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How to identify oncology in the early stages

What changes in the body can signal the onset of cancer development?

Timely recognition of cancer in most cases contributes to their successful cure. The main thing - immediately respond to any changes in health and report them to the doctor.

Causeless weight loss in most patients of cancer centers was the first sign of a pathological process. If there are no thyroid problems, diet was not observed, active sports were not conducted, and there was no specific goal to lose weight, weight loss can signal the development of serious diseases.

Unexplained bleeding in women is another worrying harbinger of the possible development of a tumor. Occurred in pre-menopausal age, they may indicate endometrial or colon cancer. Chronic fatigue or loss of strength with a normal diet and a rational mode of work and rest can be signs of leukemia.

The enlargement and consolidation of the lymph nodes in the neck and in the armpits do not always speak of oncology. But to check with the doctor once again does not hurt, because such changes can be a sign of bad changes in the lymph nodes themselves.

Skin reaction to malignant neoplasms

The reason for the suspicion of breast cancer is not only a tightening in the chest. Some cases of thickening of the skin of the breast and rashes on it end with the most dangerous form of cancer - inflammatory. The modification of the nipples and any discharge from them also requires immediate consultation of a specialist.

Oncological skin disease of melanoma at an early stage can begin with a slight change in the integument. Malignant process occurs either in an existing birthmark, or begins with the formation of a new, but larger nevus.

In the early stages of development of melanoma, a physician can determine for such abnormalities of moles as:
- distortion of their edges and asymmetry;
- acquisition by a mole of bright red, black and bluish color;
- Bleeding, itching, covering with crusts;
- the size of the mole, exceeding the value of 7 mm.

Blood in defecation products as a sign of cancer

The presence of bright red or dark blood in the stool is a clear sign of the pathology of the digestive tract. Abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhea, a feeling of full bowel after going to the toilet can signal the current malignant process. Recognizing cancer is not an easy task, as a malignant process can masquerade as other diseases, in terms of similar symptoms.

However, blood should not be frightened in advance. It takes a few days to observe the nature of the stool and only if there is no change for the better. to the doctor, because the cause of its appearance in the stool could serve as some food or medicine.

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  • How to diagnose cancer in the initial stage? Doctors never find anything, and then they say: it's too late.

    I'm ElenaThe Thinker (7122), closed 7 years ago

    Updated 7 years ago

    Many friends died of cancer of the 4th degree. And in fact earlier passed medical batches, addressed to doctors. But all the same: late discovered cancer.

    Salaam AleikumArtificial Intelligence (107045) 7 years ago

    1. Women every year to do mammograms and visit a gynecologist.
    2. Every year do fluorography.
    3. In the presence of any growing symptoms, consult a doctor.
    Early signs of cancer:
    1. Unaccustomed fatigue, weakness, lack of energy
    2. Decreased appetite
    3. Weight loss, weight loss
    4. Uncaused temperature increase, usually small
    5.The color of the face becomes pale with a greyish, earthy tinge
    6. When the cancer of the lips, gums and tongue are broken, speech and chewing
    7. When the cancer of the larynx does not go hoarse or hoarseness
    8. When cancer of the esophagus is difficult to swallow, especially hard food - it sticks
    9. When bowel cancer randomly replace each other with constipation and diarrhea
    10. In the breast, on the skin or any other place there is a nodule (compaction, bulging) with indistinct scalloped edges, a tendency to growth and defeat of lymph nodes - they are enlarged, dense and painless
    11. On the skin, lips, tongue and other mucous membranes appear slowly healing or re-emerging ulcers, often painless, but with dense margins, with red or crimson succulent growths on day
    12. Unreasonable bleeding
    13. Indiscriminate menstruation, severe bleeding, especially extraordinary
    14. Appearance of bleeding or spotting after menopause
    15.Changes of moles and warts - an increase, darkening, the appearance of itching, sores, new moles next to the old (biopsy is contraindicated! )
    16. Especially dangerous are the giant moles and moles, located on the feet, palms and genitals.
    17. Growing pain in the bones, imitating osteochondrosis or arthrosis. Differentiate also with chronic osteomyelitis and post-traumatic ossification. Do not prescribe physiotherapy without radiography!
    18.Palalich facial nerve.

    Salaam AleikumArtificial Intelligence (107045) do not lie.

    Madi SagindykovMaster (1682) 7 years ago

    Well, if doctors do not know, I'm not likely to say

    Leyla ImanovaOrakul (51724) 7 years ago

    Do not be hypochondriac.

    Alexander GrishchenkoEnlightened (39182) 7 years ago

    Go to a homeopath: the doctor of this profile specializes in subtle, subtle properties and health problems.

    Svetlana MerkulovaMaster (1261) 7 years ago

    Yes, cancer is a treacherous thing. I would advise in the first place to be engaged in prevention of oncology and, in general, take care of my health when it is still there.

    Arina ShlykovaGuru (4200) 7 years ago

    weight loss begins. the first six months - smoothly 15 kg (without changing lifestyle and nutrition). then the appetite decreases, it becomes senile - I just want light food: a little bit of curd, milk, kashki, dims the color of the skin. hair, urine (sorry) changes its smell, like all this does not bother, but it feels that something is wrong. so they pass another six months - then they say it's too late.

    California DreamPupil (158) 7 years ago


    At an early stage - only by accident. You will not do every six months to do an MRI of all organs (a direct way to such a diagnosis due to irradiation)

    TatyanaEnlightened (20638) 7 years ago

    At an early stage, the diagnosis is lame, with a medical institute that has a laboratory that makes oncomarkers on the organ of interest to you.

    Yuliya ShabalinaGuru (3238) 7 years ago

    regularly (2 times a year (pass through the examination room). you can also go to the oncologic dispensary and there they donate blood to oncomarkers (especially those who have died from cancer many relatives!

    StasEnlightened (21783) 7 years ago

    The problem is that the medical commission, or just a doctor's examination - does not reveal the cancer at the initial stage. except that gynecologists really often identify cancer in the early stages.
    For everything else, special research is usually needed.
    For example, a regular mammogram for women after 40-45 years.
    Also, special blood tests - on oncomarkers, already practically Analyzes are applied to many types of cancer, cancer markers can detect cancer really at the earliest stages.

    valerius of nerdsPupil (125) 3 months ago

    if there is a suspicion of oncology-swollen lymph nodes this is already 3/4 stage since metastases are spreading at these stages. URGENTLY DO NOT IMMEDIATELY MRI CT and DR, it is necessary to do PET -This is expensive, and oncologists do not always appoint it, my wife was made pet cat and saw numerous lesions of the bones of the skeleton, liver and other organs but at the same time PET CT. did not reveal the primary focus in KAZAKHSTAN, we either have a doctor that or just did not show pet ct. at the autopsy 5 days after the pet tom examined unspecified lung cancer although climbed biopsy from the liver and 3 kt of simple and 1 mrt could not reveal ANY SIMPLE MONEY MONEY and another biopsy was taken and sent to the IHH study which did not show primary focus

    Margarita RogovaPupil (121) 3 months ago


    Tests for the predisposition to cancer

    Early diagnosis of cancer is the key to successful treatment of the disease. People prone to cancer (heredity, transplant surgery for this disease) is recommended to buy an oncological test for home or professional use.

    The advantage of such an analysis as compared to a laboratory test is the speed of obtaining the results and the acceptable cost of the procedure.

    How it works

    The test for cancer "works" according to the generally accepted principle for all rapid tests. At its base a strip is embedded, impregnated with reagents, reacting with oncomarkers. In a healthy organism, oncomarkers do not occur, respectively, their recognition is considered as a positive test result.

    Buy a test for predisposition to cancer is recommended for such symptoms of the disease as unreasonable pain, severe weight loss, fatigue, apathy, bleeding.

    Classification of rapid tests for cancer

    Cancer tests are classified by appearance. Some are ordinary test strips that are lowered into the biological fluid. More expensive and convenient to use - plastic tablet tests. Complete with them is a pipette for accurate application and a buffer. The tablet has two windows - to apply the sample and output the result.

    There is also a classification of biological fluids (test samples). For the analysis can be used:
    ● urine,
    ● whole venous blood,
    ● plasma,
    ● Serum.

    The tests for functionality are classified. One group simply identifies cancer markers, for example, a prostate cancer test that identifies specific prostate antigens (PSA). The second group of tests determines the latent blood in the feces and the localization of bleeding. Such tests are well received by people who are prone to gastrointestinal cancer.

    Before applying the rapid test for cancer, you should read the instructions:
    ● the appearance of two strips indicates a positive result;
    ● One bar appears when the test is performed correctly.
    Purchase a test for cancer in "Medimpulse
    The purchase of tests in the online store "Medimpulse" (Ukraine) has a number of advantages:
    ● competitive prices;
    ● inexpensive delivery around the city and Ukraine (including Kiev);
    ● product descriptions and photos, additional information provided by consultants;
    ● Wide range of products.



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