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Vitamins for cancer and cancer

Vitamins in cancercan and should be taken because these biologically active substances take part in the recovery processes of the body and stimulate the protective properties of a person. Also, the use of radiotherapy and cytotoxic drugs is accompanied by a sharp decrease in immunity and intoxication. To reduce such side effects, vitamin therapy is considered to be appropriate. Oncologists should take into account that the intake of vitamins in cancer should be adjusted with an oncologist in cause that some vitamin complexes can stimulate the growth of malignant neoplasms.

Vitamins against cancer: a general characteristic

Vitamins from the chemical point of view are organic low-molecular substances, which are vital for every organism. They take part in enzymatic and hormonal processes and are not a building or energy material for cells. The use of vitamins in cancer leads to the activation of metabolic processes and detoxification of the body.

The use of fruits and vegetables does not always provide the person with an optimal amount of vitamins and minerals. Especially vitamin deficiency occurs in patients with oncological lesions of the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, for such cancer patients, it is especially important to take tablets or injectable forms of vitamins.

What vitamins can and should be consumed with cancer?

The anti-cancer effect of this element is based on its antioxidant property and the reparative function of cancer cells. In other words, the vitamins of group A contribute to the transformation of malignant cells from the original tissues. In this regard, many scientists recognize retinol as an effective means of preventing oncology. Anti-cancer therapy with vitamin A is based on intramuscular administration of retinol for a long period of time. During such treatment, it should be taken into account that too large doses of vitamins against cancer have a toxic effect.

The science knows about 500 kinds of carotids, the most popular of which isbeta-carotene. It is mainly found in carrots, pumpkins, spinach and fruits such as peach, pear. It is recommended to take this form of vitamin with such forms of malignant lesions: lung carcinoma, prostate cancer. mammary gland, with tumors of the head or neck.

Another carotid by frequency islycopene. This form of vitamin is mainly found in tomato products. The mechanism of action of lycopene is based on antioxidant action, improvement of intercellular connections and normalization of the cell cycle. This form of vitamin is prescribed for prostate and lung cancer.

These substances in the human body are responsible for metabolic processes, taking part in fat, carbohydrate and protein metabolism. Datavitamins for cancershould be used carefully because they are potent stimulators of cell growth.

In clinical practice, B group vitamins normalize the central and peripheral nervous system, preventing apathy, depression. Also, these elements contribute to the improvement of attention, nervous concentration and memory processes.


Many scientific studies indicate that people with a low intake of ascorbic acid several times increase the likelihood of malignant tumors. And on the contrary. -a sufficient intake of vitamin C into the body is an excellent means of anti-cancer prophylaxis.

Ascorbic acid in the complex therapy reduces the side effects of radiation, cytostatic and hormonal therapies.

The antitumor effect of this substance is based on the formation of free radicals that destroy cancer cells. Normal cells of the body from this action are protected by special enzymes (catalase), which neutralizes free radicals.

The therapeutic effect of this element in cancer practice is as follows: the protection of the walls of blood vessels, stimulation of cellular differentiation, activation of cellular immunity by stimulation of T cells and suppression of metastatic processes. Datavitamins against cancerIt is also recommended to take to restore calcium metabolism, which is disrupted both with hormonal and anticancer therapy.

This drug, as a rule, is prescribed in conjunction with other vitamins and trace elements. Especially effective is the use of vitamin E to prevent possible recurrences of the disease in the rehabilitation period after the course of chemotherapy. The treatment of cancer with Group E vitamins is based on their high antioxidant properties.

Cancer and Vitamin B17

Vitamin B17 was isolated for the first time from apricot kernels. This substance is called amygdalin and has the highest anti-cancer effect. Datavitamins against cancercontain cyanide. For a long time, amaddalin was considered a highly toxic substance. Scientific studies have found that cyanide, encapsulated in a vitamin molecule, is absolutely safe for healthy tissues. The cleavage of amygdaline and the release of this protoplasmic poison occurs as a result of the action of a specific enzyme, which is present only in the composition of cancer cells. This is how the datavitamins for cancerdestroy the malignant tumor.

It is important to know:

What to drink after antibiotics? What should I drink after antibiotics?

Now it's not a secret for anyone that antibiotics, on the one hand, helping us to overcome one disease, on the other - disrupt the intestinal microflora (useful microorganisms perish along with pathogenic). Therefore, doctors, prescribing this or that antibiotic, as a rule, together with it write out also preparations, whose course should be drunk after the completion of treatment with antibiotics (or even begin at the same time).

From my own experience I can say that most often doctors offer together with antibiotics and after their Reception to accept Lineks, Hilak Forte or Bifiform, but there is one more good agent is Normoflorin. It is issued in three forms, it is not advertised on TV channels, but, nevertheless, it is effective enough in the treatment of dysbacteriosis.

In addition, you can independently support the body with products that help restore and normalize the intestinal flora. These include sour-milk products, oatmeal, porcupine porridge and broths, bread products with bran, such vegetables and juices from them, like carrots, beets, cabbage (both fresh and sour), onions and greens (parsley, dill). Of fruits, bananas have a better effect on the microflora.

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In general, it is recommended to start taking antibioticshepatoprotectorsfor protection of the liver (for example, natural carpsil (milk thistle in the composition), liv-52 and allochol) and bacteria for the restoration of E. coli. The upper intestine - traditionally appointedlinex. Lower intestine - a classic optionbifidumbacterin. It is recommended to drink while taking antibiotics and ideally about a month after the course of antibiotics.

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I happened so that after a sore throat, where I had to drink antibiotics, a week later I was put in a hospital with another a disease and again kolyat antibiotics and thus any doctor has not specified about consequences of long reception antibiotics. And so then I had a year to take Bifidumbacterin, and Lineks did not help me at all, to drink kefir and other milk. And I do not like dairy, so the treatment of dysbiosis was difficult for me.

As it turned out later, when treating antibiotics and in general for the health of the stomach and intestines, sour-milk products must be daily in our diet. And Bifidumbacterin I consider the best remedy for problems with the intestines, only it should be taken regularly for three months, and other expensive ones and Bifiform also acts worse.

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Blinda May [12.1K]

I drank the Immunal, it is specially recommended for antibiotic treatment, it is also very good for the prevention of colds. The packaging has a special dispenser, very convenient. And terrible side effects like no.

If you have drunk a standard course of antibiotics and you do not have chronic diseases (like, for example, liver or liver pathology), then there is no need to take anything extra. At one time it was accepted after antibiotics to drink eubiotics and antifungal drugs, now they are prescribed only if there are characteristic symptoms. If you want to support the body, it makes sense to drink a complex of vitamins, but it was more correct to say a recommendation after the illness, and not just after antibiotics.

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What are the best multivitamins?

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Many of us take multivitamins in winter, even if there are no symptoms of vitamin deficiency, for preventive purposes. As a rule, only one unit consults with the doctor as to which multivitamin preparation to choose. Therefore, what, except for the number of components, Revit is different from, for example, Decameweith, we do not know, writes Eurolab.


We buy either those vitamins that are advertised on TV, or drugs that have the most components. In this case, the specialization of the vitamin complex is not taken into account. And in vain, if it was not important, pharmacists would long ago have produced universal pills that fit absolutely everything, cover the body's need for all the necessary vitamins and do not have contraindications.

The fact that the excess of some vitamins harms the body no less than their lack, we were told back in school. Even a well-known ascorbic - vitamin C - in large quantities from a medicine can turn into a poison. Therefore, it is not necessary to drink multivitamin preparations designed for the elderly with the goal of preventing colds.

Here are the features of the most common domestic drugs:

Increases resistance to hyperthermia, increased ambient temperature. Designed for people working in hot shops, with great physical activity.

Helps with diseases of the peripheral and central nervous system (radiculitis, neuralgia, neuritis, asthenic conditions, etc.).

It is widely used for the prevention of hypovitaminosis (reduced intake of vitamins into the body) during pregnancy, general malnutrition, with increased physical and mental stress, and after the transferred infectious diseases.

It will be useful for the prevention of hypovitaminosis, with prolonged treatment with antibiotics, as well as for workers whose work requires increased visual acuity.

The complex is prescribed for lesions and skin diseases (frostbites, burns, poorly healing wounds, eczema, skin tuberculosis, etc.), psoriasis, eye diseases (retinitis pigmentosa, night blindness, keratomalacia. dryness of the membranes of the eye, etc.).

This drug helps with hypovitaminosis and beriberi. It is prescribed with a decrease in visual acuity, some skin diseases (ichthyosis, psoriasis, trichophytosis).

Recommended for use in hypovitaminosis, anorexia (lack of appetite), to increase resistance to physical and mental stress. Also this complex is appointed recovering.

This multivitamin drug is used not only for hypovitaminosis and avitaminosis, but also for improving metabolism in the elderly and senile. With mental and physical exhaustion, with sleep and appetite disorders, with moderately expressed atherosclerosis and hypertensive disease (stance increase in blood pressure), as well as during recovery from severe diseases and in the treatment of antibiotics and chemotherapeutic means.

The complex, containing 11 vitamins, is designed to improve metabolic processes and general condition in middle-aged and elderly people with a view to preventing and treating premature aging.

It should be taken by those who are subject to vibration, motion sickness, overload, etc. for the prevention of vitamin deficiency. The doctor may prescribe an aerovit in order to prevent atherosclerosis.

It is necessary for the prevention of vitamin deficiency during pregnancy and lactation.

Vitamin-mineral complex is useful in the treatment and prevention of hypovitaminosis with increased physical exertion, a diet in diabetes and obesity; pregnancy and lactation. In addition, it is worth taking with increased losses of minerals caused by vomiting, diarrhea, heavy menstruation or increased sweating.

Indications for use are cerebral circulation insufficiency, cardiovascular insufficiency, arteriolosclerotic chorioretinal dystrophy of the macular area. It is necessary to enhance the functional activity of the liver and kidneys, stimulate wound healing, reduce toxicity and attenuate side effects of neurotropic (mainly affecting the nervous tissue), chemotherapeutic and other medicinal products means.

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