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Probiotic-Bifido-lacto form

Packaging:50 capsulesNow in capsules!A new form of release allows you to deliver the most useful components of the product to the necessary areas of the intestine.

• Contains dry biomass of bifido- and lactobacilli, inhibits pathogenic bacteria, which allows to restore normal intestinal microflora.
• The combination of plant components and dried milk creates favorable conditions for bifido- and lactobacillus for their vital activity and reproduction, enhancing the effectiveness of their action.
• It is indicated in disorders of stool caused by various factors.

Recommendations on the method of taking and doses:adults 1-2 caps. twice a day for 30 minutes before meals for 3-4 weeks. After 1 month, if necessary, repeat the course.
Caveats:pregnancy, lactation, sensitivity to the components of the product.

fruits of blueberry,

root crops of carrots,

lactobacilli (CFU / g 1 * 108),

bifidobacteria (CFU / g 1 * 108).

Features of the technology of production

Extracts used for manufacturing products are produced by express method, using vacuum, which allows to save

the maximum biological activity of the active substances extracted from medicinal plants, that
guarantees high quality of extracts.

- Extracts are obtained in an easily digestible form, which means that they have a high degree of absorption and
speed on the human body.

For quality control methods of high-efficiency liquid and gas chromatography are used.

In the production process, the wet granulation technology is used, which allows evenly
distribute the natural extracts of herbs on the surface, finely chopped lactose powder.

This technology ensures the accuracy of dosage of extracts in the finished tablet!
The products are manufactured on the basis of the same technology, about which the medicinal products are manufactured.

As a result, we get a product with the following properties:
A scientifically substantiated and balanced composition provides a synergistic effect of the biologically active substances included in the composition of dietary supplements.

High accuracy of dosing multicomponent compounds from extracts of medicinal plants in each product tablet.
The product contains all biologically active components in a readily digestible form: with a high degree of absorption and rapid response to the human body.


Important: the company's products have all the necessary permits and certificates of quality: Documents from the state Sanitary and Epidemiological Service, was evaluated and registered by the authorized organization NQA for compliance with the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001. 2000, was evaluated and registered by the authorized organization NQA for compliance with the requirements of CODEX ALIMENTARIUS, a license for the manufacture of medicines and certificate of accreditation for technical competence (GOST R 52249-2004 - GMS), passed a certification audit for compliance with international food safety standards ISO 22000 - 2005

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Cleansing the body

An important procedure for every organism is purification. To us in an organism get slags and toxins which act with meal, drink and air, penetrating even through pores of a skin, but there are also such which are formed at us in an organism. Therefore, each of us need to take the rule - cleanse the body! Usually slags are debugged in cells and intercellular space, in bone, fat and connective tissues. We block the slag in our intestines, lungs, kidneys, liver and muscles, which is why these organs most often need support. It is worth taking on the armament that it is useless to treat a contaminated organism, you must first clean it.


Preparations for body cleansing

And to cleanse the body there are many ways and drugs. Let's talk about them:
  • Cleansing of the intestines: Fiber; White and Blue clay; ICC Ankyr-B; Purity; Sen; Buckthorn; Butter Flaxen to buy; Minerol; Oatsan; Clean-Oats; Phytolax; Algophyte; Bran; Tea Cleansing; Cascara The Sagrada.
  • Purification of blood and lymph: Nettle; Red clover; Skipofit «Blood Cleansing»; Volyn collection number 2 (blood-purifying); Lymphatic drainage; Lymphotransit; Tea for cleansing the lymphatic system; Avicont (Cleaner); Polyphepan; Lymphocline with Lecithin.
  • Cleansing the whole body: Phytosorbovit; Toxfighter Lux; Mikoton; Fitoklin; Polyenzyme number 1; Yantarin-Detox.
  • Purification and restoration of the liver: Hepatocline; Hepar formula; Svitanok; Hepatic tea; Ovesol; Oleoprene Gepa; Milk thistle; Lecithin to buy; Chest Hepanton-3; Phyto-balm Healthy liver; Polyenzyme 2.1.

Cleaning the body

Cleaning the body is not just a necessary procedure. In our time, with an unsatisfactory state of the environment, it becomes vital. Daily in our body, along with water, products and even air, toxins and toxins come in. Plus, they are formed in the body in the process of its life. And, accumulating, begin their destructive work. Often irritability, fatigue, insomnia, headaches are a consequence of the clogging of our body.

Therefore, it is necessary to identify the causes of malaise and discomfort and immediately begin to eliminate them. As usual, the struggle must begin with the cause of the disease, not its symptoms.

Preparations for cleaning the human body

Fito pharmacy "Svit zdorovya" offers in the range of preparations for cleaning the body. However, it is important not to forget that when choosing them, it is necessary to take into account the individual characteristics of the organism. In order for the complete purification program to be effective, it is necessary to diagnose the organism. After that, the drugs are selected according to their characteristics. Here you will be assisted by phyto pharmacy consultants. The ideal option for developing the program remains the help of a knowledgeable specialist.

BADs for body cleaning are also widely used in the program of complete purification, and in the process of working on individual systems. After the program, the body will well absorb all nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and the effect of dietary supplements will also be fully manifested.



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