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What will tell about the health of the acne map?

What do they tell us about pimples on your face? Very often pimples accumulate in a certain part of the face, for example, on the forehead, on the cheeks, at the temples or on the chin. Other parts of the face always remain clean. In eastern medicine it is believed that any pimples on the skin - a consequence of problems with internal organs, various diseases. Many domestic cosmetologists in this too agree with eastern medicine. Read on to read the article if you want to know what acne on the face says, how to read a map of acne on the face, which organs should look at the work of the body.

So, which organ is unhealthy, you can determine by what part of the person you have jumps pimples.

What acne on the face says: acne on the forehead

On the forehead, there are several zones responsible for the work of organs:

  • Acne on the line of hair growth indicates a violation of the gallbladder
  • Acne in the center of the forehead speaks of poor bowel function. Abundant rashes on the forehead can also be caused by improper eating, eating lots of fatty and sugary foods, as well as drugs and hormones. The upper part of the forehead is responsible for the large intestine, the lower part - for the thin
  • Pimples over the eyebrows indicate a malfunction with the heart and intestines
  • Also on the forehead there are zones responsible for the functioning of the bladder

Acne on the forehead may indicate excessive slagging of the body, malnutrition, constant stress.
When the problem skin on the forehead is to revise their diet in the direction of a healthier one, eat less sweet, flour, fried, fatty, smoked, heavily salted food, drink more water.

What acne on the face says: pimples on the temples

Acne on the temples signify problems with the spleen and gall bladder

What acne on the face says: pimples on the bridge of the nose, between the eyebrows

Acne in the area between the eyebrows (on the bridge of the nose) can talk about problems with the liver. It can be overloaded with alcohol, harmful fatty foods, medicines. Because of this, it is difficult to purify the blood and cause acne on the bridge of the nose. It can also be a problem with the pancreas. By the way, such hidden emotions, like anger for example, can also go out in the form of acne.

What acne on the face says: pimples on the nose

Pimples on the nose are caused:

  • problems with the pancreas and stomach (acne in the upper part of the nose)
  • malfunctions in the work of the cardiovascular system (most often acne on the tip of the nose). The skin suffers from poor blood circulation, which can cause cuperosis and redness of the nose. The red tip of the nose can talk about arrhythmia, and the red nose - about increased pressure. Lead a healthy lifestyle, do more physical activity, eat foods with group B vitamins
  • diseases of the bronchi (acne and redness on the wings of the nose and nostrils)

What acne on the face says: pimples around the eyes, under the eyes (above the cheekbone)

Most often, pimples around the eyes indicate problems with the kidneys and adrenal glands. Revise your diet, be less nervous, rest more and take care of a healthy dream.

What are the pimples on the face: acne on the cheeks

Pimples in the upper part of the cheeks (under the cheek line) indicate problems with the stomach. Try to eat properly, do not drink water during and after meals, limit the consumption of fatty and other harmful foods, as well as milk
Pimples on the cheeks in their middle and lower parts, as well as on the chest and back between the shoulder blades, can be caused by malfunctions in the lungs. The right cheek is responsible for the right lung, and the left cheek for the left. Lung diseases can be expressed in red spots, problems with capillaries.
Chinese scientists believe that they arise when there is not enough joy, physical activity, fresh air, and also because of smoking. Heavy and unbalanced energy accumulates and pimples are formed.
It is also often possible to find acne in these places during adolescence, as well as due to allergic reactions.
Acne on the cheeks in the lower part (along the face line) can be caused by diseases of the oral cavity, teeth and gums.

What acne on the face says: pimples on the chin

Pimples on the chin, as well as unwanted hair in women can be caused by hormonal imbalance, elevated levels of male hormones (androgens). Another cause is malfunctioning and stagnation in the pelvic area. In women, it can be associated with gynecological and endocrine diseases, in men - with the development of prostatitis. You should go to the gynecologist, check the ovaries and appendages, men - to the urologist. At the endocrinologist to check up hormones.
Also, acne on the chin can be caused by stress, lack of sleep, alcohol and coffee abuse.

What the acne on the face says: pimples around the lips

Acne on the sides of the lips, as well as on the shoulders can be caused by problems of the digestive system, most often the large intestine. It can be accompanied by constipation, intestinal colic, and upset stomach. Chinese scientists believe that such pimples are more common in people vulnerable and sensitive, those who take everything to heart. It is necessary to limit alcohol, tea, coffee, as well as harmful food. Eat regularly healthy food, and also less nervous.
Pimples over the lips can give you a signal about a malfunction of the cardiovascular system.
Acne on the corners of the lips and upper lip can be caused by problems with the duodenum, on the central part of the lower lip - the small intestine, on the lower lip along the edges - the large intestine.

What acne is said about the neck

Acne on the neck can indicate problems in the endocrine or digestive system. Also can be caused by cold or infectious diseases. Red spots and rashes on the neck can also be a consequence of allergies.

The fight against pimples (acne)


Care of eyelashes

The fight against aging (anti-aging)

How to deal with pimples (acne, acne, comedones)

Nutrition as the cause of acne

Sensitive skin reactions to food, allergies

There is very little scientifically substantiated evidence that a diet in any way affects the appearance of acne on the skin.

However, allergic reactions to certain foods can certainly be one of the reasons for this problem.

It all depends on what kind of product you personally have an allergic reaction. Not all people are allergic to the same products.

Do I need to follow a diet?

As a rule, there is no need to observe any diet, because food products (sweets, flour, fats, etc.) in exceptional cases contribute to the development of acne.

There are a lot of people who eat chocolate and rolls, wash down with sweet fizzy drinks, do not go in for sports and look great.

Asians eat a lot of sea food, abundant iodine and suffer from acne not more than Europeans.

On the other hand, you can take vitamins daily, regularly have sex, eat healthy foods, and all this does not affect the condition of acne on your skin.

A lot of athletes-Olympians suffer from acne on the skin, and many obese people who have never been in sports, beautiful skin.

However, some dependence of the occurrence of acne and nutrition can be explained by figuring out where the true dysplasia lies in your body.

Type of insulin metabolism in the body

There are people with very clean and smooth by nature skin, in which acne does not occur under any circumstances.

As a rule, these are people with high content of somatotropin and adrenaline in the blood. Somatotropin and epinephrine modulate the effects of insulin, directing its synthetic abilities along the "protein pathway."

For most people, the synthetic ability of insulin mostly goes along the "fat way" and the ability to enhance the synthesis of adipose tissue exceed the ability to enhance glycogen synthesis and squirrel.

Although in this situation, not all is hopeless. With the help of some modulators, you can direct the action of insulin along the protein pathway. Suitable for this are duadrenoreceptor agonists and phosphodiesterase inhibitors. Experts know what it is, and they can always choose the right drug.

By the way, on the protein pathway insulin is guided by the most usual aerobic exercises - running, swimming, rowing, in short, all aerobic exercises that only exist.


Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract as a cause of acne

Many researchers the appearance of acne is directly dependent on the nature of nutrition and the state of the patient's gastrointestinal tract.

According to medical statistics, in more than 50% of people acne occurs against the background of already existing gastritis and dysbiosis, another 30% - against the background of pathological conditions of the intestine.

Therefore, the state of the digestive tract plays an important role in maintaining skin health. Normal intestinal microflora, which provides 70% of human immunity, prevents the formation of new acne and provides healing of those already available.


Locations of localization of acne eruptions. There is an opinion that the localization of acne depends on the defeat of one or another department of the digestive tract. Eruptions in the nose, cheeks, corners of the mouth can indicate changes in the pancreas, in the temporal region - the gallbladder, over the upper lip - thick, and on the forehead - the small intestine.

Processed foods and pimples

It's not at all a fact that eating processed foods and a lot of sweets is the cause of acne. However, such a menu is clearly worse for the condition of the skin than food with unprocessed foods, fruits and vegetables, lean meat and fish.

Transfer to food with unprocessed products with a low glycemic level improves the skin by an average of 51%. This is due to the fact that processed foods increase the level of insulin, and it increases the production of testosterone, which stimulates the work of the sebaceous glands.

Dairy products and pimples

Recently, scientists have identified the connection of acne with the consumption of dairy products. It is believed that in cow's milk there may be impurities of sex hormones and insulin-like growth factor-1.

Meanwhile, nutritionists from the University of Colorado consider dairy products to be one of the main products provoking the appearance of acne. As scientists have found out, they contribute to the growth of glucose level in the blood, because of which there is a surge of insulin, stimulating the work of the sebaceous glands.

Carbohydrates (sweet and flour) and acne

In disorders of carbohydrate metabolism, it is necessary, first of all, to limit the intake of carbohydrates in your daily diet with the simultaneous increase in the intake of proteins (amino acids).

Foods high in carbohydrates can also lead to acne, since an excess of carbohydrates leads to an increase in the synthesis of fatty acids, including those that make up sebum.

Vicious circle of insulin-carbohydrates

The mechanism is this: flour products in the intestine are split to glucose and only, then digested.

Limit carbohydrate intake is sometimes very difficult because of the closed "vicious circle" of insulin - carbohydrates.

Any carbohydrate food causes an outflow into the blood of insulin.

Insulin promotes the utilization of carbohydrates - penetration of simple sugars into the cell and oxidation, as well as conversion into glycogen and accumulation of glycogen in the skin.

Glycogen is very good, but sugar (glucose) is an excellent nutrient medium for all microbes that cause inflammation.

Insulin also contributes to the fact that in the liver excess carbohydrates is converted into fatty acids and glycerin.

Glycerin and fatty acids rush into the sebaceous glands and cause their intensified work, and, in the end, hypertrophy (too intense increase in the volume of the sebaceous glands).

After all the carbohydrates are disposed of, insulin on inertia continues to emit blood for another 2-3 hours. This leads to a drop in blood sugar levels.

Signals enter the brain, and there is a feeling of hunger, and very specific. A person wants a carbohydrate (namely carbohydrate and no other) food.

A person takes carbohydrate food, there is a new release of insulin, etc.

This is called the "vicious circle". Insulin causes a feeling of hunger, then follows the intake of carbohydrate food, then a new release of insulin, etc.

It turns out that the more a person eats carbohydrates, the more he wants them (after a while). Hence the proverb that "appetite comes with eating."

Lack of vitamins and acne

Patients with acne can detect low levels of vitamins A and E.

Seafood, iodine and pimples

Seafood contains iodine, which can lead to increased symptoms of acne.

Iodine and other products containing halogens (chlorine, bromine) can lead to the appearance of acne.

Inflammatory elements arise due to toxic effects on the sebaceous glands.

Getting into the body, iodine and other halogens are mixed with blood, and surpluses are released through the sebaceous glands.

Standing out of the body, they irritate the pores and cause inflammation.

Acne on the face

Eastern medicine claims that acne on the skin of a person always indicates internal problems occurring in the body. Pathologies occur within us. This is the body's signal to the inefficient operation of specific internal organs. The appearance of acne is a signaling device of the body. Accumulated toxins make themselves felt in the form of rashes in those or other areas of the skin. It is necessary to identify problems that interfere with the healthy functioning of organs.

At the same time, expensive cosmetics and advanced cosmetologists will not be able to solve the problem of acne, ulcers, acne and half. A thorough examination and finding out the cause of the rash is necessary. Which organs do not work in the right mode. What provokes the appearance of rashes. Then you need to take measures to improve your body, otherwise the skin will not be healthy and clean.

Physicians of the east compare the locationpimples. Eels on the face with a certain pattern. A person, a navigator, according to which the doctors of China for a long time determine the relationship between individual sites on the face and the specific internal organs responsible for this site.

Incorrect work of the gallbladder signals us with acne on the border of the scalp.

The small intestine, suffering from stagnation and irritation, will cause a rash on the forehead, above the eyebrows. The main reason is poor nutrition. Baking, sweet, carbonated drinks, fatty meat, these products used in uncontrolled quantities, will lead to a deplorable state of the intestines, which will need to be cleansed.

Rejection of the list listed above, replacing it with products containing a large amount of fiber (cabbage of all kinds, beets, carrots), will lead to the disappearance of rashes and acne. Diagnosis of the intestines on the dysbacteriosis, which can reflect enlarged facial pores, rashes on the sides of the chin. These facts should prompt us to take the necessary actions to improve the body, otherwise the skin of these areas will look increasingly unattractive.

Bound the liver and skin of the nose bridge.Acneit reflects the work of this internal body not on the best side. Ecology, stressful situations are factors almost beyond our control. Refuse alcoholic beverages, smoked products, fried, fatty foods. Common sense, will, we need to help in this. To bring the liver in order, to restore its efficiency will help natural products of plant growing. A good means of purification is beet juice, cocktails with spinach. It is a potent agent for liver intoxication. A fortnight of juice therapy with daily consumption of 500 grams of this drink, diluted with water, abstinence in the diet and the bridge of the nose will be clean. Other sites will also be freed from skin pathologies.

Kidneys, adrenals show themselves a rash over the cheekbones. The eye area can be rusted. Probably, US will reveal any inflammation or sand in the kidneys. Natural cleansing assistants in the form of infusions of dog rose, cocktails from green parsley, dill can normalize the normal functioning of the kidneys.

Cheeks in pimples

This site reflects the condition of the lungs. Smokers should consider how to help the respiratory system, whether it is worth further aggravating the condition of the skin and the entire body with tobacco. If smoking is not your habit, then it's possible in milk. Its use is a possible provocateur in filling with mucus of the lungs. There are people who do not accept dairy products, perhaps you belong to this category.

The chin in the abscesses is a signal about failures in the genitourinary system. Probably, a dysbacteriosis allows to know an eruption on this site of a skin. The medical examination informs us more about the state of health.

We must look for the origins of the problem. Skin always reflects our attitude to nutrition, we are what we eat.

Pimples of the skin are an indicator of the body. Their appearance, an occasion to seriously think. The acne itself needs to be treated. The reasons for their occurrence are much more important.

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