I can not stomach the intestines



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I can not stomach the intestines

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I can not stomach the intestines - debilitating

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2 thoughts on Can not entangle the stomach of the intestine

It is harmful to retract the stomach

There are ladies who claim that pulling your belly and breathing deeply while doing this, you can get a beautiful press (almost with cubes) without any effort (restrictions on oneself in nutrition, playing sports and etc.). The reciprocal chorus of voices asserts that it is harmful to involve the stomach, because it strains, and this leads to spasms. Experts in this regard have their own point of view.

It is possible or not to involve the stomach

In fact, you can draw in your stomach, but you need to do it wisely. For example, if you perform a physical exercise. In yoga there is such, when it is necessary to draw the stomach in inspiration, and relax it on exhalation. Thus, the necessary pumping of the muscles of the anterior abdominal wall is achieved, the organs are saturated with oxygen (after all, the breath is very deep), and the nervous system acquires harmony.
Before you begin to perform this exercise, carefully study the recommendations of experts on the correct execution. If at the time of execution you become unwell, interrupt.

On the other hand, it is extremely harmful to involve the stomach constantly. Because of this, the posture is disturbed, the natural rhythm of breathing is lost, which leads to tangible health problems, because the organs stop supplying oxygen in necessary quantities.

In addition, when you pull in your stomach, your intestines are straining. As a result of frequent retraction of the abdomen, problems with digestion may form. Grafting of the intestine, albeit not very strong, can still disrupt the natural process.
If a person is prone to blood clots, even a slight constriction of the intestinal vessels can lead to quite unpleasant consequences and the development of severe complications.


How to adjust the stomach

Correction of the stomach can be done by means of the usual pumping of the press. Of course, to add breathing practice to you no one interferes - and the result will manifest faster.

Do not try to pull the belly strap or corset. You simply drag it, which will cause the same problems as in the case of constricting the intestine.

Experts recommend learning how not to draw in your stomach, but to strain your abdominal muscles. For this you do not have to breathe deeply. You just need to be able to make the muscles stone. In this case, you will have a beautiful press without any harm to health.

Can I draw in my belly during pregnancy?

Some ladies manage to draw in the belly in the early stages of pregnancy. Doctors strongly do not recommend this. After all, let this procedure does not cause serious harm to the fetus. However, the baby can be uncomfortable from such experiments. In case the pregnancy is a problem, such a procedure is strictly forbidden. After all, its incorrect execution in this situation can easily lead to miscarriage.

How to quickly get rid of a hangover at home

Anyone who experiences a hangover, understands its cause and wants to quickly bring your body back to normal.

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  • Just pull the belly

    However, it's not that simple.

    Who has always tried to walk with a belly drawn, knows perfectly well: the first two months of a trained skill - torture is still: it is impossible to relax not for a minute, to fall apart in the chairs or lean back in the chair - no, no, thanks, just thought about something - over the strap of jeans already hanging, looking with caution on the sides, something kiseleobraznoe and cunning, the very belly that took advantage of the moment and slipped out on freedom ...

    Fighting against one's own belly does not all end in a complete and unconditional victory: someone really gets used to walking with the drawn dignity, someone mobilizes only in front of the mirror and a video camera, someone invigorates a small black dress, but categorically relax long sweaters, and someone waves at all this wisdom and lets loose a charming bag with fat ...
    So those who do not bring things to the end, are deeply mistaken.

    For the embroidered stomach is not just beautiful.

    This is vital.

    Here's what doctors say:
    the drawn up abdomen is the only true prevention of swelling of the abdomen due to the correct position of the intestine;
    The embroidered abdomen is the trained abdominal muscles that are necessary for a woman during pregnancy;
    The drawn up abdomen is a strong press, which is useful in childbirth;
    the embroidered stomach is a healthy spine;
    The drawn up abdomen is a strong muscular corset.

    So if the beauty of you on the drum - think at least about health.

    Have you thought about it?
    Then for the case: we learn to draw the stomach medically correctly:
    1. We lay on our backs, bend our knees, we stretch our necks and legs, put our hands on our stomachs and place elbows on our sides.
    2. We represent that on our stomach we have a compass, and the south is the navel.
    3. Now, using the abdominal muscles, we orient the pelvis strictly to the north. The waist has become flat, the characteristic curve has disappeared.
    4. Now orient the pelvis to the south, bending the lower back.
    5. Balance in this position: north-south, north-south ...
    6. Now find the middle position between north and south. Fix a muscle feeling. That's how you should pull your stomach.

    In a couple of days you will learn how to do it and standing up.

    And, please, do not unlearn.

    Sources: http://steel-security.ru/risovidnie-tela/ne-mogu-vtyanut-zhivot-kishechnik.html, http://www.kakprosto.ru/kak-851349-vredno-li-vtyagivat-zhivot, http://talkyland.com/talky/8174/


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