The preparation for cleaning the intestines by Fortrans


Preparation # 17; ortrans # 187; for bowel cleansing

In the human intestine, kilograms of salts and wastes that are unnecessary to the body accumulate, so it is absolutely necessary to purge this organ. To date, it is not necessary to do cleansing enemas, since a modern preparation fortrans has appeared to cleanse the intestines, and you can buy it at any pharmacy. This drug belongs to the group of laxative drugs.

Fortrans is the strongest preparation for cleaning the intestines, it is often prescribed before surgery on this organ or before diets.

Doctors believe that a one-time intake of this drug will be much more effective to clear the intestines than several enemas with the addition of activated carbon.

Proper cleansing of the intestines by Fortrans

# 8212; prepare the solution according to the instructions for the preparation. The contents of one Fortran sachet are diluted in one liter of water. In this case, the dose for each person is established from this calculation: 1 liter of drug solution for 15-20 kg of body weight. Most often, a solution amount of 3 or 4 liters is needed;

# 8212; it is necessary to begin to drink a solution not earlier and not later than 18 o'clock in the evening. The prepared solution is poured into a glass, but do not drink in one gulp. It should be drunk gradually and slowly, for ten minutes. It is best to drink Fortrans solution through a tube. Then you drink in the same way the next glass and in one hour you need to drink one liter of the diluted product;

# 8212; it is very important to drink the solution gradually. Then the feces will have time to soften, otherwise first pure water will come from the anus, and then everything else, but it is necessary that everything be the other way around. The effect of using the drug you will see within an hour after its administration. The total complexity of this cleaning takes six hours. During the reception of Fortrans, there is usually no swelling, no abdominal pain.


# 8212; not recommended for children;

# 8212; severe heart failure;

# 8212; malignant tumors of the colon or other diseases in which the mucosa is affected;

# 8212; complete or partial intestinal obstruction;

# 8212; intestinal pain of unknown origin.

Attention! Doctors recommend starting any body cleansing with liver cleansing. Read more.

How to clean the intestines with fortrance

Disorders of the absorption process contribute to such diseases of the digestive tract as pancreatitis, gastritis, hepatitis, enterocolitis, etc. this leads to irritation of the mucosa gastrointestinal tract. Now applicable to the cleansing of the body and intestines are used sparing medical preparations, for example, fortrans especially for the full purification of the intestine.

How to clean the intestines with fortrance

Fortrans for cleaning the intestines after dissolving in the right amount of boiled water should be taken little by little, somewhere around the glass every quarter of an hour. It should be noted that the drug has a rather unpleasant taste, so the first reaction of the body can manifest as nausea or even vomiting. To reduce specific taste sensations, the solution is allowed to be washed with other liquids, for example juice. After you take the drug, a few hours you can lie on your right side or continue the usual rhythm of life. Desires can bother you for the next three to six hours. After their graduation, the treatment course can be considered complete.

Basic contraindications for bowel cleansing fortransom

Contraindications to the use of this medication (however, as well as for other methods of purification intestines), intestinal obstruction, ulcerative processes in the digestive canal, severe pathology of cardio-vascular system. It is undesirable to use it for children, since it is still not enough to have experienced observations of the practical use of the drug for cleaning the intestines of children.

What is Fortrans?

One of the popular and rather inexpensive drugs for the complex purification of the gastrointestinal tract is the drug fortrans, made in France. Powdered drug substance is dosed into small bags and is used at the rate of 1 packet per liter of water, which is used for twenty-five to thirty kilograms of body weight. This drug to date is quite widely available in pharmacies of any city and is suitable for use at home. The main requirement is to follow all the recommendations of the instruction in the package. The positive qualities can be attributed to the fact that even with the help of a single application of this drug its effectiveness is comparable with several conducted courses of setting enemas.

In any case, it is worth remembering that such procedure as cleansing of the intestine should be done no more than once in month, preferably before the day off, so that at work you do not have a feeling of discomfort or supernumerary situation. On the eve of the adoption of the fortrance one should not burden the diet with heavily digested food, and on the day of cleaning it is better to limit oneself only to liquids.

Cleansing the bowels with fortrans can cause hiccups or belching, which should not scare you, since such signs indicate that the process of cleansing the body is normal. If you have a feeling of nausea or rolling up a coma to the throat, then such signs should you alert, as they signal that your body is not just slagged, but seriously weakened or sick.

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Purification of the intestines with Fortrans

Fortrans for cleansing the intestines and losing weight # 8212; description, user manual, reviews, price.

The drug Fortrans, reviews of which recently have literally filled all the forums, and sites for weight loss is a drug that exerts a strong laxative effect on the body.

Usually, Fortrans is prescribed for use before cavitary surgery or medical examinations, for example, before a colonization or ultrasound. Sometimes the remedy is recommended for severe intestinal obstruction, which is fraught with the strongest intoxication of the body. Whether it is possible to apply a preparation of such action for growing thin, and what responses to it doctors give - detailed answers to these questions we will try to give in this article.

Instructions for use for cleansing the intestines and losing weight

Instructions for using Fortrans for weight loss are information from reviews. The present instruction to the preparation does not contain any indications on the use of the means for correcting the weight. To clean the intestines before a diet, Fortrans is applied as follows:

  • On the day of the procedure it is better not to plan any cases and also it is worth taking a day off and on the next day, because after cleansing with this drug for several days you can feel a strong weakness and dizziness;
  • The reception of Fortrans for weight loss, according to reviews is better, carry out in the early morning. Dosage is determined by weight and detailed instructions for calculating the dose of admission can be found on the sachet with the drug;
  • After taking Fortrans, you should not eat anything, you can drink only pure water.

On average, the process of cleansing the intestines by Fortrans, according to those who have already tried the drug on itself last about six to twelve hours. The time of action depends on the characteristics of the body. It will only be possible after the intestines have completely cleared. And thus - you can eat not any food, but only boiled white rice without salt and other spices. A glass of rice will need to be cooked, divided into six portions and eaten within 24 hours.

Attention!After carrying out the procedure for cleaning the drug for seven days, it is desirable to take funds that help restore healthy intestinal microflora. For one cleaning session you can lose weight by about two to three kilograms, but this result will not last long. In some responses about losing weight with Fortrans there are recommendations to repeat the procedure every weekend, but do not do it, in any case. Why - tell the doctors about the possible consequences of abuse Fortransom.


Reviews of doctors about the possible consequences of losing weight with Fortrans

Reviews of doctors warn: cleansing of the intestines by Fortrans should not be carried out often, since the drug is not recommended for regular use at all. The consequences of violation of instructions for use and abuse of Fortrans may be the most disastrous: atony of the intestine, deterioration of the nails, hair and skin, bleeding gums, frequent bloating, problems with the assimilation of complex carbohydrates, cracks and lesions in the rectum and large intestine, hemorrhoids. Also, with frequent intake of Fortrans, there is a deterioration in the course of metabolic processes, the inability to fully digest vitamins, minerals and nutrients from food. In the end, you can lose weight so that you have to be treated to maintain the weight necessary for normal functioning.

In addition to everything listed in the reviews about Fortrans, doctors emphasize the fact that the drug has a number of contraindications and therefore the decision to accept the funds must in no case be independent and requires detailed consultation with the therapist and profile specialists.

Is it worth to lose weight at such a price # 8212; you decide. And let the preparation have positive responses from those who lost weight, it is necessary to listen to the opinion of doctors. And doctors say that Fortrans is a drug whose use is permissible in the presence of indications and in rare cases.


Fortrans, according to consumers, you can buy at any pharmacy and without a doctor's prescription. Packaging of the drug from four bags costs about 600-650 rubles. In some pharmacies, the product is sold individually. The price of the sachet is about 140 rubles apiece.



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