Water to improve bowel function


How to improve bowel function

If a person does not eat properly, preferring sandwiches eaten on the go, or often visits fast food establishments, sooner or later he will face the problem of intestinal disorders. To avoid this, there must always be a certain amount of plant food on your table. Without sour cabbage, apples, carrots, beets, plums and bread (wholemeal flour) in your diet, the intestines will not work regularly.

Drink a glass of yogurt for the night, and in the morning on an empty stomach, drink warm water. It is also useful to hold in your mouth a spoonful of vegetable oil, "chewing" it for several minutes. Swallow the contents do not.

Try daily to drink up to 2 liters of pure mineral water without gas. Do not eat dry, eating on an empty stomach water will help the intestines to be emptied regularly. Eat often, several times a day, in small portions.

Accustom your bowel to emptying at a certain time. It is important that it does not change, it will be this morning or evening, not so much.

Various mobile games normalizethe workintestines. Do volleyball, tennis, try to swim, ride a bike, walk more and walk.

It is known that there are many biologically active points on the soles. Gymnastics for the feet will help stimulate these points, as a result of which there will necessarily come an improvement in the work of the gastrointestinal tract. Sit on a chair, put a round stick on the floor, and roll it with your feet back and forth for a few minutes. If you still have a problem, you can drink a decoction, which includes chamomile, senna leaf and jostler fruits.

EmptyingintestinesThe composition of the soothing paste is favorable. It includes 500 g of prunes and about 350 g of figs. Pass the fruit through a meat grinder, add 250 g of honey and a crushed Alexandrian leaf in an amount of 30 g. Take the pasta on a spoon for the night.

Regular exercises should be performed to improve bowel function. 2. AND. lying on his back. The leg bent at the knee (or both legs) is wrapped around the arms and pressed against the stomach, then returned to and. P. Exercise stimulates the activity of the intestines, activates blood circulation in the abdominal cavity, promotes the escape of gases during flatulence.

Here are the detailed recommendations for those who suffer from poor bowel work: • Include in your menu more apples, carrots, fresh and sauerkraut, bread with bran. These products are inexpensive, but very well supply us with fiber, and vitamins too. But hot tea and sweet sodas are fastened, so do not get carried away by them. • Massage your stomach in the morning - stroke it around the navel in a clockwise direction, gently rub your fingers. This stimulates the bowels, improves digestion.

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Apply these simple tips in practice, and you will almost immediately feel a surge of strength and energy.

Eating on the go, bad snacks, long breaks between meals, giant portions and many other delights of modern society worsen the work of the gastrointestinal tract. But with poor work of the intestine is associated with more than 90% of all human diseases. Set up the work of the digestive tract, and you will open your doors to a long and healthy life.

Today I share with you proven methods that will help improve the work of the digestive tract.

To begin, adjust yourdiet. Try to eat at the same time, 5-6 times a day in small portions. Do not make long breaks between meals, maximum 3-4 hours.

Each piece of food thoroughly chew and do not drink food with water or other drinks. For better assimilation of food, it is necessary to drink half an hour before and after an hour and a half after eating. This same rule applies to fresh fruit: do not consume them for dessert, after the main meal. So they can cause disturbances in the digestive process, lead to stagnation and fermentation of the eaten.

Since morning, on an empty stomach, drink a glass of warm clean water, preferably with lemon juice, so that it is easy and naturalto awaken your digestive system. Warm water on an empty stomach perfectly cleanses the stomach and improves the functioning of the pancreas. And lemon juice will relieve the unpleasant sensations of bloating, belching and heartburn. If you suffer from gastritis, instead of lemon juice add in the morning water 1 tsp. honey. Such honey vodichka improves the production of gastric juice, as well as promotes the regeneration of mucosal tissues, damaged by gastritis.

Enrich your daily dietfoods rich in fiber. It is like a brush cleans the gastrointestinal tract, absorbing harmful substances and sweeping undigested remnants of food. The use of fiber can prevent constipation, dysbiosis and obesity, as well as normalize the function beneficial bacteria, improve the assimilation of the necessary trace elements and create optimal conditions for the movement of food by GIT. To this end, it is worth at least 60% to enrich your diet with fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Do not forget aboutgeneral cleaning of the intestine. After all, from the harmful substances accumulating in it daily, undigested remnants of food, pathogenic microflora, it is necessary to regularly dispose of. It is the litter of the intestine that gives rise to many diseases.

For cleaning the intestine, 1-2 times a year, hydrotherapy can be performed at the clinic. And you can clean well at home, using an enema, English salt or castor oil for this. It is also recommended to arrange weekly unloading days when you only drink juices, water or herbal teas.

And, of course, for the perfect work of the GIT, you mustmove a lot. Movement is life!. Any physical activity, whether it's simple walking, running on the street or power and cardio in the gym, improves intestinal motility.

Apply these simple methods of improving the work of the digestive tract, and you will almost immediately feel a surge of strength, energy and health, and illnesses will bypass you.

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