoic formations that are visualized in the abdominal cavity.

    The investigator should strive to identify all the detected hypoechoic structures in the abdominal cavity of the fetus. When a cystic unidentified formation is visualized, an attempt should be made, when possible, to reveal its organ affiliation. Most often, the urinary system is the source that causes the accumulation of fluid directly in the abdominal cavity of the fetus.

    In this case, it is necessary to consider its involvement in pathological processes especially, when the detected formations will be located near the posterior wall and adjacent to the spine. A wide range of other disorders that are not related to the kidney or gastrointestinal tract is known, but also occur in an abnormal accumulation of fluid, and in some cases it is impossible to indicate with certainty the organ that is their source.

    Similar other organs may be the ovaries, where a teratoma or cyst is formed, the spine in the case of formation lumbosacral teratoma or anterior meningocele, bile ducts during the cyst of the bile duct, as well as the liver in the presence of cysts of the liver.

    More on the topic:

    Special children

    Fetal bowel atresia

    I am 36 years old and will be the first birth. There were no genetic diseases in the families. During pregnancy, all the laboratory tests prescribed by the doctor were carried out, incl. RARP, HG, estriol, alfa-fetoprotein; planned ultrasound.
    For the first time on the 22nd week, a swelling of the intestinal loops of the fetus was noted. On the 27th, Pidchenko (Ohmadit) suspected an intestinal obstruction.
    The conclusion at the 30th week (in Isis): moderate polyhydramnios. VVR GIT (intestinal atresia). It is impossible to exclude the chromosomal pathology, cystic fibrosis.
    Please, help or assist advice or council how to act or arrive at such diagnosis,
    What are my optimal actions before and after childbirth to save not only life but also the health of the child?
    At which hospital, clinic, surgeon to stop your choice (g. Kiev)?
    Thankful in advance for advice or councils!


    Read the topic in the Gazebo called:

    Please pray for my mother and mother Vika (Jane_sweety)
    This continuation - still find the beginning. I strongly advise.

    Home - here http://www.uaua.info/mamforum/treeandmessage.htm? onfId = themeId = 112945

    Hopefully, really. I did not think that doctors could be wrong to such a degree!
    That's just a question: how to be with the maternity hospital - is still. Whether to go to the PAG or to give birth in the usual?

    in Ohmatdete at 25 (it seems) the week of pregnancy
    geneticist-uasist ascertained the expansion of renal pelvis in the fetus.
    I did not believe, since the uzi apparatus was ancient (from the words of the nurse to him more than 15 years) and
    went to recheck in Isis (already on 33-34 week) on a three-dimensional uzi (modern equipment). There the diagnosis put in Охматдит have not confirmed. They said that the kidneys in the fetus are normal.
    As a result, after the birth of a child, they made uzi of the kidneys and
    they found that the renal pelvis was enlarged.
    Now we do control uzi 1 time in 6 months, but there is no improvement alas.
    Just in case, I store the results of uzi that contradict each other.
    For myself, I concluded - it's not in the apparatus, but in the uzist!

    but where did they give birth? and where are you controlled?

    Health to your child!

    And I gave birth in the 1 st maternity hospital (in Pechersk).
    Controlled in the 1st hospital on Bogatyrskaya, and now in the Rehabilitation Center on Bogatyrskaya. Have a professor at the Institute of Nephrology.

    monitor the dynamics more often, be sure to monitor the kidney transplant status and not run this thing. My son had an enlargement of one renal pelvis, the diagnosis was made as you did during pregnancy, then observed, they said, maybe the child will outgrow. But this is all complete garbage, if there is stenosis of the ureter (and this is usually the reason for the expansion of pelvis). then it grows into 1% of 100%. Unfortunately, treatment is only prompt. That's just the whole point is that we are afraid to operate, for many reasons. small children with such a diagnosis. As a result, we were observed for up to a year. and then they said. I do not want to frighten you, if interesting, write to the mail, I'll tell you in detail.

    Wrote in the mail!

    in a month they put an extension of the pelvis to the left kidney. but they said, oh, it's probably he did not write. Well, I did not pay attention. and now you read and scared a little. It is necessary to do or make once again US? what threatens this expansion, and what to pay attention to the doctor at the next ultrasound? what else should you look at the small? what should I do?
    during pregnancy, such diagnoses were not raised. although when there was malnutrition, they said that there may be something with the kidneys. but ultrasound did not see the topology.

    Wrote to mail

    Anna_R on 29/04/2007 at 0: 3

    I did the same thing myself

    (to take in 34 years) - have rechecked on ultrasound three times, have entered into a card diagoz. The child was born healthy, the diagnosis was not confirmed.

    If atresia is present at all, they will operate right after delivery (in this case, you can not attach to the breast!) Warn doctors, they are checked for atresia immediately after birth. Operate in Ohmatdete in any case, so the choice of the hospital is not so fundamental - choose a doctor.

    but where did the ultrasound, who confirmed it?

    if possible, write (it is possible in the mail), why they put such a diagnosis and what happened as a result?
    we see a swelling of the intestinal loops.
    Did they advise you to do an analysis for the chromosomal pathology?

    thanks for the advice and hope!

    Anna_R 30/04/2007 at 0: 4

    wrote in the mail

    What happened in the end:

    the diagnosis was not confirmed. Bloating occurred as a result of his spasm, and not as a result of obstruction. Spasm occurred because I caught a cold and the herpes virus became more active. After she drank an antibiotic and a medicine to maintain immunity - bloating on the ultrasound was no longer visible and the baby was born without the terrible diagnosis of Atresia. So, keep in mind.

    Congratulations on your new mom status and. I envy you a little - this is a wonderful feeling - when you go through it all the first time, when you first embrace his child, as my friend says - as if a piece of the sky to her pressed))) Health to you, health and again health


    who responded, trying to help and support.
    I hope that this topic will help not to lose heart for someone else.

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