How to release all gases from the intestine


The best remedy for babies in newborns

Quite often, young parents face the problem when the baby cries, arches, pulls the legs toward him. To explain what is happening to him, he naturally can not. Parents panic refer to the doctor. He finds an explanation for what happened, as the baby points to the source of the pain, groaning, tugging on his legs, and prescribes funds from the gazik at the babies.

Types of funds from gazik

Colic is considered a completely new problem. Our ancestors have long been looking for ways to deal with them. Having become acquainted with their experience, it is possible to adopt a lot of popular recipes. Some of them have taken as a basis in the production of medicines, many pharmaceutical companies.

Dill water. Today on the shelves of pharmacy kiosks you can find bottles with a recognizable dill vodichkoy. If desired, you can make it yourself. Take 1 hour. l. dill, pour 250 ml of boiled water, let it brew for about an hour and the best remedy for newborns is ready.

All of the above can be combined in one word: teas.

Medications are issued in:

Further on in detail we will consider, what tea from gazik for the newborn, what drops, medicines are the most effective.

What is better from babies in newborns?

Tea. The best remedy for gazik is Tea Plantex. Make it on the basis of Simethicone. It reduces gas formation, helps to alleviate the suffering of crumbs. Widely used also tea from gazikov for newborns, made of chamomile, mint. If such simple remedies do not help, you should consult a doctor. He will prescribe more effective medicines.

Drops. Through trial and error, you can pick up drops from the gases in newborns. The most effective were Bobotik, Bebinos. They are considered pharmacy drugs. Their admission is allowed to children from a month old. The producer is Poland.

Preparations of general action:

When choosing a suitable drug should be based not on the basic composition, which is almost the same for drugs of the same group. It is better in this case to consider additional components: the percentage of alcohol, sugar, the form of release, the price category, the country of the manufacturer.

For cupping use:

Any drug will be effective if there are no contraindications, especially in combination with massage manipulations.

Preparations from gases in newborns

The basis of preventive drugs is dill extract. It is endowed with useful properties that can reduce pain. A pharmacy option for conventional dill is fennel.

A series of pain-relieving drugs is used at the moment of unpleasant sensations. It is based on Simethicon. It removes the tension of the intestinal wall, splits the gazicks. Small bubbles resulting from this reduce the uncomfortable sensation in the tummy.

Give a child a drug without first consulting a doctor is strictly prohibited!

Practice shows the advisability of keeping in the medicine cabinet at home drugs from gazik in newborns of both groups. Let us consider in more detail what they are.

Plantex. The basis is the fruit of fennel. This remedy is sold from gazik in newborns with granules in sachets. Quickly soluble in liquid. Dilute one packet in a hundred grams of warm water.

After such a gymnastics, put the baby on his tummy. Light massage in this case is due to breathing. Strengthens peristalsis. Gaziki come out naturally, painlessly.

How to release gaziki from a newborn?

Gaziki in a newborn can appear due to inefficient feeding of the nursing mother, improper application to the breast or overheating of the baby, as well as the cause of gas formation may become an unformed digestive system and other causes of congenital character. A child of an early age does not have the ability to produce gazikami himself.

How to help a newborn release gases:

  • to make a tummy massage;
  • put the gas pipe;
  • put an enema;
  • warm a baby with a warmer;
  • give a medicine.

Exercises with gazikah. Massage the baby's belly with fingers. Do not press the baby on the tummy, you just have to stroke it in a circular motion in a clockwise direction. The finger movements should be cautious, smooth.

to release the gases is:

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