How to quickly empty the bowels with constipation


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How to clean the intestines with constipation?

Constipation is essentially a cork, formed in our intestines. According to many people, coping with this condition is much easier than coping with congestion on city roads. It is enough to drink a laxative and normal movement in the intestines will recover.
In fact, everything is much more complicated. And the uncontrolled use of a laxative can be dangerous for your health. Without hypocrisy and obscurantism, we'll figure out what to do if you have constipation and what you can not do.

So, once again, What is constipation? If you ask such a question you will not immediately answer. The official definition of constipation, calls constipation, that which corresponds to one of three points:

  • The nature of the stool or feces. If it is hard and dry, then you have constipation;
  • A chair is less frequent than once in three days;
  • Walking to the toilet, when in order to defecate, you should experience unpleasant and difficult symptoms (for example, stiffening or experiencing pain or any other discomfort).

In all these cases, a constipation is diagnosed, and you have to understand one simple thing, before you begin to be treated yourself, it's good to know why you, as doctors say, have a "sheep" stool?
Why is it important to be serious about constipation?

Not a large tumor in the large intestine can cause a spasm of the large intestine and do not give you a normal defecation. Or, swelling can grow to such a size that the large intestine can be completely blocked by itself as a tumor. Therefore, without examination, without understanding that there, in your intestines, you can not heal yourself. But when they were examined, then another matter.

Treatment of constipation begins with eating and movement

After you have been examined and excluded the tumor of the large intestine, we recommend regular physical activity, as well as with heart disease, 40 minutes a day, the most effective is walking.

Diet in case of constipation
It is necessary to exclude foods rich in carbohydrates without dietary fiber and add food rich in dietary fiber (dietary fiber is not absorbed and not digested), which attract water, increase the amount of content, food lump. Foods that are rich in dietary fiber are: prunes, soybeans and sesame and all the greens without exception.

Treatment of constipation
The first principle of treatment absolutely corresponds to the physiology of the human body. The principle of treatment is the same, to increase the volume of the food lump, with the help of increased water content in it. Purification of the intestines with constipation can be carried out using osmotic laxatives, which attract water and thereby water is stored in the intestinal cavity, and thus food the clump becomes large in volume and the feces become softer (for example, the most famous are dupalac and magnesium), and most importantly without any impact on the walls intestines.

The second group of laxatives acts on the intestinal wall. The task of these laxatives is to activate the intestinal peristalsis, so that the food lump and feces pass faster. That is, they are engaged in that directly activate peristalsis, or irritate the mucosa of the intestinal wall, that this has consistently affected the easier passage of the stool. These include the well-known herb Senna, castor oil, etc. The main thing is not to get carried away by these drugs, as they become addictive or even complicate, if you do not correctly identify cause of constipation.

Conclusion. If you have constipation - be examined, suddenly it is cancer, from which you can be cured on time.

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    How to quickly get rid of constipation

    Constipation is a common problem. Constipation may be caused by various causes. Constipation may be caused by food, certain medications or illnesses, a sedentary lifestyle.

    Constipation can cause discomfort and a number of unpleasant sensations, such as bloating, pain in the lower abdomen, difficulty in emptying the intestine. All these symptoms do not have the best effect on the state of health and morale.

    How quickly to get rid of constipation? There are a number of ways that will help to solve the problem and relieve constipation in a short time. Among these funds are many folk that are easy to apply at home.

    How to quickly get rid of constipation at home

    The fastest remedy for constipation at home is an enema. The enema can be made with the help of a mug of Esmark or a pear.

    With the help of a pear oil enemas are usually made. For an enema with the help of a mug Esmarka in the water can add salt. The salt has osmotic properties, i.e. draw water from the walls of the intestine, which leads to an increase in volume and softening of stool.

    Applying enema is not recommended. This is a one-time remedy to quickly get rid of constipation.

    There are also other home proven methods with which you can quickly solve the problem of constipation.

    Flaxseed oil with orange juice

    Flaxseed oil with orange juice will help quickly get rid of constipation.

    Flaxseed oil envelops the walls of the intestines and stimulates the movement of feces.

    Orange juice with pulp is rich in fiber. All this together is a good folk remedy that can be used at home from constipation.

    Add a glass of orange juice with pulp and a tablespoon of linseed oil and drink. Within 5 hours there should be a urge to empty the intestine.

    Lemon water

    Citric acid stimulates the walls of the intestine and facilitates the rapid evacuation of the intestine. Lemon water is better in the morning on an empty stomach.

    Baby soap from constipation

    This is an old proven means of getting rid of constipation. Some recommend using a laundry soap. But still better for this purpose is suitable for children's soap. It is possible and another soap, only without dyes and flavors. From the soap, cut a small candle and insert it into the rectum.

    Epson salt

    Epson salt, English salt or magnesia powder are the same. Such salt can be bought at the pharmacy.

    English salt is an effective home remedy for constipation. Salt draws water from nearby tissues, which softens the stool and, accordingly, its movement along the intestine. The magnesium present in the salt stimulates the walls of the intestines, which also speeds up its emptying and getting rid of constipation.

    For adults, two teaspoons of English salt dilute in a glass of water or fruit juice. For children (except for breastfeeding), half a teaspoon will be enough for a glass of water or juice.

    If after 4 hours there is no emptying, you can take another glass with Epson salt. Only in this case, add half a teaspoon of salt to a glass of water.

    Castor oil

    Castor oil from constipation has been used for a long time. The oil stimulates the muscles of the walls of the intestine and facilitates the passage of fecal masses, which results in the release of constipation. Castor oil is better to drink on an empty stomach in the morning. But when you urgently need to get rid of constipation, you can drink during the day an hour after eating.

    The action of the oil can occur from 2 to 8 hours. Adults during the day are recommended to drink no more than 2 tablespoons of oil, children - not more than one tablespoon.

    Treatment with castor oil can be applied no more than three days. During pregnancy, you can not drink oil from constipation, as this can cause premature birth and lead to miscarriage.

    Vaseline oil

    Pure vaseline oil will also help to quickly get rid of constipation. Vaseline oil is a liquid paraffin and is not absorbed in the intestine. Oil, getting into the intestine, acts as a lubricant, facilitating the passage of the stool and softening the emptying of the intestine.

    Vaseline oil used for constipation, even in young children, after consultation with your pediatrician.

    Adults can drink up to, teaspoons of vaseline oil. For infants, this dose is half a teaspoon. For children of primary school age and adolescents, not more than one, two teaspoons.

    With permanent constipation, the course of taking vaseline oil should not be more than 5 days.

    Contraindication to the intake of vaseline oil is the intestinal obstruction, infectious diseases of the abdominal cavity, as well as pregnancy.

    Jojoba oil

    Jojoba oil is a liquid wax and also, passing through the stomach and intestines, is not absorbed into them. This oil has long been used by constipation of the Indians of America.

    To stimulate the intestines and facilitate passage of the stool along the intestine, one can make a massage. Massage is performed clockwise, starting from the abdomen just below the navel and along the rectum to the pubis.

    Quickly get rid of constipation will help herbs that have laxative properties. Among these herbs is the most famous senna.

    You can get rid quickly of constipation with the help of laxatives. It is best to use candles for this, for example, a religion. Relief is also sold in the form of microclysters. Emptying the bowel can occur from a few minutes to several hours. Everything depends on the individual characteristics of the body.

    How to quickly get rid of constipation

    Ideally, treatment of constipation implies an integrated approach: adjusting diet and drinking regimen, long-term administration preparations for improving the microflora of the gastrointestinal tract and restoring normal peristalsis intestines.

    But what if the absence of a chair is accompanied by a pain in the abdomen, weakness, nausea, a feeling of heaviness and there is no strength to tolerate such a condition? How fast can I get rid of constipation?

    Natural laxatives

    Effective and proven for years helps to quickly eliminate constipation and provide the desired evacuation of the intestine from accumulated stools after only 2 hours.

    Castor oil is not recommended to be mixed with food, it is better to add it to the juice - the taste of the medicine will become more pleasant. This laxative should be used only in emergencies and cautiously, as dehydration and seizures are included in the list of side effects associated with an overdose.

    If you pre-brew 20-30 fruits and eat them before bedtime, the next full and painless defecation is provided. And for the prevention of constipation is very good decoction of prunes, drink it is recommended daily for 200-250 milliliters before breakfast.

    Rectal Suppositories

    Of all the medicinal forms, candles are considered the fastest remedy for severe constipation, since they are # 17; they are running # 187; directly in the zone of localization of the problem - in the intestine.

    The desired effect is achieved after 20-30 minutes after the injection of the candle into the anus. In addition, suppositories are harmless and have virtually no contraindications, except for the presence of anal cracks and hemorrhoids in the acute phase.

    Cleansing enemas

    The simplest laxative for emergency action. The patient is placed on the left side, bends his knees, an enema with water of room temperature is injected into the bowel. After 10-30 minutes, a characteristic pressure in the intestines will be felt, which indicates the need to visit the toilet for the act of defecation.

    Important: a soap enema is strictly forbidden to avoid rectal irritation.

    Stimulating intestinal peristalsis medicines

    Laxatives included in this group are the most # 17; il # 187;. They increase the bowel motility, causing bowel movement after 4-6 hours:

    • Bisacodyl. Increases the secretion of mucus in the gut, strengthens and accelerates peristalsis. The action of Bisacodyl is due to the purposeful excitation of nerve receptors in the colonic mucosa. Contraindications: abdominal pain of unclear origin, intestinal obstruction, peritonitis, acute hemorrhoids and proctitis.
    • Almagel. The active substance is magnesium hydroxide. Neutralizes in the stomach hydrochloric acid and reduces the activity of gastric juice, contributing to increased intestinal peristalsis. The laxative effect comes later, -5 hours after taking. Contraindications: individual intolerance to magnesium hydroxide, hypermagnesia.
    • Guttalax. The active substance is sodium picosulfate. It hydrolyzes under the influence of intestinal microorganisms, forming a form that causes excitation of the intestinal mucosa receptors and enhancing its peristalsis. Contraindications: strangulated hernia, uterine bleeding, spastic constipation, intestinal obstruction.

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